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THOUGHT CONTROL "Shock to the System" 7"
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THOUGHT CONTROL "Shock to the System" 7"


AT LAST, the debut EP from New Jersey’s THOUGHT CONTROL will now be infiltrating our soundscapes via slabs of wax. Back in October of 2020, “Shock to the System” slid its way into our radar as one of the best releases of the year. Having previously been released on cassette brought to you by NEW MORALITY ZINE and GOVERNMENT CHECK MUSIC, we knew that the EP was more than deserving of a vinyl release. THOUGHT CONTROL takes influence from 80s US Hardcore and mixes in a lot of the spirit we heard in the early days of the GRAVE MISTAKE and NO WAY RECORDS catalogs. The EP contains five tracks of no frills hardcore that rips through the speakers with every passing second. This fury is driven by vocals imbedded with a type of anger that is impossible to fake and lyrics that are truly unforgettable. If you’re into 80’s hardcore, the labels listed above, or into punk and hardcore in general… you’ll definitely want to check this out!!!