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SVAVELDIOXID "Mental Skyttegrav" 7" Flexi
Blown Out Media

SVAVELDIOXID "Mental Skyttegrav" 7" Flexi


"Fan, fan, FAN!!! Have just undergone a käng trip after listening through this two-song flexi from Svaveldioxid. A promo thing for the full length album that is just around the corner. And if the rest of the songs are in the same class as these, the "problem" of listing the best album of the year will be solved. The sound is damn good, raspy and fat at the same time, so recording in Sunlight was a stroke of genius I must say. Everything takes place, but without anything taking over if you know what I mean. I've liked all of Svaveldioxid's previous releases, more or less, and they've always had a damn high standard. But this is easily the best they've come up with in my opinion. Feels like they are a bit more drawn to the 80's raw punk? Maybe it's always been there, but here it feels extra clear and on the title track I get the No Security vibe. Absolutely no plagiarism should be said, but the hot riffing and tempo change after the second chorus.... And Jocke's vocals, better than ever. And I have to mention the solo in "Fucked by the war". And the bass sound, good bottom but still sluggish. And the... Well, what the hell. You get it. This is really good, and anyone who claims to have any interest in käng or råpunk must get both this and the upcoming full-length. It's not even a request, it's an order."