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Webstore Update - September 15, 2017
Hello everyone! It's been over two months since the last update, I hope you've all been well! As expected, here's a jam packed update for you as I try and play catch up with all of the killer distro titles that have come in since the last update.
And don't forget - all US orders over $50 get FREE SHIPPING!
As you may have noticed, things have been pretty quiet on the release front over here this year, but I'll have a couple of updates for you in the next month or so about what's coming up in the label's future. Until then, get stoked for the new Red Death Formidable Darkness LP, coming out this December on Triple B Records, and the new Primal Rite LP, due out on Revelation Records hopefully early 2018!!!
New Releases in the Grave Mistake Webstore from RIXE, FIREWALKER, DAME, TRAPPED UNDER ICE, HURULA, and MORE!
For quick browsing of recent additions to the store, you can check out all of these titles mentioned below in the New Arrivals and Recent Restocks sections!
I'm going to spare you a rundown for this update, check out what's new below!!!
I do want to mention that I've begun to include streams for every new distro release in their respective product descriptions on the webstore - so if you see something that sparks your interest, you can listen to it right there!
New Titles in the Webstore for 9/15/17:
(Click the title to view the release in the webstore)
RIXE "Collection" LP (La Vida Es Un Mus)
Collection neatly compiles RIXE's first 3 Eps on one album. All 12 cuts have been remastered for maximum volume. Rixe appeared from nowhere and went from strength to strength over the two years since the Debut EP Coup Et Blessures was released in February 2015. The EP was their calling card and harked back to the glory years of Bologna's finest Nabat mixed with the classic 80's French Oi! sound. It was instant and loved by all and went on to have six pressings. A year later came Les Nerf A Vif - another four tracker with extra bite and bile. Every track was perfectly recorded and produced. Lean with snarl and each track a nugget of anthemic Oi!. On third EP Bapteme Du Feu there was no let up in quality. Precision Oi! with a pop element that’s built to be loved now and in 20 years. Joined together the 3 EPs make a perfect album and proof that why RIxe are Oi! royalty in 2017. Comes with A2 poster by Matt Bellossi and artwork by Nicky Rat

DAME "S/T" 7" (Charm School Records)
On their debut EP, Dame release a triptych of haunting dark pop that pulses with a feeling you can't name but know from somewhere. Heavy drums, bass like a heartbeat, and chorused guitar frame these near-dance tracks, while synth and vocals swell to the surface to lull you into a haze. Like a dream grabbing you in the night, this Boston-based quintet have emerged from an unsuspecting place to deliver something dark and dynamic.

FIREWALKER "S/T" LP (Pop Wig Records)
*I already sold out of my first batch of these, but a restock is on it's way! You can still order it in the store now but your order won't ship until next week. Firewalker have sure made a hell of a lot of noise off of a demo and a promo tape. The Boston hardcore band (think Ball of Destruction-era brutality) has a lot in common with Sheer Terror, Outburst and much of the infamous New Breed comp artists; but they're a whole different animal, employing the almost death metal-esque shredded throat of Sophie Hendry with a finished product that's as if Paul Bearer fronted early Agnostic Front or early Breakdown. It's wild, muscular and brutal stuff. - CLRVYNT

TRAPPED UNDER ICE "Heatwave" LP / Tape (Pop Wig Records)
10 years after their first release, Trapped Under Ice brings you Heatwave. This phat LP is short, fast and hardcore; the way Straight Ahead intended, but played more like Fury of Five and Breakdown at a backyard party. For punks who’ve considered throwing a spin kick in jean shorts. Rhythmically, Heatwave is like a trailer park Sepultura. Check it out if you fuck with what TUI has been doing for the last decade. The same, but different.

OLHO SECO "Botas Fuzis Capacetes" 7" (Nada Nada Discos)
Originally released in 1983, Botas, Fuzis, Capcetes, the debut 7" from Sao Paulo, Brazil's OLHO SECO is the living emodiment of all that is and was great about South American hardcore punk. This is the second official repress of this classic EP by our friends at Nada Nada Discos.

DAGGER "Writhing in the Light of the Moon" 7" (Lengua Armada Discos)
These young punks from Northwest Indiana rage forward with their rapid-fire, energetic, blasts of early U.S. influenced hardcore/punk. Totally killer!

XYLITOL "Is Toxic to Pigs??" 7" (Thrilling Living Records)
Irrepressibly catchy Olympia-based pogo punk with the wildest and most charismatic vocalist in contemporary DIY punk. A guide to kissing the void and navigating our continued existence in a racist capitalist hellscape. This is the soundtrack to fucking shit up, fighting back, defining yourself and seeing who joins. 550 copies on black vinyl, comes with a digital download.

ANTI-SEX "Un Mejor Futuro" LP (Thrilling Living Records)
Debut on vinyl from this Mexico City-based trio. Ten songs of Spanish-language punk that recall TOZIBABE and other 80s greats, though not a reenactment by any means. Thunderous drums, venomous vocals, and a perfectly raw recording courtesy of Yecatl Disaster. Full-color cover and insert. 550 copies on black vinyl.

BOOJI BOYS "Sweet Boy" 7" (Cruel Noise Records)
5 new songs and an Undertones cover, what more could you ask for? Jimmy approved!

PROM NITE "Dancing to this Beat" LP (Barf Bag Records)
The most apt way to describe this record is Dangerhouse Records meets Die Kreuzen. Its alternative title could be Cows & Beer & Lipstick. It's haphazard bubblegum pop smashed together with discordant riffing. At times it's tunelessly melodic - when it's not rumbling forward trying to keep the wheels on. Really, it's something else. Pressing of 300 records, 100 on clear, 200 on black, with hand stamped labels.

KATASTROF "S/T" 7" (Beach Impediment Records)
Beach Impediment is proud to present the US pressing of the debut release by Sweden's KATASTROF. A few years after the demise of their short lived yet utterly fantastic project known as INSTITUTION, the voice of TOTALITÄR and the riff boss of HERÄTYS have come together yet again to bring us some more top shelf mangel; a style that they've proven to be knowledgeable in the composition and execution of for quite some time now. Five tracks recorded at Communichaos Clay Station that will please any enthusiast of the genre / art form that is Swedish hardcore. Each record comes in a glue pocket sleeve and includes a download code. Limited to 500 copies.

CRIATURAS "Ruido Antisocial" 7" (Todo Destruido Records)
New EP for 2017 from Texas hardcore punk band Criaturas. Since their last LP "Espiritu De Libertad", this is the only proper new material the band has released since 2013! Between their affiliated projects like Vaaska, Impalers, Kurrakä, and a ton of other killer bands, it's understandable why certain bands take a back seat. That said, "Ruido Antisocial" is an indication that when Criaturas decides to reassemble, they pump out consistent material that is instantly recognizable and full of undeniable character. The rhythm section is groovy and chaotic, but super "in the pocket" with thumping bass lines that launch the intros of songs. The standout element is the vocals, which on previous releases have had moments of straight up singing that is melodic and eerie, but are totally vicious and shredded throughout on this new EP. The guitars are rocked out with face-melting leads, but still have this dark, ominous sensibility. Glad to hear this band hasn't quietly decided to call it quits and are returning totally raging new material.

HURULA "Vapen Till Dom Hopplösa" LP (Deranged Records)
Four years after the end of his punk band MASSHYSTERI, ROBERT HURULA returned with a solo project under the name HURULA.  His first album, Vi Är Människorna Som Våra Föräldrar Varnade Oss För, picked up where Masshysteri left off blending elements of early Scandinavian punk a la Ebba Gron and post-punk with some obvious ‘pop’ undertones. The album achieved wide acclaim and made numerous Best Of year list in 2014. On this 2nd album, Robert returns with more of the same infectious formula anyone familiar with his musical output over the last 10 years will immediately recognize.  The production is bigger but the songs are just as catchy as before.

FLOWERS OF EVIL "City of Fear" LP (Deranged Records)
For a ‘side project’, FLOWERS OF EVIL outpaces and out snots like the best of them.  What started as more of less a ‘studio project’ with Brandon Welchez from CROCODILES and David McDaniel from YOUNG BOYS, has turned into a band that has delivered not one but two solid hardcore punk albums in the last two years.  CITY OF FEAR is their 2nd album and showcases a band that’s very comfortable with their punk roots and can deliver some classic sounding snotty hardcore jams. Reminiscent of early Career Suicide, City of Fear blends the high velocity in-your-face sound of first era hardcore like the Germs with a good dose of melody to keep things catchy and infectious. This band now just needs to tour…

VOIGHT KAMPFF "The Din of Dying Youth" LP (Deranged Records)
Coming off the heels off a mounting barrage of thick post-punk releases in previous years, Voight-Kampff pushes out another assault of aggressive and atmospheric post-punk with their new LP “The Din of Dying Youth”. Immediately dropping into the fray like a paratrooper on the first track, the album’s rhythmic chiming and bolting drums push their way through the melodic chorus-drenched guitar like a jackhammer pushing through a stream of water, cooling it down from overheating, in a sky-scraping industrial park factory where no sunlight reaches. The vocals reach over the tracks like the foreman of the factory speaking through the PA system to his human-replaced assembly line machines while simultaneously gripping the self-destruct button to detonate the entire site. Through the screeches and tears, faint optimistic veils drift in and out, spiraling around the tracks like a miasma. Clocking in at just over 20 minutes, "The Din of Dying Youth" delivers a solid line without fluff or filling, striking both sides of the alternative melancholy buzz, from Creation Records to the steel grinding steel noise of Touch & Go. As the tracks go on feel the momentum as you’re shot and traveling miles per minute through overhead cable lines from the muddy waters of the Mississippi River into the cold Northeastern waters of the Quabbin Reservoir. – Josh Jenkins A perfect blend of sonic sounds and industrial era programming, resulting in nothing less than dark-wave purity. A referral for steady listeners of Joy Division, Merchandise, and Iceage.

LEISURE WORLD "Paper Thin Community" 7" (Deranged Records)
I hate doing reviews of my own releases and this is one is no exception. That said, here are two reviews from their demo which I think are pretty spot on and apply nicely for this EP.  4 new tracks of noisy hardcore. Mix of Born Against & Pissed Jeans. Great cover art by Abraham Diaz to boot. "Leisure World play a really interesting style that kind of straddles the line between hardcore and noise rock. Listening to their music I’m reminded of how much of the whole noise rock / AmRep aesthetic is rooted in the later Black Flag stuff. While it’s apparent that Leisure World have listened to more than their fair share of records like Loose Nut and In My Head, they go for something much thicker and denser than those later Black Flag records and they arrive at something that reminds me a lot of modern noise rock-influenced bands like Pissed Jeans. So, if the idea a very ‘Flag-influenced Pissed Jeans piques your imagination I’d highly recommend this one… it’s well-recorded, powerfully performed, and has more music on it than most punk full-lengths these days.” - SORRY STATE “Single note guitars, vomit yeeeaaaaooowled vocals, hard driving punk rock. Discordant, awkward, no fucks given…but then there are the hooks, and once you get hooked then look the fukk out…because you’re finished. What if BORN AGAINST had been a garage punk band? I’m just saying.” - MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL

PRESSING ON "Future" 7" (Deranged Records)
Portland’s PRESSING ON returns with 4 new tracks of pissed and belligerent hardcore. More of the same anthemic and defiant sound as their earlier 12”, reminiscent of bands from Memphis in the late 90’s/early 2000’s such as Copout, Deathreat and Talk is Poison.

D.S.-13 "Vad Vet Vi Om Kriget?" LP (Deranged Records)
Repress of DS-13’s glorious debut album from 1999.  Now remastered and with new artwork. For the uninitiated, DS-13 were/are from Umea, Sweden and played/play raging hardcore. The band did break up in 2002, hence the past tense but then started playing a few random shows a couple years ago.  Shows went well, the band had fun and next thing you know, they do an East Coast tour of the US in 2016 and now have a West Coast tour scheduled in April 2017.  Definitely one of the better bands from the Y2K thrashcore period.

COWBOY, THE "The Cowboy Album" LP (Fashionable Idiots Records)
What do you get when you add 2/3 of Homostupids to 1/2 of Pleasure Leftists? You get Cleveland's most explosive new act, THE COWBOY! Do the math, it checks out. These three gringos are confident enough in their chops to make the bold move of having their debut not just be twelve inches long but also twelve tracks long. Only seasoned veterans such as the gentlemen of THE COWBOY could pull off such a daring feat. Every one of these dozen songs is Grade A rock guitar beef Americano style, with that homegrown flavor Clev-O is so famous for. Grab your knife and fork a dig in for two sides of prime cuts. Now that the title of America's Greatest Rock'n'Roll Band seems to be up for grabs again, these fellas are throwing their hats in the ring and it's certainly not their first rodeo. So saddle up, Sally, and LET'S GO! - Richie K/Terminal Boredom

CITRIC DUMMIES "Tearing Out My Nails" LP (Fashionable Idiots Records)
Out of the ashes of Brain Tumors comes the Dummies, the Citric ones. Jerky punk guitar driven calamitous tunes with hyper yet clear and tuneful vocals hurling toilet lyrics and an attitude that is also of-the-toilet. Its an album! An album whose grooves are densely packed with the sounds of angry nerds propelling their rotten attitudes down deep into the basement.  The punk basement. This does not sound like Devo or Sheer Mag. Buy and fry. - Steven Peffer/Hausfrau Record Shop

RUT "Attraction" 7" (Digital Regress Records)
Very Excited to announce this 7" slab from Santa Rosa's RUT. Featuring members of Acrylics and Columns, RUT play a no-frills style of hardcore not seen often enough as of late.

PREENING "Beeters" 7" (Digital Regress Records)
(Members of Violence Creeps, Flesh World, Uzi Rash) Composed of Alejandra (bass/vocals), Max (saxophone/vocals), and Sam (drums), Oakland trio Preening formed and played its first show late 2016. Two self-released cassettes, Plaza Demo and Preening Demo Again, appeared in editions of 100 in 2017. Preening's first record, Beeters, is out on Digital Regress in an edition of 500 with 100 on opaque vinyl. Recorded by Joey Seward in Shelton, WA during a pitstop on tour, the four-song record reveals what a friend called Preening's "slyly antagonizing joyful noise."

MANE "Alpha Female" LP (Digital Regress Records)
Debut LP from SF/ Oakland's Mane. This all-female Post-punk/ goth band create an atmosphere that lies somewhere between dread and wonder, with swirling vocal harmonies reminiscent of former Bay Area band Grass Widow, and a taste for dysphoric tenor that rivals Bauhaus. Tech-fueled displacement, masculine aggression, existential dread: it's harder than ever to survive in the Bay, and Mane vocalize this struggle better than anyone.

WHITE PIGS "Hardcore Years 1983-1985" LP (Vomitopunkrock Records)
Anthology of early 80's US Hardcore band WHITE PIGS. Features tracks from their '83 Demo, 1984 debut S/T EP, and their "Hit Bonanza" 7" on Mystic. 24 tracks in all

INSANE, THE "Demo 1981 and More" LP (Vomitopunkrock Records)
Excellent collection from UK82 classics THE INSANE. This releases features eleven tracks from their 1983 demo/rehersal tape, comp track, 2 tracks from their 1982 Why Die! 7", tracks from their 1982 "El Salvador" 7" on No Future, and track from their 1984 split with The Skeptix. Comes with liner notes.

GHOSTED "Swan Song" 7" (Ugly Pop Records)
This new Toronto band are dropping their debut single at precisely the right moment, its shimmering, caffeinated sounds the perfect soundtrack for summer nights and days in the sun. Exuberant, danceable surfpop meets raw shoegaze guitars and it's all kicked out with punky energy and timeless hooks. Limited pressing of 500 copies only!

REMNANTS “Accomplices Not Allies” LP (Discos MMM Records)
Debut LP from San Francisco’s REMNANTS, featuring members of PELIGRO SOCIAL and QUAALUDES. This is driving punk with classic sounds similar to THE DEFECTS and KRAUT. Politically charged lyrics and humor paint a portrait of living broke in a dying city. Look out for these guys as they continue to play around the Bay and tour the east coast for Varning Fest later this year.

DURS COEURS “Dur Dur Dur” LP (Discos MMM Records)
Debut 12" from Canadian Punk Rockers DURS COEURS. Features members of Asile, Bastardator, Cauchemar. 7 tracks (including intro) of catchy as hell Punk that sits somewhere between PROXY, RIXE, CRUELLE SECTION and KILLING JOKE. Comes in shrink wrapped sleeve and contains double-sided lyric insert.

NEGATIV “Automatic Thoughts” 7" (Discos MMM Records)
The debut EP of the cold north's response to the new wave of nothing. NEGATIV from Oslo has put to vinyl six tracks of primitive and bitter hardcore punk with influences from all over the 80's, from RUDIMENTARY PENI to NEGAZIONE. 2nd press with 100 available in the US from MMM on blue vinyl.

CHRISTI "S/T" Tape (Self Released)
Final output from Richmond, VA's Christi.

SUCK LORDS Demo Tape (Edger Records)
New Portland group. HC punk played by four idiots. It's like if the SIEGE demo's impact somehow sent waves through early 80's Huntington Beach or Detroit rather than U.K. villages later that decade. Fast hardcore for dummies who like AOD or FOD not SOD or MOD.

CHOW LINE Demo #2 Tape (Edger Records)
Second Tape from Portland's CHOW LINE

Rippin HCPUNK from Pittsburgh

SERQET 2017 Demo Tape (Vinyl Conflict Label)
Post Punk / Goth from Richmond VA - perfect blend of Peace Punk, Post Punk and a dash of Spacerock. Think The Mob, Thatcher on Acid, Hysteria Ward and Hawkwind. The list of ex-members is quite the roster, but Serqet stands on its own and is a must hear/see!

STAKE 2017 Demo Tape (Vinyl Conflict Label)
New band from Richmond from the people that brought NERVOUS TICKS. "Stake is a brand new Richmond band composed of a couple masterminds who put this demo together and then sought out members later. Their live show is untouchable, however this demo was done all by a couple of folks with a drum machine, and it has a certain charm that keeps you flipping it constantly. A blend of Post Punk that reminds you of all your favorites but then hits you with an edge that sounds more like the Spits than Bauhaus." -

It’s time for Maximum Rocknroll #413, the October 2017 issue! Do you love KLEENEX/LILIPUT as much as we do? Then you will love the scoop that we have on NEON and their involvement in the early Swiss punk scene. We also speak to Rome’s NOFU on the eve of their first US tour, while LOS IMPUESTOS tell us about the struggles of discovering new music and being a punk in their native Guatemala. Interested in the history of squatting? So is Amy Starecheski, the author of Ours to Lose: When Squatters Became Homeowners in New York City, who spills about an incredibly unique moment in US squatting history. In a dual interview, filmmakers Monika Estrella Negra and Michelle Garza Cervera about combating the dominance of straight white male voices in cinema. And still there’s more: FURY talks about the breakthrough success of their debut LP, MACHO BOYS reveal themselves as huge wrestling fans, BAUS discusses what it means to be an “Oakland” band, and FEATURE reflect on their history just in time for the release of their posthumous LP. That sounds like a lot, right? Add all of the columnists that you hate to love as well as more reviews than you can shake a stick at! Don’t miss this issue!

MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #412 - September 2018
It’s time for Maximum Rocknroll #412, the September 2017 issue! We’ve got a lot for you to pore over this month: wanna hear from Alice Bag? She’s here, discussing her career in early LA punk from the BAGS to CASTRATION SQUAD, her books Violence Girl and Pipe Bomb for the Soul, plus her solo recordings and new projects. Want to hear about some of the earliest punk gigs in the Philippines? Rhany Torres was there and he’s here telling us all about the Brave New World gigs in Manila, showcasing bands such as his groups the LOST BOYS and ETHNIC FACES alongside classic Twisted Red Cross acts. There’s more: Denton, TX punks ELIX-R, NO U TURN from Myanmar, FATIGUE representing for the San Francisco firm, Mexico City hardcore courtesy of SACRIFICIO, icy punk insights from Finland’s COLD INSTITUTION, and Copenhagen’s “warm music” impresarios BIG MESS dishing on their love for ABBA and the REPLACEMENTS. On top of that we have photo spreads from First Timers 2017 at DIY Space for London, Nothing Nice To Say Fest 2017, and Springfield, IL’s Dumb Fest. Plus, your monthly dose of must-read columns and hundreds of reviews — all in these pages, and yours for the cost of less than one flexi disc.
Restocks for 9/15/17:

BIB "Demo 7"
BLANK SPELL "S/T (Euro Press)" 7" (Trabuc Records)
BLITZ "All Out Attack" 7"
CAREER SUICIDE "Machine Response" LP
CONCEALED BLADE "Demo 2015" 7"
CULO "My Life Sucks and I Could Care Less" LP
FRIED EGG "Back and Forth" 7"
GIUDA "Let's Do It Again" LP
HURULA 'Vi Ar Manniskorna Vara Foraldrar Varnade Oss For" LP
HURULA "Betongbarn" LP
LOS CRUDOS "Doble LP Discografia" 2xLP
NO PROBLEM "Already Dead" LP
NURSE, THE "Discography" LP
P.I.G.Z. "Bloody Belgium" 7"
PARTISANS "Police Story" 7"
POISON IDEA "Darby Crash Rides Again: Early Years Vol. 1" LP
POISON IDEA "War all the Time" LP
RIKK AGNEW "All By Myself" LP
RIXE "Baptême Du Feu 7"

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