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The Splits, as legend or old one sheet tell us, took their name by combining their two favorite bands, The Slits and The Spits. Expressing such love for two of the titans of punk, postpunk, and garage is a hell of a thing to live up to, but The Splits, in their short career so far, have managed to do so with aplomb. The first self-titled album by the Helsinki band (released on Germany’s singular and aptly named P Trash label and criminally neglected in the USA) was Pacific Northwest-style sorrow rock at its finest, as emotionally devastating of an exercise in garage primitivism as the first White Stripes album. Now The Splits are back with a collection of streamlined ragers torn straight from the Murder City/Dead Moon/Wipers songbook; these songs are perfect for dumping everyone you’ve ever met. Your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your friends and family—they all have got to go. And here’s the soundtrack. - Noisey

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