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V/A "Pebbles Vol. 5" Compilation LP
Bfd Records

V/A "Pebbles Vol. 5" Compilation LP

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The series that set the ball rolling back in the late 70's. Regardless of his later activities (which included ripping off hopeful young musicians) Greg Shaw deserves a lot of credit for his groundbreaking job to bring attention to local 60's records at a time when the music industry was on its knees in front of David Bowie and Elton John. Along with Lester Bangs and Lenny Kaye Shaw more or less created the concept of 60s punk, first via Bomp Magazine and then through the Pebbles, whose early volumes must've sold tens of thousands of copies by now. The original release of vol 1 (circa 1977) has a different sleeve and liners to the well-known reissue available today. No need to describe the music except to say that while side 1 has some of the greatest 45s ever made, a couple of choices on side 2 seem a bit questionable. As you may know, some tracks are pitched (most notably the Squires).

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