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8/3/18 Update: New Releases from TONY MOLINA, CROWN COURT, INMATES, and MORE!

Webstore Update - August 3, 2018
Wanted to hit you with a quick webstore update since we've had a handful of cool titles come in over the past few weeks! Wwon't take up too much of your time with this email, so give it a quick read and head over to the webstore and grab a new record or two!!!!
For quick browsing of recent additions to the store, you can check out all of these titles mentioned below in the New Arrivals and Recent Restocks sections!
Stocked up on the brand new Tony Molina LP, the latest 7" from Crown Court, a brand new EP from Cleveland's Inmates (along with a reissue of their debut 7" from 1995), a handful of rad Aussie titles from No Patience Records (Exposure, Morte Lenta, Reaper, Polish), the latest full length from Wisconsin's Dusk, a handful of new Richmond, VA demo tapes from Lipid, Sinister Purpose, and Ghouli, and a nice grip of fanclub releases and reissues from the likes of Rest in Punk Records and some other labels - including records from Sodom (Japan), BadBrains, Broken Bones, Bristles, UBR, plus restocks on the Antiseptic / Clay 12", Double O / Red C demos 12", Human Gas LP, Gudon LP, and more ... 
Also still plenty of rad summer releases in stock like the new S.H.I.T. LP (and singles collection LP), Cremalleras, Paranoid, La Misma, Extended Hell, Tarantula, Culture Abuse, NoProblem, Spiritual Cramp, Geld, Big Bite, Firewalker, and more!
See - told you this was a quick one! Thanks for reading!
Alex / Grave Mistake Records
New Titles in the Webstore for 8/3/18:

TONY MOLINA "Kill the Lights" LP (Slumberland Records)
West Bay native Tony Molina has been following a fascinating trajectory on his recent string of releases. Early entries like the "6 Songs EP" and "Dissed And Dismissed" LP combined the best bits of Weezer/Teenage Fanclub-style power-pop with Tony's smart, touching songs, shredding guitar pyrotechnics and ironclad DIY HC roots. 2016's "Confront The Truth" EP flipped the script in a big way, leaving the guitar crunch behind in favor of mostly acoustic arrangements that owe as much to "Horizontal"-era Bee Gees and the Fanclub's mellower moments as they do to Georges Harrison and Martin. It's a masterful record, packing more melodic flair and emotional truth into 11 minutes than most bands manage in an hour.  Now Tony is back with his brilliant, long-awaited album "Kill The Lights." The ten songs on "Kill The Lights" continue in his evolution towards stripping the songs back to reveal each one's emotional and melodic core. But where "Confront The Truth" was mostly acoustic, "Kill The Lights" adds back some full band arrangements to brilliant effect. Album opener "Nothing I Can Say" is a lovely 12-string pop tune that would sit snugly in The Byrds' songbook - it's that good. "Wrong Town" is gentle and subtly wrenching, recalling prime Elliott Smith in its simple truth. "Afraid To Go Outside" expands on some of the pastoral early Bee Gees/Kaleidoscope/Tomorrow flavor revealed on "Confront," aided by some great organ lines. "Now That She's Gone" features some gorgeous guitar finger-picking, while "Jasper's Theme" is a rootsy mid-tempo groover that leans towards Gram-era Byrds.

CROWN COURT "Mad in England" 7" (Goner Records)
To be blunt, Crown Court’s debut LP, Capital Offence, is a modern classic of Oi and skinhead music. It’s been two years since its release and while that record retains its power and urgency, we’ve all been craving more from this London band. After a single track contribution to the newest Oi! Ain’t Dead comp on Rebellion that barely sated us rabid fans, the band has finally released on new material in the form of this incredible single on none other than Goner Records. At first, that might seem like a slightly odd pairing, but, as we’ve seen from Crown Court’s development over the years, they seem to be as equally influenced by “hard” Oi and Chiswick punk as they are by Bovver Rock and Glam and this fit new single fits in line beautifully for both parties. Both sides showcase how the band, now a five piece, can write both some of the best rock n roll and some of the best punk songs in contemporary times. Yet another essential slab from these “lads,” as is the colloquial of their home Londontown. Crown Court forever!

INMATES "Creatures of the Night" 7" (No Patience Records)
Holy shit, a new Inmates record in 2018?! That's right. Recorded in April and released just in time for their Australian tour which was due to start in July and subsequently scrapped at the last minute. Six new tracks of classic Cleveland HC punk from these legends who have been at it since the 90's. What more needs to be said? A split release between Non-Commercial and No Patience Records.

INMATES "Government Crimes" 7" (Ultra Sonido Records)
Reissue of Cleveland's INMATES first EP from 1995!

DUSK "S/T" LP (Don Giovanni Records)
Appleton, Wisconsin’s Dusk may seem to have fallen from the sky. Surrounded by a music climate of destination festivals and instagram celebrity, they’ve remained reclusive, yet focused on the proverbial carrot on the end of the stick that’s hard for so many working musicians to define. For the past four years, they’ve maintained a steady schedule of recording and “hitting the dirt,” as they say: spending weeks on the road playing dives and basements. They’ve released two 7″ singles, a cassette, and now, thanks to Don Giovanni Records, they’re sharing their debut full length album, which is named Dusk. Their debut album has produced by the band in a gritty and slightly obtuse manner over the course of two or three years. The production value removes the listener from the context of the time period and acts as a hole in the wall of which to view the group as master composers and arrangers. Much like their debut single, Dusk’s self-titled record isn’t embracing revivalism, nor is it waving the flag of modern lo or hi fidelity. There is no concept or grand statement. It’s simply an album of songs. The lyrical content of Dusk is typically personal — the songs speak of inner conflict regarding the geographic region in which they live (‘A Different Shade Of Brown’), loneliness and relationships (‘Leaf’, ‘Old Magnolia’, Eyes In Dark Corners’, ‘The Names You Got’), the mundane (‘Done Nothin’), and human nature (‘Stones In Your Casserole’). Their deviations into politics are brief and veiled in metaphor and hyperbole, as in ‘Stained Blue’. Dusk’s word is sincere and easy to understand. It’s a common language spoken by the perfect messengers. Their debut full-length album brings this message to a world all too caught up in the complexities of the modern age.

POISON IDEA "Legacy Of Disfunction: Music From The Motion Picture" LP (American Leather Records)
This is the "soundtrack" to the Poison Idea documentary "Legacy Of Dysfunction. The music is not in the same order as the movie. Some of the music that's in the movie is not on this album. Some of this music is not in the movie. Featuring previously unreleased recordings. Includes digital download card.

MORTE LENTA "S/T" 7" (No Patience Records)
Raw Brazilian style punk from Syndney, Australia. The follow-up to their previous demo cassette (also on No Patience). Primitive HC punk ala Olho Seco with female vocals in Portuguese. Nice raw recording, definitely recommended to fans of La Misma if you're looking for a stateside comparison. No Patience Records.

PORVENIR OSCURO "S/T" 7" (Always Restrictions Records)
Debut 7” from NYC’s Porvenir Oscuro on the cult NYC hardcore punk label Always Restrictions. Raging hardcore punk that seems in equal parts influenced by classic Spanish hardcore punk a la Ultimo Resorte, as well as classic Finnish stuff. Through tragedy and adversity, the band has finally completed their debut EP and it was well-worth the wait. Highly recommended.

EXPOSURE Demo Tape (No Patience Records)
5 tracks of space-age post-punk from the grit and grime of Sydney. Featuring members of NAKED ON THE VAGUE, GREY PLACES, and more, EXPOSURE present a melodic yet aggressive approach to the gothic rock sound very much in keeping with greats RUDIMENTARY PENI, CHRISTIAN DEATH, SIEKIERA, KILLING JOKE, and SKELETAL FAMILY. For me it’s the sound of a spinning room, of one too many drinks at the bar before stumbling out onto Kings Cross and the chaos of voices and faces that meet you there. Layers of sound punctuated by mechanical rhythms and a looseness in the vocals that really hits a nerve. A solid first offering and an intriguing introduction to the group. Pro-duplicated and printed edition of 200. No Patience Records.

POLISH Demo Tape (No Patience Records)
Heavy synth + drum machine driven punk from Australia featuring members of Spotting and Dove. Has a bratty early hardcore DEVO vibe mixed a more contemporary Australian sound ala Total Control. Ace production really drives this one home, a danceable yet hard hitting demo from this promising new Australian group. Pro-duplicated and printed. No Patience Records.

REAPER Demo Tape (No Patience Records)
Ugly and ripping metalpunk from Australia. Definitely very punk for the style. Singer is a big UK82 fan and can be seen sporting a beret and mo-hair sweater and uses a mic stand with no base like Freddy Mercury in Queen. Pro-duplicated and printed. No Patience Records.

GHOULI Demo Tape (Demo)
New from RVA

LIPID "Freak Beat" Demo Tape (Vinyl Conflict Label)
New RVA hcpunk.

SINISTER PURPOSE "Aces Low" Tape (Vinyl Conflict Label)
Second tape from this RVA band

BAD BRAINS "Lost Tracks" LP (Fanclub Release)
Collects what looks like their "pre" Bad Brains band "MIND POWER" - demo from (1978) & two unknown studio demos from (1979) .... Very rare tracks allowing you to hear the band in their early & rawest from. Probably their earliest recording, called "Mind Power" demo, named because it was recorded when the band was still called Mind Power. 2 more demos done at unknown studios a little bit before their early stuff that are appearing on pay to cum 1979-1981 record mastered for vinyl ... comes with a double sided insert & sticker.

SODOM "S/T (Requim Cassette 1984)" LP (Fanclub Release)
Sodom is a Japanese band formed in 1981. As for their style, a change of the musicality was very intense. 1981-1984 Hardcore punk. limited to 188 copies, unofficial release of their (1984) cassette. includes a double sided insert & sticker. label: SODOMA Fan Club Santiago records, import from Chile

BROKEN BONES "Crucifix" 7" (Your Poison Records)
BROKEN BONES from Stoke-On Trent in England?s West Midlands were formed in 1983 after the brothers "Tony "Bones" Roberts and Terry "Tezz" Roberts left the band DISCHARGE. As well as other UK acts like CHAOS UK, THE EXPLOITED, OI POLLOI, ANTISECT, ... the band BROKEN BONES got well-known very fast, they toured a lot and even reached top numbers in the British Independent Charts. Due to several line up changes the bands style changed within time, from pissy and angry Eighties Punk, Punk Rock in their beginnings it changed into more metallic Hardcore, Metal Punk. BROKEN BONES second 7" EP originally was released in 1984 on the british label FALLOUT RECORDS. Official re-release limited to 500 copies on Black vinyl, the EP comes in a fold-out cover and with original artwork.

BRISTLES, THE "Boys Will Be Boys" 7" (Threat from the Past Records)
In later february 1984 the band THE BRISTLES from Sweden recorded the songs for their second 7" EP "Boys Will Be Boys", the band improved their musical skills and their songwriting in a massive way and left out the Oi! influences you could hear on their debut EP. "Boys Will Be Boys" offers four great, powerful and pissed off songs, expect Early, Mid Eighties Hardcore, Punk made in Sweden, no D-Beat, no Käng, just pure Hardcore full of anger and teenage angst. Once again THE BRISTLES deliver a valid proof that swedish bands can do great music without being influenced by DISCHARGE only, this release here is for fans of E.A.T.E.R., RÖVSVETT, RAPED TEENAGERS, NONCENS, NYX NEGATIV, ... . "Boys Will Be Boys" originally was released on ROCKIN´ REBEL RECORDS from Sweden in the year 1984, this here is the first legit re-release on the original 7" format.

DIABLESSE GRUPP 6 "S/T" 7" (Re-ken Records)
Diablesse Grupp 6 are a cult Swedish all female punk/hardcore band from the 80’s. This reissue compiles three of the bands compilation tracks that are long out of print now. All tracks recorded between 1981 - ‘83. Fans of X Ray Spex, the Bags and the Nuns will dig.

ANTI-POSORERNA "S/T" 7" (Re-ken Records)
Anti Posörerna are an old band from Sweden and never released any 7”’s or LP’s back in the day. They did record a number of songs back in 1981 and some of those songs ended up on the the ‘Varning For Punk’ compilation released on Distortion Records. This 300 copy reissue includes three of the tracks were on that compilation and another unearthed song that has never been released before. 4 tracks of brut mid tempo Punk from this pretty obscure Swedish band. Import from Sweden.

U.B.R. "Sen En Lep Dan Za Umret" LP (Rest in Punk Records)
Uporniki Brez Razloga or U.B.R. are classic 80's Yugoslavia hardcore/punk, even a story by the singer on inlay with lyrics... photos... etc... album contains: (1.) 1985 studio tracks (2.) v/a - "HC Ljubljana" Lp 1985 (3.) v/a - "HC Ljubljana" Lp 1985 outtakes7" outtakes (4.) "Corpus Delicti" 7" (5.) v/a - "Kaj Je Alternativa" cassette 1983. Limited to 300 copies

STRES D.A / DEPRESIJA / III.KATEGORIJA - Split LP (Rest in Punk Records)
After some unexpected arguments and discrepancies between some ex members of III.Kategorija , the rest of the members and Rest In Punk label have decided to remove all the material that the band recorded after the original line up was changed in 1986. This new release contains only material when III.Kategorija played fast speedy metallic HC in its best quality and when many people rightly called them one of the best European HC bands. Instead of long and metal songs the band members decided to add two bands that was created before III.Kategorija . In this way we show how the history of III.Kategorija was created. The sound went from total speed HC (Stres D.A.) from 1983 through a bit slower HC (Depresija) in 1984 to fast metallic HC (III.Kategorija) in 1985. The whole story is explained by KURI, the original and founding member of Stres D.A , Depresija and III.Kategorija. And so this release presents music from Stres D.A , through Depresija to III.Kategorija. This record includes recordings by Stres D.A from 1983, recordings from Depresija from 1984 (never before released) and the first demo recorded by III.Kategorija from 1985, from which some songs were used for the compilation HC LJubljana record in 1986. This is the music evolution that started in 1983 with Stres D.A and ended in 1985 with III.Kategorija.

DISORDER "Human Cargo" LP (Rest in Punk Records)
New STUDIO album from old 80's noise & distortion drenched punx who never really went away. 15 tracks recorded at "El Squato", Bristol, 16 June 2016. Taf-bass and vocals. Alex Upchuck-guitar. Jon-Drums. George da Greek- backing vocals on Roadsied and bite it you scum. produced by Ted at the controls. limited 250 copies

BRAINSTORM / BATTLE OF DISARM "Join No Army Police and Politician / Anti-War" Split LP (Rest in Punk Records)
Former Yugo thrash paired with Japanese peace crusties ... ltd to 250 repress

PANKRTI / PARAF Split LP (Rest in Punk Records)
Pankrti are a Punk rock band from Ljubljana, Slovenia, known for provocative and politically flavored songs. Peter Lovšin and Gregor Tomc formed a band in 1977. Pankrti became popular in former Yugoslavia in early 80s, during Yugoslav new wave music heyday. After five albums released, band ceased to exist at the end of 1987. Includes Pankrti first recorded studio demo from 77,unreleased demo from 78 and live cuts from gigs in ljubljana and belgrade in 77. rare,lost and previously unreleased stuff from both bands, LIMITED TO 200 COPIES

SATAN PANONSKI "S/T" LP (Rest in Punk Records)
Soundboard ~ Live Oks Osijek 1990. Of all the former Eastern Bloc countries, Yugoslavia (and Croatia in particular) had one of the most exciting and innovative punk/underground, rock 'n' roll scenes. And the legend among Yugo/Croat punk legends is Satan Panonski (nee Ivica Culjak). Starting with pioneering, late-'70s, Yugo punk band Pogreb X, through incarceration, a solo career, and an untimely death by a mysterious bullet during the Croatian War of Independence, Satan Panonski literally cut his way into Eastern Euro punk history. His stage act was an extreme blend of punk shock and auto-destructiv performance. His music is a vivid mix of KBD-style punk, Serbo-Croatian folk melodies, and jags into abstract avant punk. Three cassettes were released during his life (and shortly after his death). Songs on this album are from great live soundboard. Never released on tape or vinyl before! Poster With Photos And Lyric Sheet. Limited to 200 copies!

Coming hot off the press is Maximum Rocknroll #423, our August 2018 issue! This month is heavy on US punk festival coverage, including a retrospective by Philly’s all-POC Break Free Fest concert goers and artists about their experiences there, an interview with the organizers of Oakland’s The Multivrs Is Illuminated (a similarly minded all-POC fest), and a photo spread capturing Dumb Fest in Indiana! Want to hear about something besides festivals? You’re in luck. Prior to their hiatus, PMS from France spoke to us about their new EP, whether or not they’re a political band, and the state of punk in Paris. We have an interview with Oregon’s ABOLITIONIST, who tell all about their love of history and veganism. We look back at late-’70s Norwegian punks OSLO BØRS, their two releases, and why they had to change their name to OSLO BEURS. We’re fortunate to have Oakland’s COHERENCE talk to us about punk and diaspora right as their debut LP releases, and we also have an interview with Olympia’s raw punk heroes PHYSIQUE that covers transphobia, fashion, and how punk life is shit. There’s also a manifesto included called DIY As Privilege about ways to combat ableism in the punk scene. If that’s still not enough for you, there’s a robust letters section, plenty of columns, and enough reviews to keep you occupied until next month’s issue comes out.

Restocks for 8/3/18:

ANTI CIMEX "Demos 81-85" LP
ANTI CIMEX "The Records 81-86" LP
GIUDA "Racey Roller" LP
GUDON "1984" LP
JIETAI "Demo 1979-1980" LP
PANDEMONIUM "De Pandemonium Affaire" LP
V/A "BUKA I URLIK" Compilation LP
V/A "Lepo Je ..." Compilation LP

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