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11/20/18 Update: New Releases from TRAGEDY, BLOOD PRESSURE, VANITY, CARBONAS, and MUCH MORE!

Webstore Update - November 20, 2018
Wanted to pop off one last webstore update before we get into the Black Friday / Holiday Season - so here's a quick rundown of all of the great new releases that have hit the webstore over the past few weeks! Note that some of these have been available for a little bit now, so act fast if you see something you want, it might be gone by the time our Black Friday sale kicks in at the end of the week!
Speaking of Black Friday - might be taking it a little bit easier this year on the sale than we have in previous years, however there will definitely be a few good deals in the store so be sure to check back at the end of the week!
For quick browsing of recent additions to the store, you can check out all of these titles mentioned below in the New Arrivals and Recent Restocks sections!
Lots of new heavy hitters in stock now, like brand new LPs from Tragedy, Blood Pressure, Vanity, Neighborhood Brats, Annex, U-Nix, Priors, and the rad Raise Your Voice Joyce compilation LP; new EPs from Exotica, Stigmatism, VanillaPoppers, Boss (killer project from Rixe and Career Suicide members), Cankro, and a handful of raging rawpunk EPs from Australia's Hardcore Victim label (Execution, Enzyme, and more); a TON of sick reissues in this update, including two collections from Japan's The Execute, an incredible double LP singles collection from Atlanta's Carbonas, reissue of the Life Sentence LP, rad collection from seminal Richmond, VA punk band L'amour, awesome collection LP from Brazil's Mercenarias, and a rad reissue of the second single from Australian legends The Scientists.
We also grabbed a handful of new zines (as well as a bunch of restocks) from the prolific Shining Life Press out of DC, not to mention some choice restocks on the Poison Idea Feel the Darkness Reissue (along with restocks on Kings of Punkand War all the Time LP reissues), that Crown Court Mad in England 7", and much more. Full restock list is at the bottom of the email!
That's all for now - thanks for reading and keep an eye out for our Black Friday Sale!!!
Alex / Grave Mistake Records
New Titles in the Webstore for 11/20/18:
TRAGEDY "Fury" LP (Tragedy Records)
Six new Tragedy songs on a 45 rpm 12” with a "tip-on" vintage style jacket that comes printed in either blue or red.  The songs are less metallic than “Darker Days Ahead” and more reminiscent of Tragedy’s classic dark melodic sound.  For fans of Tragedy.  Members of Tragedy have also played with His Hero Is Gone, Trauma, Union of Uranus, Severed Head of State, Deaththreat, Copout, Call the Police, Criminal Damage,  Warcry, and From Ashes Rise (plus tons more).  

BLOOD PRESSURE "Surrounded" LP (Beach Impediment Records)
Say there was a Keystone State Wrestling Alliance of sorts that consisted of a plethora of regional hardcore punk bands instead of a gaggle of scantily clad lowbrow beefcakes in spandex... Pittsburgh's own BLOOD PRESSURE would surely be the undisputed heavyweight champions of this fictitious league that I envisioned whilst rocking a slash in that alley across from the Rock Room. Yeah, I was pretty hammered BUT who would object to such a notion though?! Hell, the proof is right here in the pudding buddy roe, which in this case is essentially just a bunch of pureed proteins and starches - AKA precisely the recipe of audibility that these yinzers have mastered and carried out time and time again. Two years away from the studio clearly didn't turn them into slouches by any stretch of the imagination. "SURROUNDED" supplies an undeserving world with ten tracks of seething and hate filled hardcore punk that is bound to tickle the fancy of any and all "real ones" or whatever. Cover art by the esteemed and ever so handsome Nicky Rat. BPHCFU b/w "WHAT YOU GONNA DO WHEN MOLE-A-MANIA RUNS WILD ON YOU?"

VANITY "Evening Reception" LP (Beach Impediment Records)
A lost episode of Fawlty Towers set in the present day astride a shoddy sofa in a den in Brooklyn: Instead of not “mentioning the war” the challenge is to swim through this LP without uttering or even entertaining the tiniest sniff of dearest Nanker Phelge. This proves far more rewarding than throwing a knee-jerk ticker tape parade for the open-tuned greyzone murk of Guitar-Centre blues musicians everywhere and frankly, that would be a lazy disservice to what you're about to hear. Rising up instead, we have the grandiose and pampositical return of the perfectly named, Vanity. Yes that’s a compliment, no it's not a real word. Energetic punk consommé indebted to rock and roll but coming across less like the deliberate broken chains of Vans slip ons and Target 501s swapped for sequins, strides, and scarves - but more like an effort forged in Billy Zoom’s living room on Warren Zevon’s gear as played by the Saints’ roadies in a bar that serves really, really, really cold beer. Coincidentally, I would endorse that as a suggested serving. Take a long hard look in the mirror, slyly lit so your cheekbones pop, and preen yourself ’til your skin peels off. -Jonah Falco, 2018

STIGMATISM "S/T" 7" (Beach Impediment Records)
Ya know that Big City Records compilation "Montreal New York Connection 85 Live" with all the wild looking cartoon punks on it? STIGMATISM is the sonic equivalent of that big fella on the cover with the mohawk rocking boots and braces whilst letting off and undoubtedly blood curdling howl doing key bumps of meth with that flag toting skinhead from the back of the "United Blood" EP in a real seedy alleyway at like, 3:41 AM on a Tuesday. STIGMATISM is an infatuation with and/or an astute observation of the more, dare I say, "early man" aspects of that first wave of NYHC. Featuring an ex OMEGA and a native New Yorker united in their love of this particular style of hardcore punk, this demo recording has been slapped onto some slabs of plastic that can be played loud on a phonograph or utilized as a level plane for those aforementioned servings of meth. Each record comes in a glue pocket sleeve adorned with a design by the illustrious Spoiler. Limited to 500 copies.

L'AMOUR "Look to the Artist: 1978-1981" LP (Beach Impediment Records)
When admiring a piece of cultural and historical significance it's not uncommon for the admirer to question where it all began; to trace it all back to the epicenter of the event that set it all into motion. If RICKY AND THE WHITE BOYS were the punk rock meteor that crashed into an unsuspecting Richmond, VA in the age of disco then L'AMOUR was the shock wave immediately following that fabled and chaotic impact event, forever altering the cultural landscape within the city limits. Formed in 1978 by a couple of disciples of rock and roll who'd had their lives altered by said genre / belief system in the years prior to that, Tom Applegate and Dave Stover recruited other like minded rockers to aid them in their aural conquest over the next few years that followed in the group's all too brief existence. In that time they left behind a trail of broken bottles, perhaps a few broken hearts, and definitely some perturbed club owners up and down the east coast. But most importantly, the fellas in L'AMOUR left us with documentation of their rock in the form of some long forgotten tapes. Nearly 40 years after the band entered the studio to lay down tracks for their first and only 7" single on the band's own legendary ZERO DEGREE RECORDS (a label that became synonymous with the release and widespread circulation of the early Richmond punk scene that was soon to follow), Beach Impediment is proud to not only re-release those classic songs but also bring to light a slew of previously unreleased tracks, alternate demo takes, and even a rare later era soundboard recording of the band live in their hometown that exhibits a grip of originals that sadly never made it into the studio before the band's untimely demise the day before Reagan took office. Lovingly transferred from the original 1/4" reels (some of which were a wee bit moldy after years of being M.I.A. but were thankfully salvaged via professional cleaning) along with a new mastering job, these tracks hit harder than ever! Members would go on to play in other classic and ground breaking Richmond bands like BEEX and THE PREVARICATORS. Each record comes with a fold out 12" x 24" double sided insert chock full of archival photos and flyers plus liner notes from Tommy the Rock himself that give the reader a glimpse into the counter-cultural explosion of the late 70's / early 80's in the land once known as Dixie. Electric guitars were (and still are) their only desire. Limited to 500 copies.

CARBONAS "Your Moral Superiors: Singles and Rarities" 2xLP (Goner Records)
Fast, tight, and irresistibly tuneful, Atlanta’s Carbonas took America by storm in the mid-2000s with a slew of catchy singles and hit-laden albums. The group dragged into its orbit some of the best and brightest of Atlanta’s burgeoning punk scene, launching careers and developing a rabid fan following (and inspiring at least five tattoos). At the height of their popularity, the Carbonas disbanded, leaving the masses clamoring for more material. As songwriters, the Carbonas were incredibly prolific, gradually developing from a lo-fi treble blast (a la Rip-Off Records) into a finely tuned Euro-punk steamroller, and drummer/producer Dave Rahn was there recording it all. For the past decade, however, many of these tracks languished on 4-track cassettes, hard drives, and out-of-print singles and compilations. Finally, as they enter their twilight years and reflect on their legacy in the face of impending death, the Carbonas have decided to give these tracks to the world. Ryan Bell (Scavenger of Death Records) was tasked with raiding the archives and tracking down tapes and files, as well as sequencing and mixing audio, wrangling posters, flyers and liner notes and cover layout.

EXECUTE, THE "Greatest Punk Hits (Collection Vol. 1)" LP (DOA Records)
Fanclub collection from Japan's THE EXECUTE. 26 tracks collected from their first 7" flexi, "Hardcore Temptation 7", outtakes from the first flexi sessions, and 2 tracks from the "Live in Hell" tape from 1982. Comes with insert, liimited to 198 copies.

EXECUTE, THE "S.L.A.S.H. (Collection Vol. 2)" LP (Malva 178 Records)
Second collection from Japan's THE EXECUTE. Collects their Great Punk Hits comp tracks, Criminal Flowers 7", and Blunt Sleazy 12". Import from Mexico. includes a small double sided info sheet & sticker.
NEIGHBORHOOD BRATS "Claw Marks" LP (Dirt Cult Records)
Neighborhood Brats return with their second full length record, and let’s just start by saying it’s a scorcher. The band plays a brand of punk that, had they existed in 1977, would have been right at home on Dangerhouse Records alongside The Bags and The Avengers. That said, “Claw Marks” might just be the first Neighborhood Brats records that truly captures and urgency and energy of the band’s chaotic live show. The record finds the band at the top of their game in terms of songwriting, musicianship, and lyricism. So much so that lead singer Jenny Angelillo says that there are several songs on the album that could easily be her epitaph. “Claw Marks” is an upbeat but beaten down soundtrack to the dystopian nightmare we find ourselves living in. When the band sings “It’s time to check out/We’re being left out” it sounds like a mantra for our time, while the album closes with Jenny singing “Dance with me/Bones, blood, And teeth/Dance with me/Into the Void” over a reverb drenched guitar line provided by the band’s other core member, George Rager, that sounds like it was lifted out of some post-apocalyptic western. It’s all so fucking perfect.

VANILLA POPPERS "I Like Your Band" 7" (Feel It Records)
Quite simply one of the hardest working bands in contemporary punk and hardcore, Vanilla Poppers are back with their most urgent material to date. Following an excellent 2017 LP on Lumpy, 3/4 of the original lineup relocated from Cleveland to Melbourne, Australia, home of vocalist Christina Pap. The four new tracks on "I Like Your Band" find the Poppers on top of their game, driving home hook-laden punk hits beneath Pap's ruling vocal presence. And what's more? The band's gritty, live charm is captured at its best here by Billy Gardner (Ausmuteants, Antifade Records) and dialed in on the mix by Mike Gill (Perverts Again, Cruelster). A near-perfect EP delivered with the precision and attitude of first wave 70s PUNK and executed with the style and confidence that few contemporary acts possess. "I Like Your Band" comes packaged in a glue pocket sleeve with artwork from William Chapman plus lyric insert and download code.

U-NIX "Nuke Portland" LP (Feel It Records)
U-NIX follow up their impressive debut 7" on Lumpy with "Nuke Portland", a scathing, psychotic hardcore masterpiece. These eight new tracks fire at full speed, with John Cardwell's (ex-NASA Space Universe) trebly guitar attack leading the mix alongside a pulverizing rhythm section and gravelly maniac vocals. This is total trend-stripping music - a furious hardcore attack that careens forward with precision and speed. An all out ten minute war, cut loud at 45 RPM and full of replay value. Simply put, U-NIX are one of the last pure hardcore bands worth their weight. "Nuke Portland" comes packaged in a full color sleeve designed by the band plus insert and download code.

BOSS "Steel Box" 7" (Goner Records)
Comprised of R’n’R lifers Jonah Falco (Fucked up, Career Suicide) and Maxime Smadja (Rixe), Boss deliver a raw vision of real Rock and Roll in the early half of the 21st century. “Steel Box” rides a nasty distorted slide guitar riff that adds a sleazy '70s rock feel to an irresistibly catchy chorus. “I’m the Dog (You’re the Ball)” picks up the pace and nods in a Motörhead-meets-street-punk direction, starting off with a teasing quick lick and ripping through an intense 2 minutes. This wax has energy and an authority that warrants their name: BOSS. Believe it! First Press Ltd. to 500!

EXOTICA "Musique Exotique #03" 7" (La Vida Es Un Mus Discos)
Exotica returns with Musique Exotíque #03, their third and best release to date. It's business as usual but the intensity has been ramped up and their chaotic nature more out of control. It's still pogo friendly, destructive to the ears and totally explosive, with special care on song writing. This is a band who have worn out their copy of the Xcentric Noise tape Raw War (The World Of Punk) from 1983 as it takes bits from UK82 - especially Perdition era Disorder, classic 80's Brazilian Punk and Finnish hardcore, creating a kaleidoscope of the greatest punk era, keeping the attitude of what made international Hardcore Punk once so exciting but looking ahead instead of been another carbon copy punk band. The sleeve artwork continues the tradition of Tipito, encountering endless situations and dilemmas while the insert doubles as a lyric sheet and as band statement.__

PRIORS "S/T" LP (La Vida Es Un Mus Discos)
Howling and screaming like an acid trip gone wrong - Melbourne’s PRIORS punch to the surface with 9 ultra-bombastic cuts of relentless hardcore! Channeling the raw ferocity of groups like KAAOS and VAURIO with the dark and driving melodies of LAMA - PRIORS inject enough character and attitude to establish this sound as a beast entirely of their own creation. A frightening mix of breakneck melodies and cacophonous destruction! Featuring members from a circle of Australian bands quickly making their mark on the international scene (including SISTEMA EN DECADENCIA, EXECUTION, HELTA SKELTA, and NERVE) this LP was one of the first to be started and last to be finished. Over 3 years in the making from conception to delivery Priors are set to launch their debut 12” through No Patience Records in Australia and La Vida Es Un Mus worldwide. A slab of wax that hits like a wrecking ball – impossible to ignore!

MERCENÁRIAS "Baú 83-87" LP (Nada Nada Discos)
Archival collection of odds ’n’ ends from the cult Brazilian post-punk unit, Mercenárias, recorded between 1983 and 1987. This LP contains 10 unreleased songs taken from demos, rehearsals, and live sets on the A-side; then a nice-sounding live recording from ’83, and a demo of alternate versions of songs that appeared on the first two Mercenárias LPs on the B-side. Includes a beautiful, full-color, 12-page, 24cm x 27cm booklet of photos.

SCIENTISTS, THE "S/T" 7" (Numero Group)
Snarling Aussie punk from the the western burnout paradise of Perth. Recorded in 1980 and issued on the short-lived White Rider label, "Last Night" arrived just before The Scientists abandoned their power pop hooks and went on an unhinged swamp-grunge tear. Replicated down to the tiniest detail, The Scientists E.P. has been remastered from the original analog tapes and presented in a heavy weight picture sleeve.

LIFE SENTENCE "S/T" LP (Jet Speed Records)
The first Official Re-Issue of the Classic Hardcore Punk debut LP from Life Sentence. Remastered from the original tapes with 6 additional bonus tracks. 80’s Chicago Thrash at it’s finest. This line-up of the band only lasted a little over two years but had logged in hundreds of gigs across the US and Canada playing with the likes of Dead Kennedys, Circle Jerks, DRI, COC, MDC, Suicidal Tendencies, 7 Seconds, and many more. Their t-shirts and stickers sporting the iconic logo were worn by everyone from Metallica, Anthrax, Exodus, OFF!, and Napalm Death to pro-skatersMonty Nolder and Steve Steadham. The LP itself received rave reviews in Maximum RocknRoll, Flipside, Thrasher, Faces, and even MTV’s 120 Minutes. In 2017, the original master tapes were returned to the surviving members and they decided to finally release a Remastered Official Re-issue of the debut LP along with 2 rare studio out takes, 3 four track demos, and a live track. The release will be available in a Limited Edition Vinyl, Compact Disc, and Digital Download.

V/A "Raise Your Voice Joyce: Contemporary Shouts From Contemporary Voices" Compilation LP (Static Shock Records)
Contemporary shouts from contemporary voices charting a small piece of the limitless history of women in revolt. Eight tracks; each one a history; a story; a biography, told through disparate styles, from early anarcho punk and UK82 to DIY snapshots of goth crossover – all bound together to cement an activated and radical disruption vita. Joyce is the revolting woman; a constant of history. Contributions from members of today’s UK and European punk scenes (Nekra, Subdued, BB and The Blips, Game, Good Throb, Arms Race, Sauna Youth, Terrible Feelings and more), RYVJ is a command, a demand and a well-spoken message for tomorrow.

MUSIC CITY "Pretty Feelings" 7" (Static Shock Records)
Conor Lumsden from THE NUMBER ONES is MUSIC CITY and the boy proves how talented he is, playing every instrument on this record. 1979 was a magical year in music terms and his debut sounds like a gem from that era. It's a single that will be re-discovered in 40 years time and people will ask how this wasn't loved by more people.  A-Side 'Pretty Feelings' is a slow power pop chugger with gorgeous harmonies and 'Damn The Torpedos' esque moments. The flip 'Do I?' is more uptempo with jangling clean guitars that is part power pop, part Green on Red and part Stars of Heaven. (Sean Forbes)
ANNEX "Melu" LP (Adelente Discos)
Vast and diverse landscapes along with its blistering heat is what makes Texas unlike any other place and, similarly, ANNEX's second LP is just as sweeping, distinct, and scathing.  'Melu' delivers songs that vary in soundscapes of light and dark with themes of hope and desperation yet tinge with an urgency fueled only by the stinging south Texas heat. Haunting vocals echo personal reflections and observations of the state of humanity while guitars laced with classic reverb dance along to intricate bass guitar and forceful, upbeat drums. Elements of shoegaze, deathrock, and a nod to 80's international anarcho/post punk/goth combine with experimental and psychedelic flourishes of noise that permeate the album. To simply label this as another dark punk record would be an understatement and a misunderstanding of its true underlying nature. Enter into the new light of Melu.

CANKRO "S/T" 7" (Nada Nada Discos)
Debut EP from this pummeling and pissed Brazilian hardcore-punk band. Armed with the vocalist of SEM HASTRO and a couple other hard hitting players, the CANKRO power-trio bashes their way through six original mid-paced stompers (and an OLHO SECO cover) that lands somewhere between DISCHARGE, MOTÖRHEAD, DESTINO FINAL, and that crawling mutant-mosh sound that’s been at the forefront of 201X hardcore. All copies on white vinyl.

EXECUTION "Flags of Convenience" 7" (Hardcore Victim Records)
Hardcore Victim proudly presents another release of quality HC punk. Picking up from their demo, Execution delivers 5 tracks of unrelenting italian inspired hardcore punk! Non conventional song structures coupled with insane tempo changes makes Execution a furious frenzied attack on your senses. Crucial record for fans of early Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers, Negazione etc

NO FUTURE "Use Abuse Destroy" 7" (Hardcore Victim Records)
Hardcore Victim is proud to announce HCV030 NO FUTURE “Use Abuse Destroy” Ep. Hailing from the scorching Western Australian wastelands No Future delivers 6 furiously bleak tracks of uk82/ rawpunk!
ENZYME "Abuse of Power" 7" (Hardcore Victim Records)
5 tracks of Pogo violence from Australia pledging eternal love to Confuse, early Chaos UK etc. Crust war and Hardcore victim collaboration.

SISTEMA EN DECADENCIA "Ganancias Dela Guerra" 7" (Hardcore Victim Records)
6 tracks of blistering crasher crust mangle slakt with high nods to 90's tokyo bands like Frigora, Collapse Society top off with unhinged spanish vocals!!

ENZYME "Piss on Authority" 7" (Hardcore Victim Records)
Second 7" this year from Melbourne's latest purveyors of all raw and noisy. Ex Pisschrist, Kromosom, Unknown to Gods, etc. Crust War Records and Hardcore Victim Records

CONVENIENCE "Stop Pretending" 7" (Iron Lung Records)
Meaty hardcore punk with off kilter vocals by members of IRON LUNG and NO STATIK. CONVENIENCE's debut EP confronts society and its shortcomings head on with contempt, wit and a mountain of energy. 300 copies on black 70gr vinyl housed in a 12pt custom ILR die cut glue pocket sleeve with insert and download card included. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Greg Wilkinson. Art by the band.

LUX "S/T" LP (Discos Enfermos)
First LP after its demo of this new band born in Barcelona and with international components of bands like SECT, FAILURE, THE SHITTY LIMITS, ... 11 punk songs influenced by the British sound and the UK82 but in its side more melodic but just as aggressive and adding something more anarcho-peacepunk element especially for its more "tribal" drum bases. As if the CRASS, VICE SQUAD and THE EXPELLED merged into one band.
ALLVARET "Skam Och Skuld" LP (Dirt Cult Records)
It’s always a good sign when you cannot explain why a band is so awesome. It means something new and inexplicable is at work in their music. Småland, Sweden’s ALLVARET is that awesome. The elements are easy enough to define: there are the surf-drenched guitars, the outstanding female vocals and the rock ‘n’ roll frenzy of X – a sound which has been brewing in Denmark and Sweden over the last decade with bands like MASSHYSTERI, THE VICIOUS, TERRIBLE FEELINGS, VANA INGET, and NO HOPE FOR THE KIDS. But there is something more than that, too. Their tuneful hooks take hold of you, drag you deep into their bleak and feral songs and threaten to tear you apart once you’ve been captured. Their music is simultaneously melancholic, frantic, and joyfully danceable. It’s wild and new and something wholly of its own. The energetic melodies that blast through ALLVARET’s new album are simply mind-blowing.  Their latest album demonstrates the extent to which they have honed each of their many strengths, re-configuring rather than regurgitating influences and crafting songs which will lodge themselves firmly into the head of any listener, regardless of whether or not he or she can understand the lyrics.

COLUMNA "Las Casas Que Perdemos" LP (Dirt Cult Records)
Zaragoza, Spain’s Columna formed from the ashes of Warsong and released one of our favorite demo’s of 2017. “Las Cosas Que Perdemos”, the band’s debut 7-song LP, features several rerecorded songs from that session as well as some wonderful new additions. The band plays moody, melodic, and political punk sung in Spanish. Fans of Arctic Flowers, Terrible Feelings, and Accidente should take note.

PANDEMIX "Rank & File" 7" (Dirt Cult Records)
Pandemix formed in 2016 with the intention of being a peace punk band. While the end result was something harder to pin to a specific sub-genre, the musical and visual aesthetic of the band references foundational punk bands while speaking to something more contemporary and vital. The music sound paranoid while the lyrics explore the anxieties and vulnerabilities of living in modern society.  This 7” includes songs recorded at the same session as the band’s “Scale Models of Atrocities” 12” released last year on Boss Tunage Record. Set-list mainstay "Rank & File" finally makes an appearance, taking white silence and complicity in racialized police violence to task while offering some of 'Demix's darkest, catchiest songwriting yet. "Second Opinion" takes the listener to many different musical vistas, all anchored by an indelible, intense chorus and a pervading sense of paranoia. This single can function as a stunning companion piece to the 12", or a perfect entry-point for the uninitiated.\

DEODORANT "Smells Good" LP (Not Normal Records)
The fragrant, full-bodied first appearance of these youngsters. It boogies like D Boon and shreds like JFA. Hands down the most fun, engaging, and consistently hilarious outfit haunting Chicago basements this past year and a half.

CB RADIO GORGEOUS "Plays CB Radio Gorgeous" Tape (Not Normal Records)
The audacious debut from these pedigreed Chicago players, CB Radio Gorgeous has been shaking asses for a couple of months and now you can bring the experience home. High-treble, groovin' rhythm, genius vocals recall Australia's X or even the Delta 5, but CBRG truly only plays CBRG. Members of Big Zit, Coughs, CCTV, and Negative Scanner.

FLOOR ABOVE, THE "Assualt on Still Life" Tape (Not Normal Records)
Full length cassette from the one-man army Chad L'Eplattenier, The Floor Above is the product of a singular, undiluted vision. Hardcore as a starting point and rocketing off into the atmosphere, a wonderful and frightening demolition of reality. For fans of the Mecht Mensch/Tar Babies split, Void, and the Landspeed Record-era Huskers.

LIPSCHITZ, THE "Lava" Tape (Not Normal Records)
Who can be trusted to channel that sorta cigarette danglin' between the lips, worn denim jacket, wind swept hair, retro cool while their walkin' like some atom-brained, circuit-hearted detached android? The answer is here: the Lipschitz, a coupla Georgian expats who've come to Chicago serve a potent mix of that Dead Moon Americana, that snotty OC surf-punk, and what I'm sure Reatards fans THINK they're listening to.

DIANETICS "Psycho Horse" 7" (Weirdly Records)
Second dose of DIANETICS mind altering hardcore. Songs about killing, drugs, working and growing up. An unexpected pop turn, I don’t think so. Get on it.

SUPERCRUSH: Interview with Mark Palm Zine (Shining Life Press)
An interview with Mark Palm Conducted May 2018. Layout and Design by Shining Life. Photography by Ian Shelton, Jackson Long, and Blaine Patrick. 8 pages. ANSI Letter 8.5" x 11"

VERBAL ASSAULT: A Conversation With Christopher Jones Zine (Shining Life Press)
An conversation with Christopher Jones conducted in March 2018 about the lyrical inspiration and meaning for all Verbal Assault songs. Also includes an introduction by Ian Mackaye detailing his memories recording the band for the "Learn" 12". Layout and Design by Shining Life Photography by Dan Wilkins, JJ Gonson, Chris Gorman, Nick Mcintosh, and Unknown 12 pages ANSI Letter 8.5" x 11"

UNIFIED RIGHT: So it Goes Zine (Shining Life Press)
An interview with Brandon Stepp about the new record "If I can't listen to Unified Right in Heaven, then send me straight to hell" Conducted May 2018. Layout and Design by Shining Life. Photography by Kiabad Meza, Angela Owens, and Todd Pollock. 8 pages. ANSI Letter 8.5" x 11"

EXCEPT: Interview with Justin Little Zine (Shining Life Press)
An interview with Justin Little conducted in March 2018. Layout and Design by Shining Life. Photography by Zack Rogers and Tyler Brown. 2 pages. ANSI Letter 8.5" x 11"

ILLUSION: Interview with Alex Samayoa Zine (Shining Life Press)
An interview with Alex Samayoa conducted in March 2018. Layout and Design by Shining Life. Photography by Angela Owens 2 pages ANSI Letter 8.5" x 11"

MAXIMUMROCKNROLL #427 - December 2018 (MRR)
Tell your boss you won’t be coming in today, the latest Maximum Rocknroll is here! Issue 427, our December 2018 edition, is filled to the brim with the content you crave. We’ve got New York’s CHOKED UP and long-distance band JABBER dispelling pop punk myths and New York’s GIANT PEACH and Melbourne’s THE SHIFTERS on the importance of place (whether it’s your home or another country!). Vancouver’s LIÉ and long-distance band MARRÓN both discuss the effects of fascism on music, while Montreal’s PINK NOISE and Boston’s ANCIENT FILTH dish on their long, long histories as bands. Not enough? Why not check out THE FUNS‘ pontifications on living and working in an abandoned funeral home in Illinois, or take PROTO IDIOT‘s advice on lowering your expectations for touring the UK, where they live. And if you’re still looking for more, we of course have the best columns and reviews in the game! Order today to make sure you’re the first on the block to get the latest, greatest issue of the best punk magazine to ever exist… Maximum Rocknroll!

DAYDREAM Demo Tape (Demo)
Latest release from Portland's DAYDREAM.

CRISIS ACTORS 2018 Demo Tape (Demo)
New peace punk outta Boston

Restocks for 11/8/18:

BAD BRAINS "Lost Tracks" LP
BETA BOYS "Late Nite Acts" LP
BLAZING EYE "Ways to Die" 7"
CARBONAS "Your Moral Superiors: Singles and Rarities" 2xLP
CONCEALED BLADE "Demo 2015" 7" (Beach Impediment Records)
CRISIS "Hymns of Faith" LP
CROWN COURT "Mad in England" 7"
DIANETICS "Book Learned" 7" (Weirdly Records)
DREAM PROBE "Demo Collection" 7" (Weirdly Records)
EXOTICA "Musique Exotique 01" 7"
FETISH "S/T" 7" (Beach Impediment Records)
FURY: "Paramount" Lyrical Explanations Zine
GELD "Demo" 7"
GHOUL "Night Out" LP
KATASTROF "S/T" 7" (Beach Impediment Records)
LIQUIDS "Evil" 7" (Weirdly Records)
LONG KNIFE "Sewers of Babylon" 7" (Beach Impediment Records)
MAMMOTH GRINDER: 5 Records with Chris Ulsh Zine
MARKED MEN "Fix My Brain" LP (Dirtnap Records)
NEGATIVE GAIN "Back From The Dead" LP
NO TOLERANCE: 5 Records with Chris Corry Zine
OMEGAS: 5 Records with Spoiler Zine
PANDEMONIUM "De Pandemonium Affaire" LP
PASSION KILLERS "They Kill Our Passion With Their Hate and War" LP
POISON IDEA "Feel the Darkness" 2xLP
POISON IDEA "Kings of Punk" 2xLP
POISON IDEA "War All the Time" LP
PROTESTER: 5 Records with Connor Donegan Zine
RATA NEGRA "Justica Cosmica" LP
RATOS DE PORAO "Crucificados Pelo Sistema" LP
ROYAL HEADACHE "High" LP (What's Your Rupture?)
SIAL "Binasa" 7"
SIN 34 "Do You Feel Safe?" LP (Sinister Torch Records)
SODOM "S/T (Requiem Cassette 1984)" LP
URANIUM CLUB "All Of them naturals" LP
URANIUM CLUB "Human Exploration" LP
URANIUM CLUB "Who Made The Man?" 7”
V/A "Kaj Je Alternativa / Live 1983" Compilation LP
V/A "Killed By Death 15: New Zealand Punk" Compilation LP
WARTHOG "S/T" 7" (Beach Impediment Records)

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