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A four-piece group formed in 1976 and active in the Southampton area with a line-up of Dom O'Riley (gtr), Pete Luck (v), Tony Ecclestone (b) and Mike O'Riley (d). In 1977 Straightshooter joined the local heat of the Melody Maker-sponsored 'Rock & Folk Contest', but their Punk/Powerpop set witht he occasional Hard Rock overtones failed to impress the jury. Recorded at Airport Studios on April 20, 1979, the combo's one and only vinyl output was co-produced by sound engineer G. Dewhurst and privately issued in an edition of 500 copies through the SRT pressing service in the second half of July. The two self-penned songs are remarkable efforts and justify the collector's status reached by the 7", with the B-side, a melodic but energetic Powerpopper entitled SHE'S SO FINE, as the stand out cut.

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