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ZYMOTIC "8 Tracks" Demo Tape
Desolate Records

ZYMOTIC "8 Tracks" Demo Tape


“Finally released! The current group MUECO, PARASYTE, BLOCKADE, PROJECT GBG members gathered and formed A Varning For Montreal 2017 Canada · Montreal hiper distortion from the Family Member of 2017 1st Pro Copy · cassette by NOISE CRUST group ! Even from the logo of the group or from the artwork it is obviously conscious of Osaka CRASHER NOISE CRUST such as DEFECTOR and ZYANOSE etc. Anyway COLLAPSE SOCIETY burst of the initial impulses collapses one step forward Unsophisticated slursch · scandge NOISE CRUST sound It is wonderfully cool and cool! It is not mimicry of Japanese things just because they are acting, so it's Misoro style to the last miso!”