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RED DEATH "Permanent Exile" LP Back In Print!!!! Limited ORANGE VINYL for Mailorder!

RED DEATH'S 2015 Debut 'Permanent Exile' LP is REPRESSED!!! Limited ORANGE VINYL Available For Mailorder!!

Washington DC's Red Death have had quite a productive career since their inception in 2014; multiple noteworthy tours (including stints with contemporaries like Power TripIron ReaganAngel Du$tTerror,ForeseenFury, and Sheer Mag, to name a few), several highly acclaimed releases (including 2016'sDeterrence 7" on Lockin Out and their 2017 full length Formidable Darkness on Triple B), and, like most of the greats, a few lineup changes under their belt.
With a brand new LP (their third) due out later this year on Century Media Records, we felt that now was the perfect time to revisit their debut LP from 2015, Permanent Exile. After being out of print for almost a year, this ripper is thankfully once again back in circulation on vinyl for the masses. While Red Death have expanded their sound a bit since Permanent Exile's relentless, 9-track 17 minute barrage of pure thrash-tinged hardcore punk, their debut still stands as a defining release not to be overlooked.
This third pressing includes 100 copies on Clear Orange Vinyl for mailorder, so don't hesitate to pick one up! And if the color vinyl game isn't your thing, you can always scoop up a black copy from us or from the band next month on their spring tour:
Be sure to follow Red Death on IG / TWITTER / FB for up to date info on their upcoming full length and future shows and tours.
Thanks for reading!
Alex / Grave Mistake Records

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