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CHAOS UK "S/T" LP (Pink Vinyl)
Puke N Vomit Records

CHAOS UK "S/T" LP (Pink Vinyl)


PNV Records brings you the first ever US vinyl pressing of this legendary UK Hardcore Classic. Originally released on Riot City Records UK in 1983. With the release of their first two 7” EPs the band gained instant popularity throughout the UK in 1982, the anticipation for this LP was extremely high by 1983, So when it hit the streets, it was an instant game changer, the sound they unleashed on this album was fresh and totally original extreme punk. Chaos UK along with bands like Discharge and Disorder revolutionized UK Hardcore Punk. They were nosier, angrier and faster and harder than the punk bands that had come before them. PNV is stoked to make this essential album available domestically on vinyl.