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For quick browsing of recent additions to the store, you can check out all of these titles mentioned below in the New Arrivals and Recent Restocks sections!
Holy Crap!!! Huge update this week! Hard to believe it's only been two weeks since the last update, but we've received so many great new releases, reissues, and restocks in that time that we needed to bother you again. Not even sure where to begin!!!
Let's get this started (kinda) local; three brand new LP releases just dropped from BEACH IMPEDIMENT HQ this week - we've got the debut LP from DC's Witchtrial, the debut LP from UK's Game, and a sick singles collection 12" from France's Condor (featuring members of RIXE), which I believe is already sold out from the label so you might want to act fast if you've been eyeing a copy! IRON LUNG RECORDS has once again blessed us with a grip of new titles - we've got the latest LP from Brazil's one and only Rakta, the debut LP from Iceland's D7Y (which features members of DAUÐYFLIN and ROHT), the debut 12" from Shit Coffins, and a nice restock on the new Diat LP (which went FAST on the first go around).
On the reissues front, we've got a couple of 70's punk heaters back in print - a nice, long overdue reissue of the Nikki Corvette and the Convertibles "Young and Crazy" single from 1978, and a reissue of the semi-obscure but legendary "Your Old Man" single from UK's Cyanide from 1979 (both are HIGHLY recommended). We stocked up on a killer new fanclub LP collection from Japan legends The Comes; this release features their classic LPs "No Side" on one side, and their second "Power Never Die" LP on the flip!!! Totally essential listening!!! We also stocked up on the brand new 3xLP discography from legends Battalion of Saints!! This new collection features EVERYTHING the band has done, a must for the true BATS fans and completeists!
Other new releases of note include the brand new full length from Southern California's Fury; new releases on PAINKILLER RECORDS from Jackal, Big Cheese, and Bone Sickness; the newest LP from LA's GeneracionSuicida; the newest crusher from Sweden's Paranoid, along with not one but TWO separate volumes of singles collection LPs!!! Also grabbed a slew of sick releases from our friends at DEAD BROKE REKERDS, including the rad LP from Long Island's Somerset Thrower (a must for you fans of 90's indie/emo like Texas is the Reason, Knapsack, etc), a few choice reissues from Fifteen, and cassette reissues of FOUR Samiam (a personal favorite at GMHQ) full lengths!!!
Don't forget - still have a ton of great new stuff from the last few updates in stock as well, including the latest releases from Haram, Pinnochio, Priests, Supercrush, The World, Power Trip, S.H.I.T., Uranium Club, and much more!
And what webstore update would be complete without a nice pile of RESTOCKS!? In addition to replenishing a ton of titles from one of our current favorite labels, POP WIG (Razorbumps, Firewalker, Bugg, Big Bite, Bib, Turnstile, and Trapped Under Ice all back in stock!), we've reupped quantities on a TON of punk/hc classics - inluding five singles and two LPs worth of Discharge reissues, some essentials from DISCHORD (Faith/Voidsplit, 4 Old 7"s collection LP, both Minor Threat 12"s, Dag Nasty LPs, SOA Demos 7", etc), classics from FRONTIER (Christian Death, Adolescents, Rikk Agnew, Weirdos), some killer reissues from BEER CITY (Die Kreuzen, Clitboys, DRI), DEEP SIX (Neanderthal, No Comment), and a ton of other classic releases from the likes of Blitz, The Germs, Stimulators, Big Boys, Sacrilege, Bikini Kill, State, Aus Rotten, and MORE!!
Check the full list below, and thanks for reading and for the support!!!
Alex / Grave Mistake Records
New Arrivals in the Webstore for 5/10/19:
CONDOR "Singles 2017-2018" LP (Beach Impediment Records)
Maxime Smadja has held many positions of note in some of the more exceptional French underground groups of recent years. For instance, you might know him as the beastly beat keeper behind Paris Oi band RIXE or the song writer behind the ever so catchy BOSS but for those who have yet to be initiated this is CONDOR - a one man band and love letter of sorts to his homeland and the particular strain of Oi / Punk music that it started yielding well over three decades ago. Previously only available on a pair of scarcely pressed and circulated cassingles, Beach Impediment Records is ecstatic to further the circulation of these six songs on the vinyl format. Channeling the brightest moments of the classic compilation series "Chaos En France" (and really, anything else on the Chaos Productions label that's worth a damn) combined with an execution so precise and well crafted that it carries that undeniable trademark of Smadja's many other contributions to the genre of punk over his time in it due to it's attention to detail and adoration of quality. And as a special bonus this slab features an additional track that is exclusive to this release - a cover of "Vengeance" by the 80's Parisian Oi outfit D.E.M. Each record comes in a jacket featuring the stellar art of Beau Richie depicting what I'd assume must be a typical day in one of the abundant alleyways that weave through out the City of Lights, plus a killer 18" x 24" fold out poster insert. Be sure to catch CONDOR on tour this spring through out North America!

GAME "No One Wins" LP (Beach Impediment Records)
At long last, the follow up to 2017’s "Who Will Play?" flexi has materialised in the form of "No One Wins" on the LP format. With influences and membership that span the world of hardcore punk, both stylistically and geographically, this platter sports 10 tracks of pummeling hardcore punk that incorporates metallic elements drawn from the near and far reaches of mid 80s international hardcore and thrash to the simplicity of domestic HC pestilence. Blended with a great finesse that is both tasteful and potent  - which seems to be a rare feat to attain this day and age - and buttressed by a top notch mastering job by the great Arthur Rizk (SHIT "What Do You Stand For," Impalers "Cellar Dweller”, Power Trip ‘Nightmare Logic’) which only feeds the fire that is the base of these already enormous tracks. GAME is the conduit. Relatively new but sending sickening sounds into the New Wave of British Hardcore collective, decimating any and all willing to be destroyed. Seek further advice on Game's sound via the precedent set by Gastunk, Celtic Frost, Sacrilege, Death Side, and the Execute. Members of Arms Race, Fucked Up, Career Suicide, Shrapnel, Violent Reaction and Subdued. Each record comes in a UV gloss jacket adorned with a stunning collaborative art effort by Nicky Rat, Jack Sabbat and Taketo Ikegami along with a risograph insert.

WITCHTRIAL "S/T" LP (Beach Impediment Records)
With the passage of two years since the release of their demo, along with a hefty helping of gigs under their belts, Mid-Atlantic powerhouse WITCHTRIAL have at long last bestowed upon us all the absolutely thunderous offering that is their self titled 12" EP. Drawing equally on the cult sounds of mid-80's international hardcore punk and the early days of underground extreme metal, WITCHTRIAL has made it their duty to remind us that there'd be no HELLHAMMER without DISCHARGE and no BATHORY without GBH. This slab features 6 brand new cuts of the driving metalpunk madness that many a maniac has embraced since the group's inception. Recorded by Carson Cox and mastered by Will Killingsworth ensuring a sonic assault that is unmatched. Each record comes in a jacket emblazoned with a dazzling layout designed by Reuben Storey.

RAKTA "Falha Comum" LP (Iron Lung Records)
With a slight line up change in the drum department we see RAKTA tighten up their more tense, soundtrack natured developments alongside their more sparse and vulnerable elegance. They consistently manage to create a tripped out creep chamber with room to explore as the aura builds to nightmare crescendos juxtaposed with shaking silences. Simultaneously eerie and serene. With each new release we see more and more of what makes this group so essential in the canon of modern music. 300 copies.

D7Y "S/T" LP (Iron Lung Records)
D7Y is a new and absolutely scorching and ever-so-slightly metallic D-Beat unit featuring members of DAUÐYFLIN and ROHT offering up a 12 track debut that will incinerate all preconceived notions of Icelandic music. Reminiscent of S.D.S., GLORIOUS? or PHYSIQUE. Reykjavík punks have the fucking fire right now so stand close and feel the heat. Greenland must be fully melted away by now because D7Y is way too blazing to ignore. 350 printed inner sleeved copies housed in a 24pt reverse board jacket with download card included.

SHIT COFFINS "Termination" LP (Iron Lung Records)
When you suddenly shine a light in total darkness you can't see right away but your body still tries. It's a reflex. It's unavoidable. And in that moment, the struggle to maintain what little grip you had becomes so urgent and overpowering that you will do whatever you can just to see anything at all. Wether it means peace or annihilation at least that thing is familiar and you reach for it, right? SHIT COFFINS have that same urgency, contempt and anxiousness. With broken mirror hardcore like this it's no surprise it's coming from members of TALK IS POISON, NO STATIK and MASS ARREST. Smash yourself to this one.
COMES, THE "No Side & Power Never Die" LP (Hand of Dogma Records)
Both LPs by legendary Japanese punk band The Comes on one 12"! Ltd. 198 on hand of dogma records, import / fanclub release.
FURY "Failed Entertainment" LP / TAPE (Run For Cover Records)
Forming in 2014, Fury established themselves quickly, releasing both a demo on Washington, D.C.’s Mosher Delight Records and the "Kingdom Come" EP on Boston’s Triple B Records in the same calendar year. They built on the melodic legacy of Orange County by way of heavy, rhythmic, start-stop guitars and Stith’s wordy and referential lyrics. Then, in 2016, came their debut LP on Triple B Records, "Paramount," which was met with respect from the hardcore community and praise from outsider critics. Now, two New Year’s Eves later, Fury releases "Failed Entertainment," their sophomore LP and debut with Boston-based Run For Cover Records. As with their previous records, "Failed Entertainment" was recorded by Colin Knight and their own guitarist Madison Woodward at Paradise Records, in Anaheim. This time, though, the band also sought new surroundings and outside expertise, collaborating with engineer Andrew Oswald at Secret Bathroom Studios, as well as mixing engineer Jack Endino (Nirvana, Soundgarden, Seaweed). The new batch of songs shows growth in all directions: the slow parts more brooding, the melodies catchier, the lyrics out even further on the limb. "Failed Entertainment" documents the work, both personal and creative, undertaken since the release of "Paramount," a period of time marked by as many difficulties as successes. What finally emerges is nothing less than Fury’s take on the human experience, an attempt to describe every person’s life and how it interacts with others through unmatched highs, desperate lows, and mundane middles. Though the idea that the human experience is something that can be understood and labeled is either right on the nose or too grandiose. But to Stith, the goal was to fit every last drop of humanity in between the grooves of the record, and that’s where the success and failure of this entertainment lies. "I’ll never be able to communicate every single thought and feeling," says Stith "a Failed Entertainment."

BONE SICKNESS "Theater of Morbidity" LP (Hell Massacare Label)
After years of quiet and safety on earth, the deranged freaks in Olympia, Washington's Bone Sickness re-emerged last year with a new tape of 13 gore soaked nightmare visions of Ungodly-Sick-Death-Grind titled "Theater of Morbidity". Hell Massacre Label is pleased to make this new masterpiece of terror and torment available on a proper 12” LP. Expect the putrified sounds of Repulsion, Autopsy, and Terrorizer. No triggers, no quantizing, no tech shit. Real brutality, real death metal. Limited to 500 copies on green vinyl.

BIG CHEESE "Don't Forget to Tell the World" LP (Painkiller Records)
After the release of a demo tape and the European-only "Aggravated Mopery" EP, Big Cheese overwhelmingly established themselves as one of the best NYHC-style bands around (despite being based in UK), and made their claim as the live band to beat on stages across Europe. With a US tour imminent, and new material in the works, Painkiller presents a 12” of all previously released material by Big Cheese (the aforementioned 7” and demo tape) plus one new song, all newly mastered and cut to on a 45RPM 12” to be played at maximum volume. New cover art by local legend Liam Fox of The Flex. This is the version of these songs to own. Limited to 500, first 100 on orange vinyl.

JACKAL "S/T" 7" (Painkiller Records)
Rough, tough, and raw as hell. Jackal arrive with a 4-song 45 of pounding and classic-sounding USHC, direct from south Florida. Comparable to over-before-they-start thrashers like White Cross, Violent Children, and YDI. Mixed and mastered at Side Two. Limited pressing of 300 with heavy felt weave paper sleeves.

GENERACION SUICIDA "Reflejos" LP (Going Underground Records)
Reflejos is the fourth LP from Los Angeles-based Generacion Suicida. Not often does a bands fourth album yield as much power or importance as this album does, especially in punk music. It's hard to make a second record as viable as your first but "Reflejos" defies all odds. This is easily the bands best record yet. No new tricks, no artsy weirdo tracks, it's all Generacion Suicida. Love them or hate them, this is a band at the top of their game. 11 tracks, heavy printed inner sleeve, matte cover, pura potencia.

CYANIDE "Your Old Man" 7" (Splattered Records)
Back after 40 years and for it's first official reissue is this UK PUNK/Oi classic. Limited to 300 copies on black vinyl and housed in a new glue-pocket jacket.

NIKKI CORVETTE AND THE CONVERTIBLES "Young and Crazy" 7" (Splattered Records)
Back after 41 years comes this chewy, gooey, power pop classic. Nikki Corvette’s first single with The Convertibles. Hailing from Detroit, MI and coming just years after the likes of Suzi Quatro and The Pleasure Seekers. Power pearls like ‘Back Seat Love’ have inspired teenage sex and debauchery for women and men alike. Repressed for the first time since it’s debut and now more affordable than ever. Limited to 500 copies and includes an 11x17” poster. Just in time for Nikki’s performance at this year’s Burger Bugaloo!

BATTALION OF SAINTS "Complete Discography" 3xLP (Pine Hill Records)
We say “Complete Discography” and we mean it! This 3xLP set features every single Battalion Of Saints studio recording since their inception including all the singles, albums, rare unreleased demo tracks, alternate versions, compilation appearances, and even 2 new tracks. 60 songs total! Several albums were remastered and sound better than ever. Insert includes a full lyric sheet with lyrics to every track & personnel list for each recording. This is your one-stop-shop to own everything the band has done in one concise, organized place. Download card included!

LANGUID "Submission is the Only Freedom" LP (Brain Solvent Propaganda)
Languid is back with their follow up LP. More pounding riffs and homage to Dischange that only Languid can pull off!

PARANOID "Heavy Mental Fuck Up!" LP (Konton Crasher Records)
偏執症者 (Paranoid) returns with their second album Heavy Mental Fuck-Up!! The new album is rawer, darker and features a more metallic sound than their hyped and distorted debut Satyagraha. A clearer recording gives more space to the sheer brutality and the extreme edges get even more extreme as the band crank it up with chainsaw solos. Adding more metal to their influences that range from Swedish d-beat raw punk to Japanese hardcore sets the band on the same path as early 80’s extreme metal bands such as Celtic Frost, Sodom or Possessed. Uncompromising and destructive! With Heavy Mental Fuck-Up! Paranoid shows that they have been one of the best kept hellish Rock n’ Roll metal punk bands from the underground scene. Until now! Paranoid are and have previously been active in bands such as Totalt Jävla Mörker, Desperat, Warvictims, Brottskod 11 and Hypertension that have brought us Swedish raw punk and speed thrash metal for more than a decade.

PARANOID "North Winds of Brutal Hell Mangel Vol. 1" LP (Konton Crasher Records)
Discography Lp vol. 1 contains: Destroy Future Less System Distortion Faith #1 Split w/ Absolut Critical Mass #2 Cover track Previously Unreleased

PARANOID "North Winds of Brutal Hell Mangel Vol. 2" LP (Konton Crasher Records)
Discography vol.2 Lp contains: Punkdemonium Hell Praise No Deity The New Wave of the Grave New Beat #2 Cover tracks Previously Unreleased

SVAVELDIOXID "Dodsogonblick" LP (Konton Crasher Records)
"Second full-length from this bruising Swedish hardcore punk band. If you like Swedish crust from the 80s (early Totalitär, Anti-Cimex, Crude SS, etc.) right on through to the 90s (Skitsystem, Wolfpack, etc.) Svaveldioxid are the band for you. With bruising beats, straightforward Cimex / Totalitär-style riffs, and crunchy, metallic production, they are the best of both worlds. Dödsögonblick is a perfectly executed LP of classic Swedish kängpunk, with slight shifts in tempo and complexity to keep you bobbing your head the whole way through. Svaveldioxid are far from reinventing the wheel, but even if it rates low on the originality scale, this is still a crusher. - sorry state records

PROTES BENGT "Pick Your Bengt" LP (Konton Crasher Records)
Started 1985 as a project between Åke and Chrille from Mob 47, and Per and Ola from Filthy Christians. 40 old/new unreleased tracks. Drums and Guitar recorded September - December 1985 in Bowlingstudion. Bass recorded March 2017 in Studio Mangel. Vocals recorded November 2017 in Bengts Studio.

SVAVELDIOXID "Andios Mardrom" LP (Konton Crasher Records)
Relentless, devastating, raw kängpunk hammered out by ex-members of Warvictims, Disfear, 3-way Cum and more. Take bands like Anti Cimex, Bombanfall, Totalitär, No Security and the members previous bands, throw them in a blender and you get Svaveldioxid  . US press on Konton Crasher. Comes in a gatefold jacket and includes a poster.

ADRENALIN O.D. "The Wacky Hi-Jinks of" LP (Psychic Volt Records)
This legendary hardcore punk album originally debuted in 1984 on AOD’s own label, 'Buy Our Records’. "The Wacky Hi-Jinks of..." features frequently humorous and sarcastic lyrics which take aim at an authentic and now nostalgic New Jersey suburban experience. Songs like "Middle-aged Whore", "Trans Am" (inspiration for the Dead Milkmen's “Bitchin' Camaro”), and the crowd favorite: "Rock n' Roll Gas Station" are just three of the fifteen tracks that have been remastered and repackaged.

SOMERSET THROWER "Godspeed" LP (Dead Broke Records)
Long Island’s Somerset Thrower are returning this year with a new album, Godspeed, on August 24 via Dead Broke Rekerds. They’ve got a sound that’s got one foot in Jawbreaker/Sunny Day Real Estate-style emo and another in Gin Blossoms-y alt-rock, and though they aren’t the first modern-day band to bring those two sides of the ’90s together, they do it in a way that feels fresh and vital. Their songs really rip, and they really reach that cathartic climax that music like this is supposed to reach..” - BrooklynVegan

FIFTEEN "S/T" 7" (Dead Broke Records)
Dead Broke Rekerds is absolutely stoked to announce definitive reissues by Berkeley, California-based punk band, FIFTEEN. From the ashes of east bay legends, Crimpshrine, came Fifteen. These records changed our lives (here at Dead Broke) and the socially conscious lyrics touched & taught us in ways music would seldom again throughout the years. Fifteen formed in 1988 during the tail end of a Crimpshrine tour. After Crimpshrine broke up, Fifteen started playing shows. Fifteen embarked on their first tour in the summer of 1989, and recorded their debut EP in April 1990 for Lookout! Records. Fifteen went on their first US tour in the summer of 1990, playing shows with Filth & Fugazi.We've meticulously kept these reissues as true to the original releases as we possibly could, while the songs have taken on a new life with a 2017 remastering. Gloriously restored & remastered from the original reel-to-reel master tapes by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering. Astounding artwork restoration by Hugo Fitzgerald, face-lifted from the original hand-made art. 7" vinyl comes housed in a sharp looking glue pocket jacket, complete with reproduction of original zine insert.

FIFTEEN "Swain's First Bike Ride" LP (Dead Broke Records)
Dead Broke Rekerds is absolutely stoked to announce definitive reissues by Berkeley, California-based punk band, FIFTEEN. From the ashes of east bay legends, Crimpshrine, came Fifteen. These records changed our lives (here at Dead Broke) and the socially conscious lyrics touched & taught us in ways music would seldom again throughout the years. Fifteen formed in 1988 during the tail end of a Crimpshrine tour. After Crimpshrine broke up, Fifteen started playing shows. Fifteen embarked on their first tour in the summer of 1989, and recorded their debut EP in April 1990 for Lookout! Records. Fifteen went on their first US tour in the summer of 1990, playing shows with Filth & Fugazi. "Swain's First Bike Ride" is their first full-length album, recorded in December 1990. Originally released on 12" vinyl in 1991 on Lookout! Records. CD edition contains the band's self-titled EP from the previous year as bonus tracks, just like the Lookout original disc, which was released a year later in 1992. (CD & Tape version include updated artwork to match original record art.) We've meticulously kept these reissues as true to the original releases as we possibly could, while the songs have taken on a new life with a 2017 remastering. Gloriously restored & remastered from the original reel-to-reel master tapes by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering. Astounding artwork restoration by Hugo Fitzgerald, face-lifted from the original hand-made art. (Comes w/download)

FIFTEEN "The Choice of a New Generation" LP (Dead Broke Records)
For over 27 years this quintessential Gainesville band has been churning out some of the best melodic punk the South has ever seen. Fast forward to 2018, Radon are back with a new full-length album of some of their best & catchiest stuff to date. And we're absolutely thrilled to give this gem of an album the vinyl treatment, along with our old friends at Creep Records.

BROCCOLI "Home" Tape (Dead Broke Records)
Cassette pressing of 90's UK melodic punk legends' classic album, "Home".

HEAVY POCKETS "Pure Evil" LP (Dead Broke Records)
The third and final Heavy Pockets LP. Amazing indie/pop rock & punk going out with a bang. Their best batch of songs to date. The band is calling it quits, but we just had to get in on this release. Limited to 200 copies. Hand glued jackets and a 16 page zine written by Shayla. (Cassette release also coming soon!) LP comes w/ download code.

RADON "More of Their Lies" LP (Dead Broke Records)
Gainesville, Florida punk legends, RADON deliver their fourth album to date of rocking & poppy melodic punk rock that has paved the way for many to follow.

SAMIAM "Clumsy" Tape (Dead Broke Records)
Samiam's fourth studio album "Clumsy" pressed on a high-quality limited Clear Cassette tape in Europe from Brassneck Records. Originally released by Atlantic Records in 1994. Limited to 150 copies. [Distributed by Dead Broke in U.S.] UK Import!

SAMIAM "Trips" Tape (Dead Broke Records)
Samiam's latest & eighth studio album pressed on a high-quality limited White Cassette tape. Originally released by Hopeless Records in 2011. Limited to 150 copies.

SAMIAM "Whatever's Got You Down" Tape (Dead Broke Records)
Samiam's seventh studio album "Whatever's Got You Down" (2013 Remix) pressed on a high-quality limited White Cassette tape. Originally released by Hopeless Records in 2006, now Remixed by Jeff Dean (The Bomb) & Remastered by Jon Drew at Infinite Wavelength. 1st press limited to 150 copies.

SAMIAM "You Are Freaking Me Out" Tape (Dead Broke Records)
Samiam's fifth studio album and their classic, "You Are Freaking Me Out" (1997) pressed on a high-quality limited White Cassette tape. One of our favorite albums of all-time. Wow! 1st press limited to 150 copies.

V/A "Spreading the Infection" 7" (Patient Zero Records)
The debut release from Patient Zero Records comes hard with four up-and-coming bands in the scene, three states, and a roller-coaster ride of brutality. The compilation features Silence Equals Death from NJ, who follow up their full-length debut on Eulogy Records "End Times" with a blistering track in the form of "Plague" while the Broken from Albany, NY featuring members of Albany lore such as Straight Jacket, and Wasteform come hard with "Run". Upstate New York's Panzram spread the angst and utter contempt for the world they live in with "The White Horse" and to put the cherry on top...One Less Scumbag from New Hampshire drops the knockout blow with "My Homicide Girl" promising the true beatdown mentality not for the weak. Featuring current members of Merauder.

CRAFTER "Lasting Efforts" LP (Patient Zero Records)
Patient Zero Records is proud to present “Lasting Efforts”, the second full length by Massachusetts Hardcore veterans Crafter. The first full length “Embrace” was a work of pure hardcore genius driven by values, and a strong DIY ethic. Now with progression comes a heavier darker side of Crafter with a strong emotionally driven standpoint that only singer/author Kyle Taylor can bring through his passion for evoking thoughts through words for the betterment of all humanity. The first press is limited to 394 copies and includes a digital download.

Restocks for May 10, 2019:

ADOLESCENTS "Adolescents" LP
ADOLESCENTS "The Complete Demos 1980-1986" LP
AUS ROTTEN  "Fuck Nazi Sympathy" 7"
AUS ROTTEN "Now Back To Our Programming" LP
BIB "Moshpit" 7"
BIG BOYS "Fun, Fun, Fun" LP
BIKINI KILL "New Radio" 7"
BIKINI KILL "Revolution Girl Style Now" LP
BIKINI KILL "The Singles" LP
BLITZ "Voice of a Generation" LP
CHRISTIAN DEATH "Only Theatre Of Pain" LP
CLITBOYS, THE "We Don’t Play the Game" 7"
DAG NASTY "Wig Out At Denko's" LP
DIAT "Positive Disineigration" LP (Iron Lung Records)
DIE KREUZEN "Cows and Beer" 7"
DINOS BOYS "Last Ones" Tape
DISCHARGE "Decontrol" 7"
DISCHARGE "Fight Back" 7"
DISCHARGE "Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing" LP
DISCHARGE "Never Again" 7"
DISCHARGE "Realities of War" 7"
DISCHARGE "State Violence, State Control" 7"
DRI "Dealing With It" LP
DRI "Violent Pacification" 7"
GAI "Rock N Roll History Fuck Off" Lp
GERMS, THE "Lexicon Devil" 7"
IRON CHIC "Not Like This" LP
MINOR THREAT "First 2 7"s" LP
NEANDERTHAL "A History of Violence" LP
NO COMMENT "Common Senseless" 7"  
NO COMMENT "Downsided" 7"  
PARANOID "Jikangire" 12"
PHYSIQUE "Punk Life is Shit" LP (Iron Lung Records)
RAZORBUMPS "Hellrazors" LP
RIKK AGNEW "All By Myself" LP
SACRILEGE "It's Time to Face the Reaper (Demos)" 2xLP
SOA "First Demo 12/29/80" 7"
STATE "No Illusions" 7"
TENEMENT "Predatory Headlights" 2xTape Box
THE KIDS "S/T (Deluxe Edition)" LP
TURNSTILE "Move Thru Me" 7"
VARIOUS ARTISTS "Four Old Seven Inches" LP
VOID "Sessions 81-83" LP
WEIRDOS "Weird World Vol. 1" LP
WEIRDOS "Weird World Vol. 2" LP

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