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VIOLENT CHRISITANS "New Blood for a Dead City" 7"
Roachleg Records

VIOLENT CHRISITANS "New Blood for a Dead City" 7"

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"Well dang what a kool surprise! Idk what to expect these days but there's definitely a lot of free time so I'm sure there's gonna be a lot more new records popping up. These punks just followed up from their demo earlier this year with this EP out on Roachleg Records today and dude.. I don't even know, it just rules. They had some preview tracks up on Halloween and I've been going back to them a bunch ngl, love everything from the art, to the name of the record and to the mix, the damn mix... 5 seconds in and I was smiling. Sounds like real 80's shit. Everyone please try to stay healthy as best as you can cuz I wanna see Violent fuckin Christians!!! - No Deal (youtube)