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BIG EYES "Hard Life" LP
Don Giovanni Records

BIG EYES "Hard Life" LP


Debut full length from BIG EYES! "Big Eyes has that don't-mess-with-me pop-punk sound reminiscent of '80s, Joan-Jett style punk. A trio consisting of a female vocalist/guitarist, bass player and drummer, Big Eyes captures that female teenage-angst sound, without sounding tooÉwell, teenage-angsty. Hard Life isn't too in-your-face; the music isn't abrasive, and the lyrics aren't threatening. It does, however, encompass a certain blunt attitude. Song titles like "Your Lies," "Pretend to Care," "I Know You're Wrong" and "Joke's On You" are reflective of the overall tone of the album as far as the lyrics go. Not all of the songs focus on love gone wrong, though. The final track of the album, "Tired All The Time," is exactly what it sounds like: "Wake up every morning feeling tired/ Just wasting my day trying to get wired/ But I just feel sick/ Sick and tired" Ñ a feeling to which most everyone can surely relate. There aren't many negative comments to make about Hard Life. It's a worthwhile listen, perfect for those nights you just need to dance alone in your room." -