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The Village Pistols was a short-lived punk rock band from North Carolina who never went anywhere and mostly disbanded even before they committed any of their music to tape. Their name seemed to come from a mixture of the Village People and the Sex Pistols. They were very loud, kinda sloppy and they played fast. Had they stuck around for any length of time they may have actually been discovered by neighboring punk scenes and been a bigger part of the early hardcore movement had they continued to put out any records. Sadly, however, that didn't happen but they did manage to release a 7_ single around the time they called it quits. The story goes that the label had pressed 1000 of them but at least half of the pressing was warped and returned to the plant for a refund so what could have been a rare but not that difficult to track down a copy of single became a lot more scarce and as a result (and thanks to the posthumous popularity of this single two decades later) this record is very hard to find and commands a hefty sum of money to obtain.The 7_ had two songs on it: the title track which was an original composition of fast, loud, and raw punk rock that is well worth the big money the original commands (which I'd love to own but don't have the big money to obtain it), and a cover of The Beatles', "Strawberry Fields" that you'd be hard pressed to distinguish as a Beatles song due to how much they punk it up in their loud, fast, and reckless way.