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Thought to have been lost for ages, the legendary sounds of Australia's The Zingers can finally be heard! Originally recorded in 2011 but shelved because of the band's disintegration, Video Disease is incredibly proud to help bring this record forward for mass consumption. The Zingers are a band that only the barren wasteland of Australia could have produced. Maybe they were on the wrong drugs, maybe their brains were warped by the intense heat, or maybe they really just are insane, but The Zingers have truly crafted a masterpiece of modern punk. It's pretty much impossible to describe the sound of this LP. Imagine ordering this out of a Subterranean catalog in 1981 and having your world shattered as soon as the needle hits the grooves. Maniacal, demented vocals over warped and abstract punk and noise. A true journey into the depths of the Australian mind. I can't recommend this record enough. If you have any interest in the boundary pushing of punk, then please get this record!

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