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UNDERTONES "S/T (plus Bonus Tracks)" LP
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UNDERTONES "S/T (plus Bonus Tracks)" LP


The 1979 debut plus bonus tracks. Numerous polls conducted since 1979 have placed The Undertones as one of the greatest albums to be released in the 1970s and one of the Top 40 punk/new wave albums of all time, with the single "Teenage Kicks" being listed by BBC Radio 2 as the 51st best song ever released.: "Family Entertainment/ Girls Don't Like It/ Male Model/ I Gotta Getta/ Wrong Way/ Jump Boys/ Here Comes The Summer/ Billy's Third/ Jimmy Jimmy/ True Confessions/ She's A Runaround/ I Know a Girl/ Listening In/ Casbah Rock". PLUS BONUS cuts: "Teenage Kicks/ Smarter Than You/ Emergency Cases/ Get Over You/ Really Really/ She Can Only Say No" and the beginning of each side and "Mars Bars" at the very end.