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Webstore Update - June 30, 2017
Hello Hello! Back again with the June Grave Mistake webstore update for you! This month brings us a solid haul of the latest releases from the likes of La Vida Es Un Mus, Static Shock, Bloody Master (killer new label from Florida), Triple B, and Neck Chop (to name a few), plus a slew of new tapes as always. I'm going to try to keep this short and sweet, but first ...
In case you haven't heard, we are having a HUGE blow-out sale on EVERY Grave Mistake release currently available in the webstore! Now is your chance to pick up on some of those releases that you slacked on when they first came out ... we've got LPs from $5.00 to $10.00 and $1.00 to $3.00 7"s ... including releases from all of your label faves like Night Birds, Coke Bust, Tenement, Big Eyes, Red Death, Earth Girls, Primal Rite, Iron Boots, Government Warning, and many more ... so head over to the store and check out everything that's on SALE, and pick up a record or two! All package deals are on sale as well!
The Summer Sale is going to be running until 7/15, so you've got plenty of time and I'm sure I'll be reminding you again in the next week or so.
Also, for US customers - we are now offering FREE SHIPPING on any US orders over $50! That should give you an excuse to do some serious browsing of everything that's kicking around the store (there's a TON of great punk and hardcore of course), and hopefully you'll walk away with a nice selection of new records!
Now, here's what's new in the distro ...
For quick browsing of recent additions to the store, you can check out all of these titles mentioned below in the New Arrivals and Recent Restocks sections!
Ok, very quick recap for you - new LPs from EXOTICA, SIEVEHEAD, SUBVERSIVE RITE, ALLERGY, VAGRA, HARDWARE, SICK THOUGHTS, MARK CONE, two killer Japanese fanclub reissues from THE SEXUAL and NIKU-DAN; new 7"s from TARANTULA (this MIGHT be sold out by the time you read this, as I write this update I have 2 copies left!), ULTRA, SARCASM, THE BUG, FREE, RASH, FLASHER a killer split 7" from COKE BUST / DESPISE YOU, and also restocked on the killer debut 7" from NYC's URCHIN as well!

A lot of great new tapes and demos in this update from CLOSET CHRIST, EXTENDED HELL, HVAC, ENFORCED, NEKRA, FUTURA, and KURRAKA - PLUS we got our hands on a few copies of tape versions of TENEMENT's "Bruised Music Vol. 2" collection and a double cassette release of their "Predatory Headlights" full length!
Anyways, the full list of everything new with descriptions is below, thanks for reading!
- Alex / Grave Mistake Records
New Titles in the Webstore for June 30, 2017:
EXOTICA "Musique Exotique 02" LP (La Vida Es Un Mus)
Sometimes the stones that remain unturned are the ones that are the least assuming. There is a kind of humour to the idea that music which sounds like rocks being thrown around in an oil drum being next to the name EXOTICA, but what else can we say for the gesture of learning how to turn real noise into real music? It’s exotic, it’s outside the expectation of what things are supposed to do. Getting to bark out your problems could soon be not much more than the memory of a luxury, so swim in it. This music sounds live, like EXOTICA could have trickled off of the back half of an abandoned CÓLERA riff on a lost practice tape, or if your favourite ARROGANTA AGITATORER ep dub melted in the sun on the roof of your apartment and fused with whoever was practicing piano on the floor underneath you. Gone are the attempts to reclaim the clean lines and false distress of industry for domesticity. Here is a tiny pair of legs walking through a disgusting dirty world, gathering dust. The sun may set, but the moon also rises. Music Exotique Volume Two comes housed in a heavyweight sleeve designed by bass player Santiago Melchiorre and vocalist Lauren Gerig, recorded by the band themselves, and was skilfully mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios on a cold evening.

ULTRA "Mistica Moderna" 7" (La Vida Es Un Mus)
Ultra are a raging anarchist Barcelona band made up of half Absurdo and half Anarquia Vertical members. Their second EP is a 7 tracker full of short, intense and pissed off fireballs. It's chaotic but well played and recorded and hints at the Golden age of European hardcore mixed with Heresy and Crucifix. Mística Moderna comes housed in a 300 gsm pocket sleeve with 2 inserts and download code.

HVAC "Mentality" Demo Tape (Demo)
Hailing from NYC HVAC's debut tape brings 7 tracks of uber pissed off hardcore punk that sonically equals a collision of AGNOSTIC FRONT Victim In Pain era and NOG WATT Fear with the NIXE stomping over the result. Bratty HXC PUNK which takes no hostages. These copies are the US version from the band (not the European version on the La Vida Es Un Mus).

SIEVEHEAD "Worthless Soul" LP (Static Shock Records)
​"Some bands start off important, others work it at and become important. Sievehead are one of those bands and they represent all that is good with DIY Punk in the UK in 2017. Born, raised and blossomed in the Lughole, in Sheffield, Sievehead have become a band of greatness. Second album Worthless Soul is an album full of shimmering guitars, the bleakness of 80’s Sheffield and passionate vocals that ooze defiance. It has energy, heart and that special something you can’t put your finger on. It sits next to the classic early 80’s era Gun Club, Arch Criminals (a lost Post punk band that had a 12” on Conflict’s Fight Back label) and Husker Du. But still it has DIY Punk running through every vein. Worthless Soul is ready to destroy and conquer everything and everyone in it’s path." (Sean Forbes) The LP comes with a heavyweight reverse board sleeve with a printed innersleeve with artwork and photography from bassist Joe Singleton. A download code is included.

SARCASM "Malarial Bog" 7" (Static Shock Records)
Sarcasm from London release their debut EP on Static Shock after a great 5 Track demo ('Total Institution' on Far so Far) in 2016. Sarcasm deal in angular post punk led by skeletal guitars and a locked in rhythm section. The vocals are nonchalant and sound like someone totally bored of life and everything that surrounds it. It just adds to the bleak and broody vibes that are sprinkled on each of the four tracks. The sound sits somewhere between a more sparse Crisis, The Fall - in the glory years on Step Forward Records and Hygiene. This is the sound of the past, the sound of now and the sound of dissatisfaction. - Sean Forbes The 7" comes in a reverse board sleeve with an insert and download code. Limited to 500 copies.

NEKRA 2017 Demo Tape (La Vida Es Un Mus)
Riffs as wide as the Old Kent Rd., delivered on top of an icy, blasted Rickenbacker 4003 churning out enough electricity to power most of Bermondsey, big drum rhythms falling on and off the rails of the Southeastern Service at rush hour, and the pure velocity of anger blistering overtop like wind coming across Hilly Fields to tear the roofs off of South London. This music is not in the ether, this is not a notion, or a suggestion, this is live and direct and unrelenting. NEKRA sounds confrontational, like a fight we don’t know we’ve started yet, and like it does not give a shit about us or care that we feel as though deep down we’re all just nice people. Somewhere between the weight of LIFE’S BLOOD and a solid continuation from the moves of punchy hardcore punk of recent years. Moshy, loud, aggressive, uncaring, vicious, London.

TARANTULA "S/T" 7" (Lengua Armada Discos)
Infectious punk tunes to get everyone moving composed by the freaks from CULO. This band has been slaying at their gigs and winning everyone over with their hooks and amazing song writing. Six tracks total produced by GEZA X.

CLOSET CHRIST "I Am Afraid of Life" Tape (Demo)
Newest tape from DC's CLOSET CHRIST.

FREE "Ex Tenebris" 7" (Triple B Records)
Since forming in 2015, Free, featuring members of Have Heart, Mindset, Fiddlehead and Sweet Jesus, has become one of the hardcore genre's most notorious and successful acts, despite only releasing one four-song demo. Their signature sound, a punishing blend of hardcore, punk and jazz, has attracted a legion of diehard fans around the world and anyone who's witnessed the sheer power of Free live and lived to tell about it can attest to the band's authenticity and intensity. 2017 marks the beginning of a new chapter for Free with a new label behind them and a savage new EP.

BUG, THE "Humbug" 7" (Not Normal Tapes)
Where are we in the life cycle of The Bug? Dispatches from the years of larval hibernation underground offered clues as to what lay ahead but nothing could have prepared us for the voracity of this group’s adult form, barely contained on this, their debut 7”. Most bands are lucky if they come up with one original thought in their lifespans; still others are content—nay, thrilled!—to just recycle and repackage the same ideas we’ve been rolling around in our empty heads for decades. “Never again.” The Bug, though? The Bug make dense music. Smart music. Music that is so full of ideas and possibility that it’s almost too much to bear. This is lightspeed Midwestern hardcore punk (dare I say thrash?). It has to be fast — there’s just too much to say, bodies scrambling to keep up with racing minds. Hardcore as protest noise, as a sublime manifestation of what happens when pure kinetic energy, a razorsharp wit, and a bull-headed will to survive collide. A new paradigm for political punk songs (no pandering, preaching, or posturing to be found here), packaged with a three-color printed booklet featuring lyrics, explanations, and pages of collage work featuring the group’s signature sinister smile. The arc of the moral universe always bends back to the same old bullshit, doesn’t it? Consider this a brief respite.

COKE BUST / DESPISE YOU Split 7" (To Live A Lie Records)
TLAL started more than ten years ago with a split 7" consisting of an old West Coast powerviolence band whose first release dated back to 1995 and a newer generation band who had been directly influenced by the other one. Fast forward ten years and we are here presenting you with a split of a similar nature and just as much aggression and ferocity. To Live A Lie humbly presents a split between one of the most important and continually relevant powerviolence bands today, DESPISE YOU, and DC's furious straight-edge blast-laiden hardcore punk outfit, COKE BUST. It is an honor to put two of my favorite bands on a slab of vinyl together.

SUBVERSIVE RITE "The Demos" LP (Bloody Master Records)
Raging NY punk heavily influenced by the early 80s UK scene ala Sacrilege demos, Varukers, & Potential Threat. Members of some other fuckin bands. ready just in time for their West Coast tour with Unarm (Japan).

VAGRA "Demo 2016" LP (Bloody Master Records)
One sided 12" of their demo on vinyl. New EP on Brain Solvent Propaganda soon. Screen printed covers. 200 copies. Raging raw political hardcore punk.

ALLERGY "Smog" LP (Bloody Master Records)
Young freakishly good noise punk. Chaos UK/Confuse are obvious influences, no silly bullshit or fake broken English here, just a brutal punk attack with a thick layer of noise! 300 copies, screen printed covers.

TENEMENT "Predatory Headlights" 2xTape (Dead Broke Records)
Double tape box set of Tenement's "Predatory Headlights" album, with a bonus tape including 23 previously unreleased demos, alt. versions, including 4 never before heard b-side outtakes from the album. Wow. 1st press sold out so fast we did a 2nd right away! Bonus tape comes w/ download

TENEMENT "Bruised Music Vol. 2" Tape (Dead Broke Records)
Fourteen Tracks in all, including material compiled from the Taking Everything EP, split 7" w/ Culo, split 7" with Cheeky, Freak Cast in Iron "Sick Club" 7" single, Puke and Destroy Vol. 2 7" compilation, and split 7" w/ Screaming Females. All material has once again been mastered for this release by Daniel Husayn at North London Bomb Factory. Cassette pressing!

HARDWARE "Burning in the Sun" LP (Atomic Action Records)
Since the fall of 2015, Hardware has reigned from the woods of Western Massachusetts. Drawing from the dark hills and harsh winters of their surroundings, Hardware have crafted a brand of hardcore blending psych undertones beneath layers of guitars awash in feedback. Jarring vocals cut through the thick wall of noise the band is known for. Hardware are fucking heavy, and faster than most.

ENFORCED Demo Tape (Demo)
New from Richmond, VA! Crushing trash/crossover from members of other good bands you should like.

EXTENDED HELL 2017 Tour Tape (Demo)
Brand new tape from NYC D-beat shredders. Features members of SAD BOYS and MERCENARY.

FUTURA Demo Tape (Verdugo Discos)
Demo tape by new L.A. punk band Futura. Four tracks of classic female-fronted punk in the vein of Vice Squad, The Expelled, and other similar UK82-era bands. For those familiar with Fumigados you may notice Erika’s distinct vocals… this time screaming words in English with the same ferocity as in Fumigados. Great first tape by Futura --- classic and catchy punk.

KURRAKA "Otra Dimesion" Tape (Todo Destruido Records)
6 new songs of dark raw punk that we have come to expect from Kurraka.  The song writing on this starts where their Lp ended, but the sound on this is a bit rawer.  The songs on this recording are more punk, primitive, and raw, while still being catchy at the same time(Even though you can still hear hints of post punk).  Pro tapes/limited to 100 copies.

SEXUAL, THE "Complete Discography 1983-1985" LP (Fanclub Pressing)
"Well done fan club release for this 80s Japanese punk band. This is essentially a vinyl version of the official discography that was released in 2002 (and, like a lot of discography CDs of 80s Japanese punk bands, is now quite expensive and hard to find)… it sounds like the audio might have been sourced from that CD as well, because the sound here is clear, bright, and powerful. My obsession with 80s Japanese punk and hardcore is well documented, and the Sexual are, without a doubt, a key band. While they’re not quite as weird or as artsy as many of the bands on the ADK Records roster, what they lack in artsiness they more than make up in raw brutality, clearly pointing toward the increasingly brutal, heavy, and raw direction that the Japanese hardcore scene was heading toward. In other words, you can file the Sexual’s releases right next to bands like the Execute, Zouo, and G.I.S.M., all of whom (along with the Sexual) were incorporating elements of metal and Discharge’s approach into the classic Japanese punk template. There are songs here that are nearly as brutal as Confuse, but there are also songs here that have the bouncy catchiness of the Stalin. There isn’t a dud among the bunch, and if you’re not trying to drop several hundred dollars on near-mint copies of their original two flexis I can’t recommend this comp highly enough… hell, even if you have those, the strong sound reproduction here might even be better than the original flexis (unfortunately I don’t have originals of these to compare). An essential piece of the puzzle for Japanese punk fanatics." - Sorry State Records

NIKU-DAN "S/T" LP (Fanclub Pressing)
Mid 1980's Japanese punk from Okayama. Collects split 8" tracks with Gas (1984) and studio etica session unreleased tape 1983.

RASH "Midnight Crooner" 7" (IFB Records)
Chicago's Rash follow up their Skinner Box LP with this 3 song ripper.  Pure heavy blown up punk stomping with absolute writhing filth anger on vocals.  Bleak beatings.

FLASHER "Winnie" 7" (Sister Polygon Records)
A two-song single by moody/dreamy Washington, D.C. trio Flasher (features Taylor Mulitz of Priests). Reminiscent of Unrest, Versus, and vintage Teenbeat tunes. The record was recorded by Danny Saperstein and Owen Wuerker at Lurch and mastered by Beauty Pill's Chad Clark.

BIKINI KILL "New Radio" 7" (Bikini Kill Records)
On June 2nd, Bikini Kill will reissue their New Radio 7" via Bikini Kill Records. The single features the most well known version of their song "Rebel Girl" as well as the title track and "Demirep." This version has been pressed on red vinyl. The single was recorded in April 1993 at Avast Studios in Seattle, WA. The session was engineered by John Goodmanson and produced by Joan Jett. Jett also played second guitar and contributed backup vocals. Kathleen sang lead, Bill played guitar, Tobi played drums, and Kathi played bass. Joan Jett appears courtesy of Blackheart Records.

SICK THOUGHTS "Songs About People You Hate" LP (Neck Chop Records)
Sick Thoughts is a one-man punk band that needs no introduction; partly because the band’s international notoriety can easily precede itself, and partly because every other notable record label, music outlet, and bottomfeeding venue has thoroughly suckled the band’s teats in the four or so years it’s been active. If Sick Thoughts’ massive discography – easily amassing to 20-something records released by labels all around the globe – is any indication of its reverence, let alone quality, then it should be immediately clear that Sick Thoughts is worth its salt. Either that, or Sick Thoughts’ sole creator, Drew Owen, has got a metric fuckton of songs he wants released and a nice set of lips to get the job done – if you sniff my drift. And this doesn’t even take Drew Owen’s multitude of side projects into account, such as DD Owen, Chicken Chain, Bloody Master, LS Dogs, Baby’s Blood (coming soon on Neck Chop), Deformities, and so on. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that “Songs About People You Hate”, Sick Thought’s newest LP, is another prime example of sleazy, spit-riddled punk rock ‘n’ roll done right – and wrong – in all the best ways possible, vicious spurs of idiot savant-tier musicianship abound. And with Drew rapidly leaving adolescence, you better believe he’s gonna take his vitamins, outline his will, and then promptly blast your eardrums with eleven brand-new auditory bruisers, all before kicking you right off his fuckin’ lawn. Black vinyl, 11 x 17 Poster, insert included

MARK CONE "Now Showing" LP (Neck Chop Records)
Do me a favor. Think of your favorite synth punk band, or, assuming you hate everything the subgenre stands for, think of the one you hate the least. Pretty much anything that’s got a keyboard and a lot of yelling involved, since it’s practically all the same shit anyways. Now, imagine yourself holding a physical release from said band; either a record, cassette, CD, LaserDisc, or what have you. Just imagine it in your hands. Alright, now imagine yourself breaking it right over your fucking knee – MARK CONE is your favorite now. It’s up to you whether or not that last part should be left to your imagination, but for those with an inherent affinity for keyboard-infused punk, minimal exposure to Cone’s dissonant, hyperactive keystrokes, masterfully programmed drum beats, and throaty, maniacal roars are needed to realize the undercurrent of brilliance that runs beneath this darkened display of unfledged synth glory. Mark Cone – a snide, hysterical character conceived by one of the two founders of Massachusetts’s Urochromes, Jackie M. – not only epitomizes the essence of keyboard-oriented punk, but does so in a line-up devoid of instruments typically associated with the subgenre; mainly centering on a substandard Casio keyboard, an 8-bit drum machine, and a harsh set of pipes, Mark Cone has created a melodic, energetic, riveting score of punk with discernible post-like tinges in this 10-track LP. As a successor to his original 7” EP (Nicey Music), this record is a true mindmelter. Reverse board jackets, black vinyl, Newsprint 24" x 23" Poster (Oddities Prints), two-sided risographed insert (Oddities Prints)

SNAILS, THE "Demo" 7" (Neck Chop Records)
There’s an obvious joke to be made here. Something about how a band called “The Snails” has adopted an infectious, blisteringly fast sound akin to early surf-like hardcore, or in other words, the very last type of sound you’d expect to hear from a band named after a creature whose top speed can hardly break double digits – in decimal points. But if there’s a joke about it worth mentioning, it should be immediately disregarded as to not detract from what great, audibly-satisfactory grooviness The Snails have achieved in this “Demos” 7”. Compiling two crowning gems of the Abnormal Broadcasting library – The Snails’ “Demo” and their subsequent “Buried In Dirt” EP – onto one convenient wheel of wax. While the songs themselves are rather melodic and loaded with an intoxicating amount pep, the temperamental neurotic behind the mic assures the listener will never feel at ease with his sudden alternations between innocuous, sing-songy whines to outright frantic, larynx-shredding howls, all of which lining the toe-tapping rhythms and sugared, ear-nuzzling hooks – at least, said hooks WOULD be “ear-nuzzling” if they weren’t also searing-fucking-hot. Essentially, The Snails are super-charged surf rock ‘n’ roll kings that are too damn good for this shithole of a planet, so if you’re a fan of expressive, danceable punk, this is the absolute last record you’re gonna want to sleep on. Reverse Board Jackets, Black Vinyl, Two-Sided Risograph Inserts (Oddities Prints)

PROCESS OF ELIMINATION "S/T" 7" (Neck Chop Records)
Process of Elimination – a noise-oriented punk project from California – and their three-track “Won’t Comply” EP. It’s truly a musical abnormality, which is rather appropriate considering the band’s cassette was originally released by Abnormal Broadcasting: a DIY label known for putting out cassettes from assorted Californian punk acts, including Sunk, The Snails, The Must, P.E.A.R.L., Race Car, S.B.F., Maricón, Phoebe, and a few others. Process of Elimination is not unlike the majority of bands in their catalog, incorporating dense, blackened guitar tones in the vein of hardcore, albeit with a lighter, delirious approach delineated by swirling, metallic noisemakers, pulsing, mechanical drumbeats, squeal-prone riffs, and reverb-drenched wails emanating from a less-than lucid vocalist, making it more of a new wave-like expenditure than an outright hardcore slobberknocker – in a sense it’s almost like a dorkier Sunk, meaning it’s similarly engrossing and raunchy by nature. Clocking in at a mere five minutes, Process of Elimination’s debut EP is an unconventional deviation – however primitive it may be –  from the by-the-numbers hardcore formula, which is perfectly suited under the Neck Chop umbrella. Reverse Board Jackets, Black Vinyl, Two-sided Risograph Inserts (Oddities Prints)

AUSENCIA "S/T" 7" (Verdugo Discos)
AUSENCIA put to vinyl 4 songs from their excellent demo tape. Remixed and mastered, these tracks sound better than ever. AUSENCIA features regulars of the LA punk scene but brings a much more melodic punk, even French Oi-influenced feel to their sound. Comparisons therefore gravitate towards Camera Silens or Komintern Sect, which are not unfounded. The songs are uplifting with gruff vocals and a knack for superb song structure. The title track “Ausencia” is an unstoppable anthem, just try not to sing along with the chanting chorus again and again and again. Art done by Krab and risograph design/packaging by Abe Social.

CADENAXO "Belleza Mexicana" 7" (Verdugo Discos)
Cadenaxo are one of the most exciting current hardcore bands from Mexico. They have been compared to some classic 80s USHC bands like SSD, Negative Approach, and S.O.A. but if throw in some classic Mexican bands into that mix like Sedicion or Herejia and you will have Cadenaxo. This is a definite must-have for those of you that enjoy hardcore.

MARRON "Terrenos" LP (Verdugo Discos)
Hardcore from the heart with a critical mind. This is the debut full length from Marrón and they are quite simply one of the better and more important hardcore bands to come out of California in the past few years. Musically, they will hit the sweet spot for those that love Dischord and Revolution Summer-era bands. Marrón are also one of the more thoughtful bands when it comes to lyric writing as they stray away from "catch phrase" lyrics that so many other bands tend to overuse. Just read the words to "Lumbre" or "Reflect" and see for yourself. Overall, this record is a breath of fresh air and highly recommended. For those keeping track, this band has members of Descarados, Tragatelo, Esperanza, and Mugre. The record packaging features a beautiful linocut print by Oaxacan artist Pavel Acevedo. The record also comes with a fold out poster.

MORBID OPERA "Collection" LP (Vinyl Rites Records)
Finally, after years of work, the Morbid Opera discography LP!!  Painstakingly compiled by Jeff Hodapp (ex-Roach Motel & spouse of Morbid Opera vocalist) and Vinyl Rites, here is all the vital recordings of this underrated and under the radar band. From punk to bizarre psychedelic, pre-grunge freakouts, the band always did whatever the fuck they wanted.  500 copies on heavyweight vinyl, thick covers, large color booklet with unseen photos, fliers, interviews, liner notes, lyrics, and more!! Here's what VICE thinks:

PASSION KILLERS "They Kill Our Passion With Their Hate and War" LP (Demo Tapes Records)
Anarcho band with strong ties - including presence of Boffo - to Chumabwamba. They Kill Our Passion With Their Hate And Wars was recorded in 1983. In 1991 the band recorded and released its one and only 7", Whoopee !! We're All Going To Die, which came out on Rugger Bugger.

HASSLE BASTARDS "S/T" 7" (Demo Tapes Records)
Happy 50th Birthday Sik-O-War. Kings of UK Thrash Hassle Bastards were basically Chumbawamba in wind up mode and they sent this four track demo to Ben Sik-O-War from Raising Hell fanzine as he loved thrash. There was only ever one copy made. It's under two minutes on a one sided 7" of short, sharp and raging early 80's thrash that harks back to the glory days of early 80's European hardcore. Do you remember the thrash band The Ex and Chumbawamba did together called Antidote. They released one demo One Does Not Sell The Earth Upon Which The People Walk and one 7" Destroy Fascism! - well this is like that but harder, faster and funnier.
Restocks for June 2017:
NURSE, THE "Discography" LP
PROTESTER "No Identity" 7"
RIXE "Les Nerfs A Vif" 7"
S.H.I.T. "i" 7"
SHEER MAG "Discography (UK Press)" LP
ULTRA-VIOLENT "Crime for Revenge" 7"
URANIUM CLUB "Who Made The Man? (UK Press)" 7"
URCHIN "How to Make Napalm" 7"

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