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TABLE SUGAR "Collected Acknowledgements" LP
Stucco Label

TABLE SUGAR "Collected Acknowledgements" LP

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After a slew of tape releases and years of playing shows around the Pacific Northwest here is the debut vinyl-release from Table Sugar, a band that could only be described by our team of underpaid writers as ǃˆ_—____Î__very goodǃˆ_—____Î_¨ï. Post-Punk/Genre Karaoke in the vein of other contemporaneous style-scramblers and re-thinkers such as LITHICS, HOUSEHOLD or perhaps even GEN POP (shared members??) A ditty about friendship and collective/subjective experience in the current Olympia momentǃˆ_—____Î__‹a city where simultaneously everything and nothing goes on. Think maybe of the music of TWELVE CUBIC FEET or the ethos of a band like MORBID OPERA or DELTA 5, or really just think whatever you want. The new wave of the O-Town sound. Look for a 12ǃˆ_—____Î__ version of their first keyboard-less tape from 2016 out later this year on Water Wing Records. ǃˆ_—____Î__Thanks to each other.ǃˆ_—____Î__