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VIOLATORS "The No Future Years" LP
Radiation Records

VIOLATORS "The No Future Years" LP


The Violators are a great band that unfortunately never got totally off the ground...They only produced 4 7" and a 12" record that compiled their 7"... But, from '79 to about '84 they produced some of the best lost punk hits ever period. Quite possibly their biggest hit was Summer of '81. Which peaked up to number 6 on the uk indie charts and stayed on for 15 weeks back in April of '82. From, the classic beginning intro of this song to the final delivery you can still feel the urgency of those riots of '81 in the UK. This song totally gives you that feeling of what the hell was going on in the late '70s and early '80s that many punk bands tried to tell but, few pulled off the true spirt of what the heck was going on and how the people felt.