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The newest 12" from Ohio's White Walls show's the band revisiting and reinventing a song that was released on tape by Life Rot a few years ago. The recording on the tape however did not do the song justice, and the band decided it was time to enter into a new studio for a sound different than their previous releases. The results are quite possibly the bands best, most powerful statement yet. As stated before "Kevin" has been re-recorded in the full glory that it was intended. Accompanying "Kevin" are two new songs that find the band at their peak. Somewhere between Black Flag, Shellac, and Nirvana, they've managed to find an incredibly great disjointed sound that represents all of their talents. I really think they hit their stride on this record, and the recording and mastering on this record is of the highest quality. Rounding out the record is a jaw dropping cover of The Pixies "Bone Machine" which rivals, if not surpasses the original. This cover is not simply filler material, it is done with the utmost care and precision and represents what the band is capable of and what things may come. All copies come on colored vinyl, split release with Torn Light Records.

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