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V/A "Beach Boulevard" Compilation LP (Turquoise/Yellow Vinyl)
Radiation Records

V/A "Beach Boulevard" Compilation LP (Turquoise/Yellow Vinyl)


Influential independent label Posh Boy helped the southern California punk scene to gain traction in the late 70s and early 80s through a series of releases by then-unknown bands. The legendary 1979 compilation Beach Blvd referenced Route 39, a highway that connected the label’s various artists, located in suburbs from Huntingdon Beach up to the San Gabriel Valley. Rosemead’s Simpletones were one of the first melodic punk acts; Huntington Beach’s The Crowd drew from surf rock and hardcore in equal measure, while the material credited to Rik L Rik are actually remixes of demos he cut with Negative Trend, now with bass overdubs by Simpletones guitarist Jay Lansford, who also cut lead guitar on “Atomic Lawn.” This ultra-expanded, double vinyl reissue features 17 bonus tracks of Simpletones and Crowd material, as well as live material from Rik L Rik’s first group, the legendary F-Word!, and the two only known tracks recorded by The Klan, the short-lived quartet fronted by Simpletones vocalist, Richard “Snickers” Scott.