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HEYO! Here's February's webstore update - some very cool new releases and absolute rippers in this month's haul. We've got new releases from Fried Egg, Vaaska, Subversive Rite, The Cowboys, Muro, Physique, Hyena and more; some rad reissues from Vile, Zounds, and Reign of Terror, and a handful of the latest releases and restocks from some rad labels like Triple B Records, Beach Impediment, Roachleg Records, Radio Raheem, La Vida Es UnMus, and more! Check out that full list below!
BUT before you do that, let me hit you with some very brief label related news ...
Supercrush have finished compiling an awesome singles collection LP (which will include the tracks from their debut 7" on Grave Mistake), and that will be available soon from the band and several different labels - we will have some copies of this upcoming collection in the distro next month, so keep an eye out. Supercrush will also be heading out on tour in March, and you can check out those dates here. Don't forget - we are all stocked up on all four of their 7" singles (as well as a rad interview zine from Shining Life Press), so scoop those up in the webstore if you need em!
Some exciting news from our DC friends Red Death: they will be releasing their 3rd LP later this year on Century Media Records! You can scoop up their latest release, Formidable Darkness, in the webstore now - and we are currently working on a new pressing of their debut Permanent Exile LP (which has been out of print for almost a year), which should be available in April! Very excited to see what the future has in store for Red Death!!!
That's it for now, thanks for reading!
Alex / Grave Mistake Records
New Titles in the Webstore for February 21, 2019:
SUBVERSIVE RITE "Songs for the End Times" LP (Bloody Master Records)
NY punk heavily influenced by the early 80s UK scene ala Sacrilege demos, Varukers, & Potential Threat. Members of some other fuckin bands. The demos were good, this LP is much better. Strangely timeless, I feel like this could have come out in '85, '95, or '05, but seems really fresh to my ears too. 550 copies, art by Joe B, recorded by Scott Tamucci at Danbro Studios, mastered at Noise Room, Tokyo.

HYENA "S/T" LP (Bloody Master Records)
Atlanta veterans featuring members of Mercenary, Bukkake Boys, Carbonas, and a bunch of other shit playing hardcore punk as it should be played. No outfits, no fake attitude, no broken english lyrics, just hard fast punk. 220 copies on black vinyl, screen printed covers.

FRIED EGG "Square One" LP/Tape (Feel It Records)
Years in the making, Fried Egg strike hot with their debut album, following EPs on Beach Impediment and Negative Jazz, and a Beat Session cassette. The Central Virginia group spent their time honing these nine tracks, (in fact, most were nailed on the first or second studio take) which make up one of the most vital and hard hitting hardcore punk albums of recent vintage. While firmly rooted in the golden era HC punk footprint, Fried Egg have shifted things clearly left-of-center on Square One, incorporating elements of discordant rock that could have found a home in the post '83 Touch And Go catalog. Fried Egg have crafted a concise and unnerving album - one that echoes the anxiety, tension, and disenchantment running rampant through modern day America. Recorded direct to tape at Montrose Recording in Richmond, VA. Artwork by Kohei Urakami and Jason Lee. Packaged with a printed inner sleeve and download code.

COWBOYS, THE "The Bottom of a Rotten Flower" LP (Feel It Records)
The fourth album by the Cowboys (from Bloomington, Indiana) is kinda like a modern Midwestern version of THE WHO SELL-OUT or SOMETHING ELSE BY THE KINKS--a basic R&R band stretching its wings to embrace more varied musical elements and dig into deeper subject matter. The Cowboys grow up! And they grow in number too, with Chris Kramer (Nobunny/Slushy) joining the brilliant Mark McWhirter for a killer guitar team. Vocalist/songwriter Keith Harman alters his whooping nasal-punk a bit, with a more naturalistic approach when it fits the mood. His songwriting skills are mighty. Zackery Worcel (bass) and Jordan Tarantino (drums) provide a solid, relentless groove. There are 16 hooky gems in this new LP. To compare the Cowboys’ songs to Pete Townshend and Ray Davies was no casual thing up front. Check “Doghouse Rag” for primo late-60s Kink-kwality pop. Then there’s the insanely hooky “Some Things Never Change,” with its nod to early 70s Sparks. This song should be a smash hit RIGHT NOW! And dig “Bodie, Don’t Jump” in all its bubblegum glory! The deceptively short “Deuce” with its 70s-style pop exploding into VU-like noise, etc. It’s very cool to see a modern R&R band progress in the true sense of the word--to mature and seek new horizons. I’ve personally seen them when they opened the very first show by the reunited Gizmos in 2014, and then when they played with us again in Chicago 2017, to this new album. It’s an impressive climb. For anybody into garage-rock or power-pop, this has gotta be an instant CLASSIC! But I’m just gonna call it rock’n’roll. --Eddie Flowers, Vulcher Magazine/The Gizmos.

VILE "Vile Says Fuck Off!" 7" (Radio Raheem Records)
Vile were outsiders to an insular scene: kids from the Boston suburbs who decided to gain attention the easy way, by pissing people off. Their most legendary gig featured them opening for the Angelic Upstarts and Jerry’s Kids in May of 1982 at Boston's legendary Channel club, in which they insulted the audience, made off-color remarks, and allegedly threw a mic stand into the crowd. Following the gig, there was a lot of local controversy in zines and local publications about their set, to which the band responded by placing a half page ad in Boston Rock magazine that simply said, “VILE SAYS FUCK OFF!” The band played just a handful of other shows, and left behind the notoriously rare, self-financed "Solution" LP. The three songs contained on this 7" were recorded during the LP sessions: "Overload" being previously unreleased, and "Definitions" and "5 To 10" being alternate versions to the LP cuts. These tracks are simple, raw, energetic, and pissed off hardcore songs made by alienated kids.

REIGN OF TERROR "Don't Blame Me" 7" (Radio Raheem Records)
Formed in Los Angeles in 1983, Reign Of Terror was a bit of an anomaly within the greater LA punk scene — they declared themselves "Modern Metal" and played a punk/metal hybrid that wouldn't dominate the landscape until much later. Led by singer/guitar player Ed Danky (ex-Würm), with support from bassist Jesse Fixx (ex-Stains), and a young Japanese punk named David Ishiki on drums, the band played just a handful of gigs and left behind one incredibly rare 7” single and a track on Mystic’s “It Came From Slimey Valley” compilation LP. Perplexing punk and metal collectors alike (and decimating their wallets) for the past 35 years, Radio Raheem and Meat House Productions are extremely proud to present an official reissue of all known recorded material by Reign Of Terror. Unfortunately all three band members have since let this mortal coil, but with the help of SST/Black Flag’s Chuck Dukowski, and surviving family members, the single has been remastered and repackaged with unpublished visual material.

VAASKA "Inocents Condenados" 7" (Beach Impediment Records)
A lot has happened in the three years since the "FUTURO PRIMITIVO" EP dropped in correlation with the band's 2016 Japanese tour and now VAASKA returns to a world that's worse off with what could possibly be their final statement in the form of the "INOCENTES CONDENADOS" EP. Six tracks of smoldering D-Beat based hardcore punk which could arguably be the greatest recording session of their 10+ years as a band. Mastered by Kenko at Communichaos Media Clay Station in Sweden AKA exactly who you want to be twisting the knobs on a project like this. Each record comes in a Discharge style pocket sleeve with collaborative effort imagery by Todo Destruido, Jack Blackmon and Ryan Fromdeland. Limited to 500 copies.

MURO "Ataque Hardcore Punk" LP (Beach Impediment Records)
What is there that can be said about Bogota, Colombia's MURO that can even remotely rationalize the true force of nature that they are both in the recorded setting and as a live entity? The initiated know the deal but for those that don't... welcome! Originally released by the outstanding Nordic based Byllepest Distro label in 2017, the "ATAQUE HARDCORE PUNK" 12" was repressed for the band's explosive appearance at NOT DEAD YET 2018 and the Canadian tour that followed shortly thereafter. Channeling the ferocity of other regional greats while contributing a take on the genre that is undeniably all their own, Beach Impediment Records is honored to aid in the North American advancement of this modern day South American hardcore punk classic. Each record comes in a DIY style paper sleeve containing two massive poster inserts, all of which was screen printed and assembled by the members of MURO at their Casa Rat Trap Collective in Bogota. Keep an ear to the ground as there will be more to come from this outstanding group in 2019. Limited to 500 copies.

ZOUNDS "Can't Cheat Karma" LP (Sealed Records)
The second release on Sealed Records is a 14 Track round up of the five singles by Zounds. The debut single from 1980 Can't Cheat Karma was released on Crass Records and 39 Years later still stands as one of the finest singles both politically and musically. For the next three singles Zounds released them on Rough Trade Records, along with their debut album The Curse of Zounds. 1981's Demystification was a tense and stark masterpiece. It was followed by the haunting Mikey Dread-produced Dancing and then the more straight up pop of More Trouble Coming Everyday. The final single of Zounds Mark 1 was La Vacht Qui Rit released on Belgium label Not So Brave in 1983 and was originally supposed to be a split single with The Mob but ended up with two scratchy studio tracks and two rough and raw live tracks recorded in Holland in 1982. Every home should have these essential Zounds recordings.

PHYSIQUE "The Evolution of Combat" LP (Distort Reality Records)
Physique are back to start 2019 with their devastating sophomore release, The Evolution of Combat! 10 tracks of precisely executed Disbones Crasher Crust!

MOCK EXECUTION "Reality Attack" 7" (Lengua Armada Discos)
Mock Execution suddenly appeared on the Chicago basement scene and began kicking everyone’s ass with their over the top, fast, hardcore-punk garbage, that we all love.  6 tracks of ferocious hardcore that’ll bring classic Finnish bands to mind along with some other smearing of eclectic, euro-hardcore trash that peppers most punks record collections. No fakes on this platter just PUNKS playing what they love. Sleeve and insert are silk-screened.

WARFARE "Declaration" LP (Triple B Records)
Often described as saviors of the scene, Warfare is back after their smash debut demo in 2016. The 12"ep clocks in at around 8:30 and is relentless all the way through, combining elements of traditional USHC like DYS with the mosh breaks of the late-'80s NYHC scene. Band contains members of Trapped Under Ice, Angel Dust, Death Injection, Pressvre, Nick Fury, Glory, and BBB Records CEO Sam. 12"ep includes a silkscreened B-side.

ONE STEP CLOSER "From Me To You" LP (Triple B Records)
From Me To You is the debut 12" from Wilkes-Barre, PA's One Step Closer. The A-side of the record contains six tracks of melodic hardcore that are influenced by bands that embodied the transition of hardcore from fast and moshy to melodic and introspective, most notable the latest era of Turning Point but with some of the modern twists of "Songs To Scream At The Sun"-era Have Heart. 12"ep includes digital download and an etched B-side. Limited edition of 495 copies.

CANDY "Good To Feel" LP (Triple B Records)
Candy has once again teamed up with Triple-B Records for their most fantastical and sinister release yet. Keeping in line with the artistic dualities of pleasure and pain, fact and fiction, peace and violence, their debut full-length, "Good To Feel," delivers nine songs of their most ambitious and focused material to date. Aligning with the esteemed engineer and producer Arthur Rizk, Candy has finally achieved the type of artistry that transcends the confines of its own medium.

EKULU "S/T" 7" (Triple B Records)
Finally available in physical format, the smash debut demo from New York's Ekulu appears on a limited pressing via Triple-B Records. Housed in a heavy-duty, tri-fold cover, this 7" contains all three songs from the self-titled demo sesh and will not be repressed again. Featuring members of Illusion, Candy, Glory, Ecostrike, and more.

BRACEWAR "Colossal" 7" (Triple B Records)
Richmond, VA, juggernauts Bracewar return with their first recorded material in 10 years. Three songs of gut-punching, in-your-face hardcore. If you've been waiting for new material, this record surely does not disappoint. 7" includes digital download.

SCALPLE "World Gone Bad" LP (Roachleg Records)
Debut LP from NYC's SCALPLE.

SPIKE "Evil Incarnate" 7" Flexi (Roachleg Records)
Spike's Debut flexi ep off Roachleg Records NYC

ARESHOLES "Nevermind the **** Here's the ..." Demo Tape (Roachleg Records)
Raw Punk band from Philadelphia USA, including members from Pollen ,NeverEndind Mind War and Mauser

HEZ "Problemas" 7" (World Gone Mad Records)
The Panamanian band return with their distinct brand of ultra-dark HC-Punk. Tormented vocals echo over distorted bass and psyched-out guitars, bouncing between grooving moshy parts and stomping 1-2 1-2 beats. HEZ continue to prove themselves to be one of the best contemporary hc-punk bands on a world scale. Coming from a local history of punk that goes back to the mid-late 80s, HEZ builds upon that criminally overlooked scene and creates something that sets an example for the world to take note; punk, and incredible punk at that, happens all over the world, and it’s time to look past the hype machines of the Western First World countries and see that the rest of the world is creating music just as ferocious, original and maybe even more relevant. Excellent as always artwork by Yecatl Peña.

REPTOIDES "Marcianismo Total" Tape (World Gone Mad Records)
REPTOIDES from Monterrey, Mexico continue on their sonic assault of the best mutant hardcore punk the world has to offer, on top of being their best material to date in my opinion. To my ears this sounds like early Finnish punk, like DESTRUCKTIONS, meets modern degenerate mutant punk bands, like what LUMPY records typically has to offer. With its bouncy, rubber band sounding bass lines underneath completely wild sounding guitars drenched in outer space effects. Howled vocals from the void of space and absolutely pounding drums that hit like satellites colliding with each other. REPTOIDES are the perfect combination of raw blown out hc punk but still keep the songs interesting and unique.

BLANK SPELL "Miasma" Tape (World Gone Mad Records)
There are very few bands from any musical era or milieu whose sound and approach seemingly came out of the blue and for me, hearing the music of Blank Spell was like an apparition that suddenly appeared out of nowhere. You can ffo them with the outsider spectrum of unhinged early 80s hardcore outfits such as Void, Die Krezuen, Italian HC, Feederz etc, but even at that, trying to apply descriptors such as hardcore, no wave/noiserock, darkwave/goth or whatever just does not even come close. Blank Spell has this Captain Beefheart effect where upon repeated listenings I pick up new things everytime I listen that hadnt heard before. However, this is not colliding instrumentation bouncing off each other as much as lacerating, jolting sonic, rhythmic and vocal blasts and bursts coming at you from all sides that is neither linear, angular or circular, the effect is like being attacked by a swarm of mutant locusts or dodging sparks shooting out of a downed power line. As chaotic is this all sounds, I find Blank Spell music as being neither random or spastic, their music and vocals are stark and deliberately crafted with everything exactly in its place. Unnerving and unsettling music for unsettling times. -Chuck Meehan

MAXIMUMROCKNROLL #429 - February 2019 (MRR)
The best part of your year is already here: it’s our 2018 Year-End Top Ten Issue! MRR #429, our February 2019 issue, will clue you in on all the rad shit you missed out on over the course of 2018. We’ve also got Farrah Skeiky and Angela Owens giving us their top 10 photos of the year, plus Angela gives us a visual rundown of this year’s Not Dead Yet fest! After reading CONSTANT MONGREL‘s name so many times in our Top Ten lists, you’ll be primed and ready to read their interview in this issue! We’ve also got the scoop on Austin punks DAMAK and Canadian no wavers RUBY KARINTO, two very different sounding bands who both discuss how being first-generation immigrants affects their music. Plus you can check out what’s going on in Beo_in, Serbia, where the local political party may have shut down the underground venue, but they’ll never stop the punks.

MAXIMUMROCKNROLL #430 - March 2019 (MRR)
Maximum Rocknroll #430, the March 2019 issue, is here! This month our cover features Monterrey, Mexico’s HETEROFOBIA, who interviewer Violeta Hinojosa says “makes you want to dance and spit on straight hardcore dudes’ faces”! VITAL IDLES from Glasgow talk about their sound and creating DIY art in the modern age. We also hear from PERRA VIDA, a killer hardcore band from Lima, Peru, and PORVENIR OSCURO from NYC via Colombia, whose raging sound incorporates classic elements of Finnish hardcore and Spanish punk. Experimental post-punk trio COME HOLY SPIRIT discuss life in their home city Pittsburgh, PA, while the UK veterans in SIGNAL CRIMES give us the lowdown on their latest project (and yes, they do mention Thatcher and Reagan!). MRR says goodbye to club owner and all around San Francisco legend Tom Guido. We talk with LA’s Denée Segall about her newest band the CIA, and with MOLAR, a band from all over the place geographically and musically. Indonesia’s KATASTROV share their views on exploitation, fundamentalism, and Motörhead! Of course there’s our usual big-ass record reviews section as well as demo and book reviews, and a big announcement from MRR (which you’ve probably heard if you have the internet) along with a bountiful letters section on that topic.

Restocks for February 2019:

ABUSED, THE "Loud and Clear" LP
ACID ATTACK "Suburbia's Dream" LP
ECOSTRIKE "Time Is Now 7”
EXOTICA "Musique Exotique #3" 7"
FREEDOM "Never Had A Choice 7”
FREEDOM "Pay the Price" 7"
FURY "Paramount" LP
HELLBENT "1983-1984 Demos" LP
LOS CRUDOS "Doble Lp Discografia" LP
PROTESTER "Watch Them Fall" LP
PUBLIC ACID "Easy Weapons" LP
SIAL "Binasa" 7"
V/A "Charred Remains" 2xLP

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