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V/A "Seaside Sickness" Compilation 7"
Sewercide Records

V/A "Seaside Sickness" Compilation 7"


The east coast of Canada has always had a small, but active DIY punk community. In our eyes, the bands just seem to keep getting better with every passing year, so last year we decided a compilation record with a few of said bands was long overdue. In true Sewercide fashion, we decided to put together this short, sharp, shock of miserable maritime mutant music in 7" form, with new and exclusive tracks from a few of our favourite bands from the area. Featuring Antibodies, Booji Boys, Brain Pollution Syndrome, Dark Dial, Fragment, Misanthropic Minds and Warsh, this 7 track ep is a small offering of some of what is going on out here in the middle of nowhere. Limited to 300 copies.