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Well helllo again ... it's been a a little while since the last update (almost 2 months)! You know what that means - it means there is a TON of stuff in this month's update! Yep, the hcpunk goodness has been pouring in over the past month and a half, so let's spend this update getting you caught up.
Quick note before we begin; Red Death just kicked off a 6 week North American Tour with Power Trip, Fury, and Sheer Mag! That's quite an impressive roster, and it's currently heading up the east coast as I type this so be sure to peep those dates and check out a gig when it hits your town. Red Death are touring in support of their latest LP, Formidable Darkness, on Triple B Records, not to mention the current pressing of their debut LP, Permanent Exile, on Grave Mistake is almost gone - the band will have the last copies with them so be sure to grab one from them if you still need a copy!
Now, let's get into this distro haul ...
For quick browsing of recent additions to the store, you can check out all of these titles mentioned below in the New Arrivals and Recent Restocks sections!
A fine batch of new releases in this update - we've got new LPs from Krimewatch (NYC's one and only with a debut long player), Witchtrial (their demo put to vinyl), Chain Cult (another demo worthy of the vinyl treatment), Ojo Por Ojo, Lose Lose (ripping hcpunk from ex members of Deathreat), Geld, Physique (along with a handful of recent Iron Lung Records releases we forgot to scoop up the first time around!), Special Interest, Rik and the Pigs(and a slew of the latest singles from the always quality Total Punk Records), Ecostrike, and many more. Also finally was able to get my hands on a restock of that newest LP from NYC's Hank Wood and the Hammerheads (first batch of these sold out fast)!
On the cassette front, this month's new additions are top notch, including some noteworthy demos from Boston's Skinned Alive and Innocent, Richmond's Destruct (brand new band featuring members of Nosebleed and Firing Squad), a brand new promo tape from Rixe, the latest tape from Night Prowler, and a handful more. EPs of note include new 7"s from NYC's Nandas (their second, and highly recommended), Supercrush (their 4th, and yet another quality, highly recommended single worth your time and money), Fetish (PDX superband of sorts featuring members of Poison Idea and Long Knife), another Liquids tape ("Evil") given the vinyl treatment, and MUCH more - so peep the list below for the full haul. 
Also restocked on a ton of stuff, like the latest Arms Race "The Beast" 7"; a ton of classic boston hardcore from Taang Records, including classics from Jerry's Kids, The FUs, DYS, Gang Green, and Negative FX; the killer 7" reissue from Chicago 80s hcpunks Rights of the Accused, a ton of restocks from La Vida Es Un Mus (Belgrado, Barcelona, Crisis, Limp Wrist, Disaster, Exotica, and More).
That's just a fraction of what has come through the distro since March, so check out the full list below and hit the store to grab some of these before they are gone! Thanks for reading!!
Alex / Grave Mistake Records
New Webstore Titles for May 3, 2018:

KRIMEWATCH "S/T" LP (Lockin' Out Records)
New York City's Krimewatch is back. With catchy riffs and heavy breaks, they stay true to their NYHC roots while fusing early Japanese punk into a sharp and powerful new album. For fans of Minor Threat, JFA, The Comes, and Killing Time.

WITCHTRIAL "Demo 2017" LP (Beach Impediment Records)
Rather than let it remain exclusive to a small run on the cassette tape format, Beach Impediment is proud to give the 2017 Demo by the Mid-Atlantic metalpunk power house WITCHTRIAL a proper go on vinyl. While the members of this band are known to many for creating a slew of well done hardcore punk outfits in recent years, their venture into this particular realm of the heavier and far more grisly has proven to be a worthy one as evidenced through these four tracks. Featuring a new mastering job by Will Killingsworth (the ferocity of which is truly magnified on a 45 RPM 12") along with striking cover art by Alex Heir and logo by Guilherme Bacellar. Limited to a one time pressing of 500 copies on black vinyl.

FETISH "S/T" 7" (Beach Impediment Records)
While one should hesitate to use the term "super group," it would be kinda hard to not consider utilizing some kind of label in that vein in regards to Portland, Oregon's FETISH. For starters if we're gonna talk about genre altering personnel within the ranks of this group, you'd have to note that this recording showcases the first time that Thee Slayer Hippy and Vegetable have come together to create ugly hardcore punk music since their stint together in the "War All The Time" era of the legendary Kings of Punk POISON IDEA three decades ago. It also doesn't hurt that 3/4 of PDX punk heroes LONG KNIFE (Colin Jarrell, Scott Goto, and Chris Reid respectively) are in the mix as well along with later era PI guitarist Brandon Bentley. Their debut track "TAKE THE KNIFE" showcases the sheer power of this group and is just a sign of what is to come with the band's full length record that will hopefully see the light of day later this year. On the flip side, a stirring rendition of LOVE's classic track "A House Is Not A Motel" closes this one out leaving us hungry for more. Each record comes in a glue pocket sleeve featuring cover art by the talented Joe B.

NANDAS "EP II" 7" (Toxic State Records)
Newest 7" EP from NY's NANDAS.

SUPERCRUSH "I Can't Lie" 7" (Alternatives Label)
Just in time for spring Supercrush pops back up with the 4th installment in their supersingle series. Pink is the hue this time around as the 'Crush drops another pair of big shiny tunes. 'I Can't Lie' is what we've come to expect from the group: two minutes of powerpop excellence. At this point the formula has been distilled down to it's most efficient and effective state - not a second is wasted. Each moment of the song is as catchy and infectious, if not more so, than the one that proceeded it. 'Walking Backwards' on side B reaches back to some guitar pop influences of an earlier vintage and introduces acoustic guitar, organ, and glockenspiel into the mix, perhaps the band's most soft and wistful track to date. Summer is right around the corner and Supercrush will be playing these two radio friendly unit shifters, and many more, all across America - don't miss it.

CHAIN CULT "Demo 2018" LP (La Vida Es Un Mus)
Chain Cult from Athens released their Demo on tape on the first of January 2018 and it instantly sold out. Now it gets rightfully re-released on Vinyl. The six track demo is full of churning and brooding post punk that is urgent and energetic. It has anger and passion built on a skeletal and distinct production. Dark jagged guitar riffs sit on top of hypnotic bass lines like  the classic VEX 12" on Fight Back Records mixed with WARSAW and ARTIC FLOWERS. Demo 2018 comes housed in a 350 gsm sleeve designed by Aris of A.D. Visions and includes a lyric insert.

OJO POR OJO "S/T" LP (La Vida Es Un Mus)
A sonic auto-da-fé, the OJO POR OJO debut LP is an exercise in modern Mexican costumbrismo. Crude and primitive, the band’s aural vomit is a sharp-eyed comment on the trip through the guts of the monster that living in Mexico City has become. Where crime and filth reigns supreme among a society driven by chronic malinchismo and constant life fear. OJO POR OJO follows the path laid out by bands such as INSERVIBLES or RATAS DEL VATICANO while borrowing heavily from Greek gods ΑΝΤΙΔΡΑΣΗ, Colombian demigods PARABELLUM and Italian deities NERORGASMO. Lacking pretence, this Stations of the Cross-like album has 10 tracks instead of 14 and is a raw portrayal of everyday life in the place where the District Federal trio live. Comes packed in a macabre masterpiece created between drummer Mico and guitarist/ vocalist Yecatl Peña which painstakingly depicts the current collective mental state of a nation. Includes a lyric sheet and a disturbing yet normalised picture, depicting a petty thief lynched by locals in Ecatepec. A seemly weekly happening in the Ciudad de Mexico.

PROPATRIA MORIE "Where Shadows Lie" LP (Demo Tapes Records)
Pro Patria Mori, meaning "to die for your country", formed in Wokingham, Southeast of England in 1984. Though they never released any records, not even a track on a compilation but they did record two demos of which Where Shadows Lie is the second. Recorded and released in 1986, the demo is a total jewel of that era. It’s aggressive and fast paced anarcho punk with dual vocals, spoken word pieces, eerie interludes and dark political lyrics. The band were offered a release on Peaceville Records which never happened and played lots of gigs with Anti Sect and toured Italy playing a two day festival at the Virus in Milan. This release comes with a A3 Lyric Sheet plus a 44 Page Booklet with interviews, handouts, Fanzine pieces, reviews and more. If you yearn for the glory days of the 80’s and Anti Sect, Anti System and AOA - then this is a must. Demo Tapes have put their heart and soul into this release.

V/A "Killed By Death 15: New Zeland Punk" Compilation LP (Redrum Records)
Another installment in this legendary series, this time centered in the obscure and extremely interesting early New Zealand Punk Rock scene. 13 tracks of pure K.B.D. mayhem by the likes of kiwi luminaries such as Suburban Reptiles, Scavengers, Toy Love, Spelling Mistakes and many more. No hippie shit, no disco, just pure Punk Rock bliss.enjoy, mate. Side A 01 Suburban reptiles - Megaton 02 Scavengers - Born to bullshit 03 Proud Scum - Suicide 2 04 The Terrorways - Short haired rock [n'roll 05 Superettes - Stage 06 Features - Police Wheels Side B 07 Marching Girls - True Love 08 Toy Love - I don't mind 09 The Spelling Mistakes Hate me, Hate me 10 The Androidss - Auckland Tonight 11 Riot 111 - 1981 12 Dum Dum Boys - Scape from hell 13 Desperate Measures - 1984

RIXE "Cassette Promo 2018" Tape (La Vida Es Un Mus)
Rixe are back are with a fresh three song attack. “La Clé” is two minutes and twenty seconds of lean, mean and meaty Oi! that only Rixe over the last few years have perfected. It's driving sound is built on razor sharp tight drums, a slightly phased guitar and vocals that bite and bark. “Nuit Rasoir” is another straight down the line pounder that could easily have been one of the first ten releases on No Future Records. “Les Cent Pas” is the final track and rounds off things with another stomper. The sound is bigger, punchier but still very much Rixe that you know and love. Limited 3 track promo cassette pro copied. Same program repeats on both sides.

SKINNED ALIVE Demo Tape (Demo)
'Flying in under the radar at the end of last year, Skinned Alive quietly dropped one of the best demos to come out of Boston in quite some time. But that only makes sense given the band’s pedigree. Skinned Alive features members of all your Boston favorites – from Bloodkrow Butcher, Male Nurses, Savageheads, Dry Hump, Chain Rank, Koward, Scapegoat, and the list goes on… The four tracks here play out somewhere between a harder version of Male Nurses and a meaner version of Chain Rank with riffs for days. The tracks are aggressive hardcore with a crunchy stomp but maintain the catchiness of the best of Male Nurses. The demo fits perfectly with Twerp Records tapes from 2013-2014 but also channels 80s east coast hardcore ranging from DYS to SOA to early youth crew. Keep your eyes peeled for more shows to pop up." -

INNOCENT "Power is Violence" Demo Tape (Demo)
Second demo from Boston's Innocent. 4 more tracks of d-beat HC inspired by the US first wave

DESTRUCT "Human Failure" Tape (Agitate Records)
In the current day, buzz words such as "Raw punk" and "D-beat" are constantly thrown around in effort to label bands heavily influenced by Discharge. While a great number try to emulate this style, few deliver with any substance. Destruct are a rarity; not only by having well-crafted songs that contain urgent, and crushing riffs, they also capture raw, yet powerful, sonic clarity. Four songs in the tradition of Disaster, Totalitar, & Disclose. Mastered by Shigenori Kobayashi at Noise Room Studio in Tokyo for maximum earache. Limited to 200 professionally duplicated cassettes.

LOSE LOSE "Kill Or Be Killed" LP (Lose Lose Ltd.)
Lose Lose is a new band fronted by Billy Davis of Deathreat and Tragedy, picking up right where Deathreat left off with hardcore punk oozing with urgency. Fans of the bands on that family tree will not be disappointed. 12" issue of last year's demo from members of Deathreat, Call The Police and FY FAN

PHYSIQUE "Punk Life Is Shit" LP (Iron Lung Records)
By now people know that most of the music coming out of Olympia WA is important in some way, be it artistically or politically. PHYSIQUE manages to hit both points by channeling the classic DISCHARGE/Kawakami (RIP) model of poetic, simplistic sloganeering and carefully crafted, noise fueled D-Beat punk music. "Punk Life Is Shit" exists to fight the nightmarish reality of inept politicians, capitalism, colonialism, gender struggles, Jesus useless Christ and impending nuclear war that we all live in. 8 songs pressed on 500 copies of 140gr black vinyl with an etched B-side, 22x22 double sided poster and digital download card all housed in a 24pt reverse board jacket. Photography by Yet Demeanor, Art by Bee, Fucker and Devin N.D.B.. Recorded by Joey at Left Field. Mastered by Will Killingsworth.

GELD "Perfect Texture" LP (Iron Lung Records)
Swirling psychedelic D-Beat madness from Melbourne, Australia with members of KRÖMOSOM and POWER. Acidic fuzz guitars and wild distorted vocals snarling out 11 songs about suffering, vulnerability, paranoia and banality are what make up the perfect texture of living in today's doomed world. "Perfect Texture" offers about as much comfort as a swarm of angry bees whose nest has just been kicked. 350 on black, with a huge full color poster, lyric sheet and download card come housed in a 24pt UV coated jacket. Recorded by Billy Gardner. Mastered by Jack Control. Art by Tod Crowley.

RETIREMENT "S/T" 7" (Iron Lung Records)
What started as an experiment in home recording has blossomed into a full fledged tough garage hardcore ripper of a band. And yes they literally play in a garage. Harsh uninviting midwestern hardcore style spits of fury much in the vein of moderns like BIB or Q with a slight open-chords-garage-rock undercurrent to it. Calling back to FUNCTIONAL BLACKOUTS or TYRADES but seasoned with a little THROBBING GRISTLE/Industrial Records art class. No Pose. No pretense. A pure music group playing pure music. 300 copies of 70gr black vinyl housed in a heavy duty glue pocket sleeve with hand glued postcards on the front. A touching display.

CONTROL TEST "Verdadero Criminal" 7" (Iron Lung Records)
Upon first listen you can't help but think to yourself "¿THE SCREAMERS en Español? For favor y gracias!" which is not far from the truth. They have the same instrumentation, style and fire. The very definition of synth punk. You may recognize some of these players from bands like LYSOL, NUDES and KID CHROME, then again you may not. And that's okay, you're just bad at paying attention. If you're a fan of the "KBD is short for keyboard" mentality then this is 100% for you. 400 copies of high quality black vinyl housed in unique hand stained heavyweight glue pocket sleeves. Recorded by Capt. Tripps. Mastered by April Golden. Photo by Garrett Fisbeck. Layout by Che Hise-Gattone.  

SPECIAL INTEREST "Spiraling" LP (Raw Sugar Records)
Fantastic debut vinyl offering from New Orleans' own SPECIAL INTEREST. Eight tracks of propulsive no wave dirge that's as dance-able as it is aggressive. You might recognize Nathan from Mystic Inane and Patsy on bass, but there's really no sonic connection with either of those groups and Special Interest. The mix is ruled by a mix of live and programmed drums, rumbling bass, and Ali's commanding vocals. I feel like fans of anything from L.O.T.I.O.N. to Flipper to Lydia Lunch are going to find something enjoyable about Special Interest. The rhythm section grooves hard across this entire disc, with a serious and confident vocal presence at the top of the mix. A very unique release that I feel is going to sway quite a few heads upon first listen -

DAUÐYFLIN "Ofbeldi" LP (Iron Lung Records)
Absolutely furious Icelandic hardcore punk. And for you non-natives the title Ofbeldi translates to Violence which is a very appropriate description of the sounds you'll find here. Twisting daggers fuzz guitar, murder-chorused bass, streetfighting beats and vocals that melt a body down like an acid bath.

NO FAITH "Force Subservience" LP (Iron Lung Records)
Members of DISCORDANCE AXIS, DEMONBROTHER and VACCINE combine forces on 'Forced Subservience', a constant hammering heart of power violence bursting from inside a wall of harsh power electronics. An unstoppable mix of fury, vitriol, sound and scum for the modern era of world failure. This LP, their second, primarily serves to expose the corruption of war and the abuses of authority society has come to accept as commonplace. Its a sad state of affairs today. The alarms are sounding... Recorded, mixed and mastered by Will Killingsworth.

NUDITY "Astronomicon" LP (Iron Lung Records)
Astronomicon features driving uptempo beats, ringing choruses, and twin-guitar harmonies that segue into improvised jams invoking the MC5 at their Sun Ra-channeling best, cruise through talkbox-laden breakdowns and finish with pulse-revving big bang crescendos. Inspiration for the tracks came from places as lofty as long summers spent working fire lookouts on remote mountaintops, to lowly as a need for cathartic musical release after inter-band fights. As its arresting cover imagery (painted by Brittany Stallings) suggests, Nudity pulls listeners to a place where the earthiest, most carnal human attributes bend around to meet supernal desires, while vouching that lovers of grit-filled Rock'n'roll get a headbanging fix. You can liken it to time travel, space travel, or space-time travel, but once on board, Nudity will take you to sonic frontiers in a style all their own. The current lineup might be their most impressive yet, bringing talent from bands such as the Tight Bro's From Way Back When, Hysterics, The Need, Sex/Vid, Broken Water and more. -internet

BAD BREEDING "Divide" LP (Iron Lung Records)
Bad Breeding from Stevenage return with their second LP in less than a year. In that time the world has become a melting pot of hate, absurdity and on the brink of destruction and Bad Breeding have made a record that sums up these dark, dense and claustrophobic times. Once again the relentless rhythm section drives the sound with guitar work that is squealing and immense alongside vocals that spit bile and razor-sharp lyrics. Standouts include The More the Merrier - which sounds like prime Icons of Filth from 1985 whilst last track Endless Impossibility is a five-minute-plus dirge that hits hard like Killing Joke but with more noise and chaos. On Divide Bad Breeding have upped the intensity and made an even stronger album. Rather than being self-released, they have now joined La Vida Es un Mus in Europe and Iron Lung in the States.

BRAIN SLUG "Live in Power" LP (Just A Audial Records)
New York's sleeping giants, Brain Slug, return with their long-awaited full length record, "Live In Power". Eschewing all trends, this record draws inspiration from every corner and every era of hardcore in the greatest city in the world. From A7 to ABC No Rio, CBGB's to Coney Island High, this is no-frills hardcore punk for purists who need substance over style without sacrificing the abrasion. Think Citizen's Arrest trying to rewrite Set It Off. Live In Power or die like a fool...

BATTERING RAM "Let Me Fight Where I Lay" Tape (Anonymous Cave Tapes)
For the inaugural release on the Beach Impediment cassette only imprint label ANONYMOUS CAVE, we're proud to bring you the BATTERING RAM - LET ME FIGHT WHERE I LAY... CS. This group is a real tour de force or some shit, featuring the Brothers Radigan aka Biff and Big Ev coming together to share three heavy metal / hard street rock originals that (along with the mystical powers of narcotics) might very well make the listener think they're in a seedy London alley circa 1982, sprawled out on top of a pile of rubbish, suckling sour milk directly from the teat of one of them fabled Filth Hounds of Hades; along with a ZZ Top cover to close it all out and send ya the fuck off. Each tape comes enclosed within a black and white card stock J-card adorned with art by Andy Fletcher. Limited to 200 copies.

RAW BREED Demo Tape (Demo)
Straight forward hardcore punk from Denver, Colorado but they actually sound like they could be from the whole wave of Boston Straight Edge bands like Boston Strangler, Chain Rank, No Tolerance, Aggression Pact and so on. Top notch quality.

CONMEN "7-Inch and Demo" Tape (Tape)
10 song tape collecting the demo and debut EP tracks from MA's CONMEN. 7" DESCRIPTION: Neutral Accents Fanzine and Stabilizer (AKA Rock N Roll Disgrace) finally got around to releasing something you'll actually wanna listen to...over and over again.... the debut 7" by Boston's only good punk/power-pop band... CONMEN. 5 tracks in 10 minutes of catchy, tight and tuneful three chord punk... for fans of the first Ramones LP, early GG Allin, and Irish greats like Undertones, Moondogs and Protex. CONMEN share members with Waste Management/Boston Strangler/Peacebreakers, MFP, and horror-punks The Mangled Dead.

NIGHT PROWLER "Crucible of Power" Tape (Demo)
After a few years of silent hibernation, the Night Prowler slinks out from it’s cave to visit it’s trademark brand of menace upon the unsuspecting public one last time. Crucible Of Power is the fourth and final chapter in the Night Prowler narrative, drawing to a close a near decade long obsession with meat and potatoes hardcore music, crime, social control, clandestine government operations, megalomaniacal lunatics, the behind the scenes machinations of 1960’s American history, and the dog-eat-dog realities of a violent society. From a marriage of noir sensibilities and knuckleheaded hardcore simplicity comes nine new songs to add to the already formidable Night Prowler canon. In this instance the well of musical influence seems to be ever so slightly deeper than on previous releases.

BROKEN SPIRIT "Vultures And Pigs" LP (Last Hour Records)
Portland based dark death-anarcho-punk Broken Spirit are hitting the West Coast as they simultaneously release their serious gem of a debut LP, “Vultures And Pigs.” Broken Spirit commiserates with current affairs using their much loved influences of anarcho-punk, post-punk and proto-crust to provide a space where all those affected by the shit heap that is current US politics can relish in their anger, mistrust and melancholy at a world ravaged by greed and individualism. Their debut LP “Vultures & Pigs” speaks to the twin evil choices we’re given in the broken electoral process and how the spirit of faith in humanity is quickly dwindling. Withdownload code.

COMBATANT "Sick Plot" 7" (Not Like You Records)
Combatant stands alone amongst the new breed of hardcore bands. Not only do they hail from Maine, but their sound is more akin to early 80's HxC ala NY or Touch & Go than the latest flavor of the month. Sick Plot is their first vinyl release, a 7 song 7" that brings to mind the classic sounds of The Abused or Antidote but somehow still manages to make it sound fresh. A light in the darkness, Combatant is here to take a stand and leave their mark in hardcore history. The real question is are you ready for it?

CAVEMEN "Band in B.C." 7" (Weirdly Records)
The Cavemen are straight out of your stone age nightmares. Songs about bashing bones on rock, primitive love and cannibalism. This is the 7 song vinyl version of their amazing Band In B.C. cassette!

DIANETICS "Book Learned" 7" (Weirdly Records)
Vinyl edition of the demo cassette from spastic Chicago punks Dianetics. We get five sharp cuts of Midwestern hardcore punk on the A-side, accented by wildly effected vocals that sort of bounce between a chorused and slap-backed effect to sound almost super-human. Perhaps alien-esque? It honestly distracts a bit from the absolutely searing HC punk cuts laid down underneath, but doesn't take away from that at all. Side B is a complete departure, boasting "Thee Evolutionary Level Above Human", a near seven minute warp of ugly, noisy dirge with vocal effects driven even further. Almost reminds me of No Trend and really sets Dianetcs apart from the pack, especially if they're incorporating this kind of filth into the live set.

LIQUIDS "Evil" 7" (Weirdly Records)
Another Liquids tape gets the vinyl treatment! What else can I say about this band? Evil is every bit as essential as the other Liquids vinyl output. Ten tracks here, perhaps leaning a bit more towards the classic Midwest HC sound than other releases. Great analog production, songwriting, and attitude splayed across this 7"er. -

SKULL CULT "Vol. 1 & Vol. 2" 7" (Weirdly Records)
Here’s to another slab of goofy, shambolic keyboard punk from some of the best rockers Bloomington has to offer, this time with not one, but TWO jank-ass keyboards. I bring you Skull Cult: a newly-founded project from, assumedly, one of the bright minds behind Bloomington’s outstanding punk scene. This “Vol. 1 + 2” EP compiles the first two tapes of the group’s efforts, and hot damn, is it fuckin’ GOOD. “Vol. 1 + 2” a maniacal, goofy, utterly infectious synth-infused punk project with shameless songwriting. The hammy, omnipresent key tones sound as if they’re emanating from a Fischer-Price “Baby’s First Keyboard” that’s low on batteries, the vocals are discernably alien-like and hellbent on rattling your eardrums, and the bass and drums are so synonymously quirky and synchronized – this EP is insane in every sense of the word.

SLOPERS "S/T" 10" (Weirdly Records)
9 song Chicago punk party blues masterpiece debut vinyl from Slopers!

FIREBURN "Shine" 7" (Closed Casket Activities)
Following the 2017 debut release of ‘Don’t Stop The Youth’, California’s own Fireburn presents ‘Shine”. This two track 7” single is strictly limited to 2000 copies in anticipation of the bands upcoming Spring 2018 US appearances with American Nightmare, GBH, and Kill Your Idols with appearances at Punk Rock Bowling and United Blood Fest.

DISSOBER / HONNOR SS Split 7" (Konton Crasher Records)
Total Raw Swedish D-Takt split EP. 500 total press

ECOSTRIKE "Voice of Strength" LP (Triple B Records)
Florida’s finest, ECOSTRIKE, return with their debut release on BBB and debut LP “Voice of Strength” This 12” features 7 new songs of blistering vegan straight edge hardcore.

BETA BOYS "Brick Walls" 7" (Total Punk Records)
We follow up the killer RIK & THE PIGS debut longplayer with another punk jammer from Olympia, WA. For those of you keeping count this is our third release in a row from Washington's state capital. Time to set up a field office because I don't see this town slowing down anytime soon. Look out Atlanta there's a new contender for the crown. This time around we’ve got Olympia scuzz punks Beta Boys. Following stellar releases on Lumpy, Neck Chop, and Goodbye Boozy, they are back with their best outing yet. The sewer dredging punk of “Brick Walls” is all sludge, drool, and heavy thuds.  A three-and-a-half-minute circle pit slow jam made for chipped teeth and scraped knuckles. 100% TOTAL PUNK!

RIK & THE PIGS "A Child's Gator" LP (Total Punk Records)
Rik & The Pigs have been plopping down some grade A slop for the last couple of years and we've been smearing our ears with every ounce of it. From the brooding droop of "Life's A Bust" to the greasy glam of "Don't Tell On Me" Rik and his Pigs have been the soundtrack to many a late night shenanigan and early morning blunder. Rik's been delivering some prime grime underneath all that tape scrape and on 'A Child's Gator' him and the Pigs give us a collection of songs new and old, recorded at High Command Studios in Olympia,WA and mastered straight from tape by Dave Eck at Lucky Lacquers, that finally serve as a true testament of what a powerhouse this band is live. Loud, proud, and 100% TOTAL PUNK!

ANDY HUMAN & THE REPTOIDS "Refrigerator" 7" (Total Punk Records)
From The Cuts, to Time Flys, Buzzer, Lenz, and now The World, and Andy Human & The Reptoids, Andy Jordan has had his hands in much of my favorite Bay Area music over the last 17 years. I don't think there is a track I played more DJing last year then "Sarcastic" off of the Reptoids 2016 7" on Goodbye Boozy. So it with much pride that Total Punk gives you two brand new tracks from Andy and his Reps.  A bit streamlined (no sax) but still with all the glitter and grease you've come to expect from your reptile rock. Glammy bouncy punk jams from outer spaces biggest hitmaker. They pack a hell of a wallop and are 100% TOTAL PUNK!

VERY MENTAL "Misconstrued" 7" (Total Punk Records)
Total Punk presents to you the debut release from Olympia's newest hit makers VERY MENTAL. VM features members of Rik & The Pigs and Stiff Love and give us two tracks of riff crushing punk straight from the Dangerhouse. Shredding only outdone by the insanely catchy dual vocal interplay. Serious top notch rocking top to bottom and 100% TOTAL PUNK!

RUBBER MATE "Chai Boi" 7" (Total Punk Records)
We're back with Cleveland's floor licking scuzz merchants Rubber Mate.  These toads provide us with two tracks of the demented hardcore sludge that Cleveland is known and loved for. Overdriven bass, layers upon layers of guitar squelch, drums on the verge of falling over, and maniacal vocals worthy of the Doc Dart comparisons. And these guys get the distinction of being the first band to cut their own stamp, which in and of itself makes this 100% TOTAL PUNK!

SKOURGE "Spiritual Despair" 7" (Mind Rot Records)
Here it is, the debut 7" from Houston's own Skourge. Entitled "Spiritual Despair" this 7" contains five tracks about the bleak reality of cyclical existence.

MINOR THREAT "1982 Live" LP (Flex Your Head Records)
Limited to 199 copies! Two Minor Threat soundboard recordings from 1982; fantastic sound that was taken from the original soundboard cassettes and mastered for vinyl. 29 songs of early harD.C.ore punk from our Nation's capital. Sets featured are: Side A: Live at the 9:30 Club (DC) 4-29-82 and Side B:Live at Wilson Center (DC) 4-30-82.

NO TREND "You Deserve Your Life" LP (Digital Regress Records)
In 1983, No Trend booked time at Inner Ear studio to record material for what would become the Teen Love 7”. In this session they also recorded 6 additional songs: some were re-recorded and featured on their first album, Too Many Humans; the rest never saw a release until well after the band was finished. After the recording session the band embarked on their first tour across the U.S., a punishing experience which resulted in drummer Michael Salkind quitting the band. He recounts: “I received 25 copies of the EP as my divorce settlement, and went on to play in a variety of bands in and around the DC area. None of them ever attained the status of No Trend, nor did I ever lose as much money and dignity.” This record, You Deserve Your Life, contains the earliest recorded iteration of No Trend’s material from their first Inner Ear session, and two live songs never recorded otherwise. This is the first time that this material has been available on vinyl.

NO TREND "Teen Love" 7" (Digital Regress Records)
Only a handful of bands have been abhorred more than No Trend were during their brief tenure on the D.C. hardcore circuit. Founded to bewilder and antagonize the harDCore scene,(which the band felt was guilty of the same conformity that punk intended to rebel against) No Trend crafted an abrasive, dirge-industrial sound impossible to “slam dance” to. Their first self-released single “Teen Love”  is a prime document of the band at their most cantankerous, with tracks like “Cancer” and “Mass Sterilization Caused By Venereal Disease”. The B-side title track, No Trend’s biggest hit if there ever was one, tells a bizarre pop tale of a budding teenage romance which violently and abruptly ends in a fiery car crash (“he was decapitated in an explosion of flame and glass fragments”). Few bands had a sense of humor as dark as No Trend’s -- but they're not laughing with you, they’re laughing at you.

ANTI CIMEX "Demos 81-85" LP (A2O Records)
25 song collection including all the band's early Demo material: the entire "Anarkist attack" demo 1981 and various demo recordings 1981-1985. Highly influential Swedish Raw Punk Hardcore, among the true pioneers of the DBeat formula in a Scandinavian way. This is raw, angry and distorted with the pure early 80s energy, recommended if you like DISCARD, MOB 47, CRUDE SS and similar.

ANTI CIMEX "The Records 81-86" LP (A2O Records)
Sweden's ANTI CIMEX formed in 1981 and existed roughly up to 1993. They were considered as one of the so-called D-beat punk bands, in Sweden also called "Kängpunk", inspired in particular by the English hardcore punk band Discharge, who invented the style. This LP collects all the early vinyl records; "Anarkist Attack" 7", "Raped Ass" 7", "Victims Of A Bomb Raid" 7", Anti Cimex - s/t (Criminal Trap) 12".

ANTI CIMEX "Fucked in Sweden" LP (A2O Records)
This live LP contains songs previously available as: "Made In Sweden" CD, recorded live in Gothenburg, 01.06.1990 and "Fucked In Finland" MCD, recorded live in Helsinki 24.01.1992. Highly influential Swedish Raw Punk Hardcore, among the true pioneers of the DBeat formula in a Scandinavian way. This is raw, angry and distorted with the pure early 80s energy, recommended if you like DISCARD, MOB 47, CRUDE SS and similar.

HUMAN GAS "S/T" LP (Fanclub Release)
High quality fan club pressing of this classic 80's Japanese HC band. Complete tracks from both demos, their split 7" and 3 completely unreleased studio tracks. Includes foldout poster insert with rare photos, and a band history.

PANDEMONIUM "De Pandemonium Affaire" LP (Rest in Punk Records)
After the original tape release in 1982, here's the legendary "De Pandomiun affaire" demo by PANDEMONIUM! These Dutch punks were pioneers of fast music, dealing in the same league of Larm, Rapt and Heresy! This is pure diamond hardcore from the golden era of the genre and a great way of getting these songs, since the original release goes for over 150 Euros!!!! Don't miss this!

NEGATIVE GAIN "Back From The Dead" LP (Rest in Punk Records)
Repress of this Canadian thrash band's 1986 debut LP on Pushead's Pusmort Records. Negative Gain were an awesome hardcore band from Oakville. They were one of the fastest bands we had at the time and remain one of the fastest bands to have been part of the Toronto scene. This made them perfect candidates for Pushead's label because Pushead's motto was the faster the better. The singer, Peter, committed suicide after the record was recorded but before it was released giving the title an unintended meaning.

PROBLEMI "Nije Po Jusu" LP (Rest in Punk Records)
PROBLEMI is a legendary Punk, Punk Rock band from Pula, Croatia, they were the leaders of the first wave of Punk bands coming out of this city. They only existed from the years 1977 - 1980, with their contribution on the "Novi Punk Val 78 - 80" comp. LP they were the only Punk band from that first wave leaving some trace on vinyl. Complete discography first time on vinyl, including recordings from june 1979 done in Pula, Croatia and from January, some days in autumn 1980 done in Zagreb, Croatia. Limited to 250 copies on Black vinyl, comes with insert including liner notes, photos and lyrics.

SOLUNSKI FRONT "Ne Govori" LP (Rest in Punk Records)
Reissue of material from this band active in the early 80s in former Yugoslavia. The LP includes all songs from Demo 1/1984 and unreleased session 1984 for unreleased 7'' for Attack punk records (Italy). Also included are some songs never published or heard before. Artwork contains photos and all song lyrics. The songs are taken from original real master 1/4 tapes.

In the Early, Mid Eighties the Hardcore, Punk scene in ex-Yugoslavia was very strong, the two bands on this split perfectly show the strength of the comtemporary Hardcore, Punk scene from this area: DISTRESS from Belgrade, Serbia, also known as HERPES DISTRESS, were playing raw Eighties Hardcore, Punk like U.B.R., III. KATEGORIJA, STRES D.A., ... . The songs here are taken from the very rare "Put U Raj" EP, released in 1984 limited to 200 copies, and from a live gig with B.G.K., The Netherlands recorded in december 1984. ODPAKI CIVILIZACIJE coming from Ljubljana, Slovenia also were into the raw and harsh Early, Mid Eighties Hardcore, Punk of that time. The material from this split LP was taken from the "Hardcore Ljubljana" comp. LP (including unreleased songs) plus some unreleased soundboard live tracks recorded in November 1984. All tracks are taken from the original 1/4 inch master tapes which were remastered in the USA.

V/A "Novi Punk Val 78-80" Compilation LP (Rest in Punk Records)
Official re-issue of Novi punk val comp LP. It's one of the most important Yugoslavian punk rock record from the 80's. There is many rare and never published photos of the bands and few words of Igor Vidmar who was the one who made it all to the original Novi punk val comp in 1981.

V/A "Kaj Je Alternativa / Live 1983" Compilation LP (Rest in Punk Records)
U.B.R., STRES D.A. and ODPADKI CIVILIZACIJE : three legendary punk hardcore bands from Slovenia ona single vinyl. The ex-Yugoslavia punk scene was one of the most original and yet obscure of the eighties and these three bands were among the best examples of that iconic sound. Raw, sloppy, dark and bleak sounding punk with an harsh approach and a totally unique taste in haunting melodies and speed-oriented songwriting. This compilation was released on tape in 1983 and on this vinyl version you can find some bonus live tracks that were recorded in Ljubljana, Slovenia 27.8.1983 and an extra U.B.R. one that wasn´t on the original release. A must have for any fan of obscure punk hardcore and for those who want to explore the music of some of the most underrated and original bands of the 80's!

DEAD MOON "Crack In The System" LP (Mississippi Records)
2018 repress. "A true Dead Moon classic. One of their most beloved LPs. Features the mega hit 'It's Okay' along with other classics like 'Day After Day,' 'Cast Will Change,' 'Unknown Passage,' and the best version of 'The Times They Are Changin'' ever recorded! All hits, no misses on this one. Timeless. Lovingly remastered by Timothy Stollenwerk."

DEAD MOON "Defiance" LP (Mississippi Records)
DEAD MOON’s classic album from 1990, “Defiance”. Highly sought by rock ‘n’ roll maniacs around the globe for its breathtaking songwriting and attitude, this is the album that’s got “Johnny’s Got a Gun”, “Dagger Moon”, “Walking On My Grave”, “Dagger Moon”, and another half-dozen classics beloved by Dead Moon enthusiasts. For the uninitiated, DEAD MOON come on almost like a hybrid of the most exciting elements of Love, AC/DC, the Weeds, and the Elevators. No joke. The group are also famous for operating extremely DIY, down to the recording and mastering of their albums (famously cut on the very same lathe that cut “Louie Louie” by the Kingsmen!). This is also the first Dead Moon LP we ever heard over here at M’lady’s HQ, and it forever remains our private favorite.

DEAD MOON "Stranded In The Mystery Zone" LP (Mississippi Records)
Maybe the hardest to find Dead Moon LP. All kinds of killer songs. Another stone cold classic by the world's greatest rock band. Some call them the thinking man's AC/DC and some call them the working man's Roky Erickson but really there is nothing that compares to Dead Moon. They live in a world of their own -- D.I.Y on every imaginable level, brilliant song writing, perfect elemental stripped down playing, honest and intense vocals. It's all here.

BLACK MAMBAS "Moderation" LP (Disconnected Records)
While these savage young men may hail from Bell Gardens, their scope is absolutely international—you can hear the Kids from Belgium, the Saints from Australia, England’s Eddie and the Hot Rods and the Zero Boys from the USA as immediate touchstones, all on a high speed chase where any second wasted could mean crashing into a police roadblock. (And as these guys say in a coming interview: “We’ve never actually been caught!”) On their second full-length, Black Mambas themselves have turned up the heat instead of the heat turning up on them, supercharging their original vision of modern pub rock into an out-of-control needles-in-the-red wild ride—arguably even wilder than their classic Wild Records days. The first two tracks “Saturday Night Fist Fight” and “Up All Night” let you know their lifestyle has bled into the album, as producer Johnny Witmer (The Stitches, The Crazy Squeeze) masterfully distills the excitement of their live shows onto wax without sounding “contained”—instead, waves of guitar pressure-cook each explosive solo. The title track “Moderation” drips with defiant irony in the chorus—“DOING DRUGS! WITH NO MODERATION… NOW!!!”—and “End Game” chronicles rogue lovers en la noche: “Star-crossed lovers, meeting in the twilight / Making love in the middle of the night / I can’t be seen with you / You can’t be seen with me!” The album’s closer is also its most explosive tune: “Vatican Prayer” is a take-no-prisoners commentary on religion and violence, proving these guys aren’t just nihilistic for selfish reasons. It’s merely a sane response to a world that has spun politically and spiritually off its goddamned axis. -Gabriel Hart / L.A. RECORD

CRAZY SQUEEZE, THE "Savior of the Streets" LP (Disconnected Records)
LA’s supergroup is back for round two and they are deeply entrenched in the pub. Crazy Squeeze features members of The Stitches, Teenage Frames, Gaggers and The Superbees, but they aren’t interested in living off pure pedigree alone. Savior Of The Streets features everything from Eddie and The Hot Rods, Boys, Slade, Chuck Berry, Flamin’ Groovies, Bovver comps and more influences than I have space to write about. Crazy Squeeze works like a boxer’s one-two punch where Witmer and Delmane trade off vocals and songs like a smoothly executed left-right punch combo that you didn’t see coming. – Ed Stuart / Audio Ammunition

CONTENTION FANZINE Anthology Book (Shining Life Press)
120 pages containing all three issues released in fall 1996, spring 1997, and spring 1999. Contains interviews and articles with IGNITE, LIFETIME, CRUD IS A CULT, HALF OFF, HANDS TIED, REDEMPTION 87, YOUTH OF TODAY, and VORHEES. Also includes reviews, record pressing info, columns, opinions, tons of photographs, and much more. Done by Matt Smith. 120 pages. ANSI Letter 8.5" X 11"

ECOSTRIKE: Interview with Lennon Livesay Zine (Shining Life Press)
SLP-010 ECOSTRIKE Interview with Lennon Livesay. An interview with Lennon Livesay including 5 records that influence "Voice of Strength" as well as a lyrical analysis for each song. Conducted Feb 2018. Layout and Design by Shining Life. Photography by Kiabad Meza, Angela Owens, and Jeff Lasich. 8 pages. ANSI Letter 8.5" x 11"

FURY: "Paramount" Lyrical Explanations Zine (Shining Life Press)
SLP-1 FURY Paramount lyrical explanations. Jeremy Stith provides background and lyrical inspiration for all songs included on the Paramount LP. Layout and Design by Shining Life. Photography by Angela Owens, Farrah Skeiky, and Justin Friskie. Artwork (Fury logo) by Andrew Peden. 8 pages. ANSI Letter 8.5" x 11"

LINE OF SIGHT: Interview Zine (Shining Life Press)
SLP-2 LINE OF SIGHT Interview. An interview with Austin Stemper conducted January 2018.Layout and Design by Shining Life. Photography by Angela Owens, Farrah Skeiky, Todd Pollock, and Jeff Lasich. 8 pages. ANSI Letter 8.5" x 11"

MAMMOTH GRINDER: 5 Records with Chris Ulsh Zine (Shining Life Press)
SLP- 5 MAMMOTH GRINDER 5 Records with Chris Ulsh. Chris Ulsh provides and explains 5 records that influence himself and the "Underworlds" LP. Conducted in 2013. Layout and Design by Shining Life. Photography by Angela Owens. Artwork by unknown. 1 page. ANSI Letter 8.5" x 11"

NO TOLERANCE: 5 Records with Chris Corry Zine (Shining Life Press)
SLP-7 NO TOLERANCE 5 Records with Chris Corry. Chris Corry provides and explains 5 records that serve as the inspiration for himself and the "No Remorse, No Tolerance" EP. Conducted in 2013. Layout and Design by Shining Life. Photography by Angela Owens. 1 page. ANSI Letter 8.5" x 11"

OMEGAS: 5 Records with Spoiler Zine (Shining Life Press)
SLP-8 OMEGAS 5 records with Spoiler. Spoiler provides and explains 5 records that serve as inspiration for the "Blasts of Lunacy" LP. Conducted in 2012. Layout and Design by Shining Life. Photography by Angela Owens.1 page. ANSI Letter 8.5" x 11"

PROTESTER: 5 Records with Connor Donegan Zine (Shining Life Press)
SLP-011 PROTESTER 5 Records with Conner Donegan. Connor Donegan provides and explains 5 records that serve as the inspiration for himself and the upcoming 12" LP on New Absolute Records. Conducted Feb 2018. Layout and Design by Shining Life. Photography by Angela Owens. Protester logo by Augie. 1 page. ANSI Letter 8.5" x 11"

SEARCH FOR PURPOSE: Interview Zine (Shining Life Press)
SLP-3 SEARCH FOR PURPOSE Interview. An interview with Matt Kalbaugh conducted January 2018. Layout and Design by Shining Life. Photography by Zack Rogers, Kathy Garcia, Meline Gharibyan, Kaleb Purdue, and Chrissy Salinas. 4 pages. ANSI Letter 8.5" x 11"

SECONDSIGHT: Interview Zine (Shining Life Press)
SLP-6 SECONDSIGHT Interview. An interview with Luke Fernandez January 2018. Layout and Design by Shining Life. Photography by Meline Gharibyan. 2 pages. ANSI Letter 8.5" x 11"

Finally…issue #420 (the May 2018 issue) of MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL is here! While yes, we do talk about Marijuana in this issue, there are still a ton of interviews with bands, columns, and more! We start things off with a special tribute to our founder Tim Yohannan to mark the 20th anniversary of his passing, complete with some people’s favorite stories about him. Then we talk with the organizers of the ever-popular Bay Area Girls Rock Camp about their strategies for success during their ten years of operation. We also speak with LITTLE DEBBIE & THE CRUSADERS, one of the many bands formed by Bay Area Girls Rock Camp attendees. Seeking more coverage of domestic acts? Have no fear, we have DARK/LIGHT and DEATH RIDGE BOYS from Portland discussing the power of dreams and leftist politics, respectively, and ALL TORN UP! from NYC reviewing the Serenity Prayer. Want more? We’ve got a sick photo spread from Everything Is Not OK IV. Those seeking international punk coverage should be pleased. We have a long interview with Finland’s KOHTI TUHOA discussing the Helsinki scene and politics, MISS DESTINY from Australia dishes out details about brawling at their shows, and YC-CY discusses quitting before they’re too old. Still not enough for you? We have an interview with Erik Sutch, director of Careful Not To Cry, a new film about abortion access. Well, what are you waiting for? Pick this issue up before you forget what you were doing.

Restocks for May 3, 2018:

AGGRESSION PACT "Instant Execution" 7"
ANDROIDS, THE "Limpstick Heroes '78" 7"
ARMS RACE "The Beast" 7"
BARCELONA "Extremo Nihilismo en Barcelona" LP
CONTROL TEST "Verdadero Criminal" 7”
CRISIS "Kollective" 2xLP
DISASTER "War Cry" LP w/ Flexi
DYS "Brotherhood" LP
EXOTICA "Musique Exotique 01" 7"
F.U.'s "Kill For Christ" LP
FIREBURN "Don't Stop the Youth" LP
GANG GREEN "Sold Out / Terrorize" 7"
GHOUL "Night Out" LP
GIUDA "Racey Roller" LP
HARAM "When You Have Won, You Have Lost" LP
IRON LUNG "Life. Iron Lung. Death. (Remastered)" LP (Iron Lung Records)
IRON LUNG "White Glove Test" LP (Iron Lung Records)
JERRYS KIDS "Is This My World?" LP
JUDGE "Bringing' It Down" LP
JUDGE "What it Meant: The Complete Discography" LP
LIMP WRIST "Want Us Dead" LP
PARANOID "Praise No Deity" 7"
PATSY "Tuley Tude High" 7"
POISON IDEA "Kings Of Punk" 2LP
RAKTA "Rakta At KEXP" Tape
SECT MARK "Worship" LP
ULTIMO RESORTE "La Larga Sombra Del Punk" LP
YDi "A Place In The Sun" 7"
YOUTH OF TODAY "We're Not In This Alone" LP

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