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SPECIAL INTEREST "Spiraling" (Euro Press) LP
Anxious Music

SPECIAL INTEREST "Spiraling" (Euro Press) LP

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Fantastic debut vinyl offering from New Orleans' own SPECIAL INTEREST. Eight tracks of propulsive no wave dirge that's as dance-able as it is aggressive. You might recognize Nathan from Mystic Inane and Patsy on bass, but there's really no sonic connection with either of those groups and Special Interest. The mix is ruled by a mix of live and programmed drums, rumbling bass, and Ali's commanding vocals. I feel like fans of anything from L.O.T.I.O.N. to Flipper to Lydia Lunch are going to find something enjoyable about Special Interest. The rhythm section grooves hard across this entire disc, with a serious and confident vocal presence at the top of the mix. A very unique release that I feel is going to sway quite a few heads upon first listen -