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Voight-Kampff began as Run Down in 2005 when Sulier and Swanson-White came together due to a shared love of darker moodier punk. After both had been in hardcore bands they decided to try something a little weirder. A 2 song 45 was done after passing songs back and forth and was belatedly released in 2012 on Baltimore's Firestarter Records. At this point the songs were already written for their debut full-length and the two decided to make a clean break from RD with a name change and stripped down format which would involve only the two of them for recording purposes. VK has played roughly a show a year since 07 recruiting different friends to flesh out live line-ups including Doom Town's Ashley Hohman and Tom Valli, Bryan Clarkson and Shaun Morrissey from The Humanoids, Matty Coonfield of Bug Chaser and Tone Rodent, Phil Schwarz of Rock Bottom Records, Ted Howard of the 86'ed, and Brad Stiffler of Condominium. The duo is currently at work writing for their second LP and has plans to finally tour and increase their activities. Razorcake "Not at all what you'd expect from a long distance project involving members from Minneapolis' Formaldehyde Junkies and St. Louis's the Breaks: this is some compelling dark punk ala the current crop of Northwestern bands, such as the Estranged, Criminal Code, and the Red Dons. Speaking of Red Dons, I'm hearing a lot of the Observers' magic with the in-your-face vocals and the way the guitar hooks weave in and out of a driving rhythm section. Perfect for punks who aren't precious about where they shelve their Joy Division records. Voight-Kampff have apparently been collaborating for over seven years now and have more releases lined up, including a 7" on Firestarter under their previous moniker, Run Down. If this cassette is telling of what's in store, then I offer to you my highest possible recommendation." __ôJuan Espinosa from Terminal Escape "It's no secret that punks have taken to looking to the dreary sounds of decades past, but the nucleus of VOIGHT KAMPFF have been working on these sounds since the last millennium and their efforts will reward your earholes with music dripping with dark basement sounds. Far from a goth punk rehash, this project leans heavily on guitar driven post punk, so much so that it's easy to overlook the superb brooding vocals and even to miss the subtle keyboards and concentrate on the gloriously simple guitar leads. The two fellows at the center of VOIGHT¨®ǃ¢KAMPFF know exactly what they are up to and are no strangers to killer sounds (one dude from CARDIAC ARREST and one from FORMALDEHYDE JUNKIES/DAMAGE DEPOSIT), but this is easily their finest work to date. Easily (though mistakenly) lumped in with both Swedish melodic sounds like VICIOUS or with the current '80s dark punk resurgence, this is one of the few fortunate bands who sound instantly familiar and fiercely original at the same time. There's vinyl coming soon, and I couldn't be happier."