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Webstore Update / May 25, 2017
Greetings friends! Another month, another stacked distro update for you! Tons of new killer hc punk releases in the webstore this month, so let's get right into it ...
For quick browsing of recent additions to the store, you can check out all of these titles mentioned below in the New Arrivals and Recent Restocks sections!
Lot's of happenings coming out of the Beach Impediment / Feel It compound here in Richmond this month - the unstoppable Beach Impediment just released two brand new hcpunk scorchers from FRIED EGG and LONG KNIFE - both bands should be in your regular rotation by now, but if you have been sleeping then these EPs are a great place to start. Feel It just released a quality 12" from NY's KALEIDOSCOPE, which is of course comes highly recommended; also stocked up on a collection tape featuring all of Kaleidoscope's earlier output (2 tapes and an EPs worth) on Outsider Tapes. Not to mention, AGGRESSION PACT (featuring BIR head honcho in collabo with some of Boston's finest hc players) just dropped a brand new EP on Painkiller Records - a crushing USHC slab and a slight progression from their debut, which definitely plays to their favor. Painkiller also just released the second 7" from Chicago's UDUSIC, and, in conjunction with Warthog Speak Records, two 7"s worth of unearthed material from boston cult hc heros FIT FOR ABUSE!
A GM distro update wouldn't be complete without new happenings from La Vida Es Un Mus and Iron Lung Records; this month LVEUM brings us a brand new LP from UNA BÈSTIA INCONTROLABLE, a new 7" from ANXIETY, and a killer discography from Japan's THE NURSE; and from Iron Lung we have the debut 7" from MOZART, a new LP from BEHAVIOR, a remastered reissue of the crushing COLD SWEAT "Blinded" LP, and a live tape from Brazil's RAKTA.
But wait ... there's more! New EP's from PRISION POSTUMO, AUSENCIA, FATIGUE, two new 7"s from Triple B Records - the debut EP from DC / Cali project CIVIC DUTY that straight up smokes (what would you expect from members of Pure Disgust, Red Death, Protester, and Fury?), and a new EP from Atlanta's ABUSE OF POWER. We also grabbed copies of the newest LP from Finland's FORESEEN (and don't forget to scoop up their "Power Intoxication" EP that came out earlier this year as well).
If all of this hardcore is too much for you this month and you are looking for something that still rips, but in perhaps a "less-violent" way, don't worry - we've got you covered! Check out the BOOJI BOYS LP, or new EPs from MARBLED EYE, BETA BOYS, PERVERTS AGAIN, ERIK NERVOUS, TELEPHONE LOVERS, or STATIC EYES, all of which hit the store this month! OR, if you are looking to check out a whole slew of killer new bands in one sitting ... well then I guess you would probably just go to Bandcamp BUUUUT - if you are feelin' nostalgic and want to do that the old fashioned way, I would recommend the TYPICAL GIRLS Vol. 2 compilation LP that came out not too long ago! Grabbed a few copies for the webstore, definitely worth your hard earned $$$.
And that's not even all of the new stuff, but I'll cut it short here and direct you to the full list below. Don't forget to check out all of the restocks that came in this past month as well, including all of the rad Pandemonium international punk/hc compilation/mixtapes (which are going quick), the ripping debut EP from Philly's S-21, the crushing Concealed Blade LP, all of the classic Dirtnap releases from the likes of The Marked Men, Exploding Hearts, Radioactivity, etc ... a good chunk of the Dinosaur Jr. catalog, classic titles from DRI, MDC, Adolescents, Christian Death, Crisis, Rikk Agnew, Dangerhouse Records, The Fix, The Gun Club, Die Kreuzen, TheClitboys, The Stains, and much more ... 
Thanks for reading!
Alex / Grave Mistake Records
New in the Grave Mistake Webstore for May 2017:
FRIED EGG "Back and Forth" 7" (Beach Impediment Records)
FRIED EGG are back with a new EP for Beach Impediment Records following their debut 7" on Negative Jazz and a self-released flexi. For the uninitiated, FRIED EGG have been one of Central Virginia's most exciting and original hardcore punk acts to watch over the past couple of years. Their style has a very contemporary feel, yet manages to stand out based on consistently inventive songwriting that is matched with the finesse and power that belongs in the hardcore punk genre. "BACK AND FORTH" boasts four new cuts (tracked live including vocals for anyone keeping score) that truly stand out from the pack. From the precise and original guitar lines to the absolute wrecking crew of a rhythm section, FRIED EGG have produced an EP that commands your attention - a stark, original effort that obliterates any generic, poorly recorded garbage in its way. Need we say more? Each copy comes housed in a glue pocket sleeve adorned with artwork by Nathan Ward.

LONG KNIFE "Sewers of Babylon" 7" (Beach Impediment Records)
Following a couple years of  relative dormancy after a series of tours in support of a well received full length that spanned various continents, PDX punk heroes LONG KNIFE return with five tracks of sonic venom in the form of the "SEWERS OF BABYLON" EP. The recipe remains the same, the delivery just as biting, and the addition of Keith Testerman on drums (WARCRY, LEBENDEN TOTEN, HELLSHOCK, etc) adds even more to the already savage total package. Portland's 21st century Kings of Punk are still alive and well. Each record comes in a glue pocket sleeve with full color cover art by Dennis Dread.

AGGRESSION PACT "Instant Execution" 7" (Painkiller Records)
Aggression Pact deliver their first recording as a full band and bring another tight wound EP of tuneful USHC in the mold of classic bands like N.O.T.A. and C.I.A. This time around they bring a fuller sound, with a twin guitar attack, and a more cohesive song writing approach, all held together by the inimitable glue of Mark Shubert's patented Jerry A meets Mark Sheehan growl. ABSOLUTELY THE MAIN EVENT.

UDUSIC "Ugly" 7" (Painkiller Records)
Udusic's second EP offering is titled UGLY, and as advertised, delivers an earful of gunk-and-grime-caked hardcore firmly planted in the tradition of Die Kreuzen, Mecht Mensch, No Thanks, and even some Greg Ginn styled guitar pyrotechnics. Sounding more blown out and unhinged than previous recordings, this is definitely the best and ugliest Udusic offering to date.

FIT FOR ABUSE "Too Little, Too Late" 7" (Warthog Speak Records)
Long thought to be missing in action, the original master tape for Fit For Abuse's "Mindless Violence" 7" has finally resurfaced to yield an extra five tracks, presented here for the first time on vinyl (or anywhere else for that matter). Original tracks "Bloodshed", "Testosterone O.D.", and "The Real Kids" are re-recorded cuts from the band's first demo tape, and "Nuclear Threat" and "You're A Rebel" (originally by The Abused and Iron Cross, respectively) were recorded for compilations that never came together at the time. "Testosterone O.D." rips open this record with the ferocious Boston-via-Midwest hardcore sound that drives their original 7", while "Bloodshed" and "The Real Kids" are classic oi-tinged singalongs. One time pressing of 500 copies.

FIT FOR ABUSE "The Psycho Ray Sessions" 7" (Warthog Speak Records)
After the release of the "Mindless Violence" EP, original singer Matt Kelly took a job beating the skins for the Dropkick Murphys, and local legend "Psycho" Ray Damien was recruited as FFA's new frontman. The band existed for a year or two with this lineup and recorded 8 tracks for an EP that was originally slated for release on the Dropkicks' label Flat Records, but for one reason or another, the record never made it beyond the studio and just a single track — "Four More Years" — was released on a Suburban Voice freebie 7" compilation. Lo-fi, unmixed versions of these songs have circulated around the internet for many years, but we were finally able to track down the closest existing thing to a master tape to bring you this record, featuring six "new" cuts and two re-recorded demo songs. Unrelenting Massachusetts hardcore at its finest! One time pressing of 500 copies.

FATIGUE "Scab" 7" (Warthog Speak Records)
On their third 7" FATIGUE bring four more slugs of the same gritty and weathered, mid-paced, catchy hardcore that those of us in the know have come to love and expect from this SF - NYC - Chicago unit and retains their status as a perfect hardcore punk band that cannot be pigeonholed or compartmentalized.

UNA BESTIA INCONTROLABLE "Metamorfosi" LP (La Vida Es Un Mus)
Since emerging fully-formed at the end of 2012 Una Bestia Incontrolable have opened up a place for themselves among the very best hardcore-punk bands in the world. International hardcore is in rude health at the moment but while some indulge in enjoyable well-crafted genre exercises, a crushing mosh-part here, a studied d-beat there, UBI have developed a sound that's compelling and punk, but clearly apart from the autophagic morass that is often punk in the internet age. Much of Metamorfosi finds itself as a series of shifting hypnotic pulses rolling into each other. Bass and drums chug onwards, a swirling erratic heartbeat, an oncoming force, a nagging buzz and rumble tickling your hindbrain just on the murky borders of conscious thought, as the guitar scritches and scratches with grubby panic, insistent catchy riffs needling and dragged out like stuckthought phrases, daggersharp licks shimmying forth in the sinister thrum. The record reverberates with a sense of seething distress, mind and body teetering on the edge of a cataclysmic drop, Abric De Plom (Lead Coat) is a recurring nightmare, swallowing you up and unavoidable, the No Us Ho Esperaveu (You Weren't Expecting It) finds a militaristic drive as it echoes with the cold dislocation that is the dull pain-throb baseline of millenial life, Nosaltres Som La Carn (We Are the Flesh) thunders with physical discomfort, collapsing in on itself, Tot Sol is a freeing mechanistic 1-2 rush, the title track a stuttering scream of transformation. Metamorfosi swings and lives with the threat of something constantly approaching, a change, an ending, some long-threatened eschaton finally invoked, something out there, a beast maybe, of some kind, uncontrollable and almost here. (Joe Briggs) The album comes in a full colour sleeve with lyric insert designed by guitarrist Guillem El Muro.

ANXIETY "Wild Life" 7” (La Vida Es Un Mus)
4 Track EP Wild Life was recorded in the aftermath of Anxiety’s debut self-titled release and is sharper but messier, more dystopian, bloodier and more viscous. Here Anxiety draw more on an industrialised take on Crass Records back cat and falling-apart HC, continuing the abstract moroseness that defined their debut. Recorded again with How To Make Sushi, Wild Life is drowned in distortion and short delay, cut out alive from a drain in the poorest, dirtiest bathrooms of short term tenancy Glasgow. Driven by all-consuming bass riffs, the guitars are obliterated by distortion, the vocals off the hook, one-take, warts and burps. The snare a morse code reminding you you’ve nowhere to go. How come the songs are so short? The songs are about animals, about never having anything, about being too wrong all the time. Because you’re not worth it. Wild Life comes housed in a wraparound sleeve designed between Sebastian Rivera and Kay Logan. Comes with lyric insert and download code.

NURSE, THE "Discography" LP (La Vida Es Un Mus)
Back in 1983 Tokyo’s NURSE released what probably is the first Japanese all female hardcore record on the cult label Incest Records (INC-002). A red 7” Flexi which showed 4 innocent looking girls on the cover but displayed an unheard amount of ferocious hard hitting hardcore punk on the 8 songs Flexi produced by Baki of EXECUTE/ GASTUNK. The Following year the almighty ADK Records added them to their roster releasing a 5 track EP (ADK-13E ) produced by label owner Tam of TYPHUS/ STALIN fame. The speed went down a notch but the rawness and aggression was still there. Sadly that record marked the end of NURSE’s recording career. Had they released an LP they’ll be heralded as highly as COMES which usually is the first band that comes to mind to most people when thinking of female fronted Japanese bands. After years of their recordings been deleted on vinyl, both singles becoming absolute staples on any Japanese punk want list and the band’s underground following growing, La Vida Es Un Mus decided to repress both 7”s on a heavy weight LP to make sure a new generation discover the excellence of one of the all time great under rated bands.

Stripped-down and catchy raw punk from Southern California. Prision Postumo border on a sound reminiscent to early 80s Iberian Peninsula punk bands like MCD or VOMITO. With current and former members of Tozcos and Damages, you know this is top notch punk rock. Pop this on your turntable and you'll be pogoing around your room singing along in no time.

AUSENCIA "Cuantas Vidas" 7" (Discos MMM)
This is the second EP from L.A.’s AUSENCIA and they follow up their first EP with more great melodic Spanish-language punk. This record has a wide sonic range from classic punk like ESKORBUTO or even 80s Oi! The track “Mi Corazon Lloro” will transport you to the archetypical power pop sound. The unfiying thread, however, remains the tight melodies and rhythm that has defined AUSENCIA's sound.

MOZART "Nasty" 7" (Iron Lung Records)
A wild, petulant, anti-social mess of an ep. 'Zart's signature brand of noisy hardcore punk brings to mind an angrier TEDDY & THE FRAT GIRLS or a more female, more unhinged URINALS with that same energy/approach that the 80's Italian HC scene had. That barbed wire fire burns bright here. This shit is just plain crazy. And we love it!  6 songs of raw dynamite on excellent hand stamped black vinyl each housed in a hand-painted jacket. All 100% unique. A pure record.

BEHAVIOR "Bitter Bitter" LP (Iron Lung Records)
'Bitter Bitter' was written and recorded in Los Angeles early last fall, just before the latest drought broke, and just before a cynical national election made the ongoing arrangement very plain. It’s a simple music, crafted according to a shifting ad hoc agreement between three friends who try and share the labor, who borrow promiscuously from whatever finds them, who try and garner enough space to intuit a next stumbling move in restless hopscotch across a pop music tradition that has tallied an unlivable inheritance of promises. There’s a desire for tension, a desire for fraudulent postures, a desire for drama and its perverse digressions. The song is traversed by other songs, the voice is traversed by other voices, the singer never held the title to their own tongue—nosing uninvited into darkened houses for what’s ripe and fermenting. The title of the record is a translation of the name given to the ocean on a Babylonian map thought to be the oldest depiction of the world. The cover is a mask of swatches. A shroud of ribbons. Bitter Bitter is an imprint and an agitation, wrapped like a circus in an exterminator’s tent. Countless fluttering images hoisted like flags above countless shrinking islands in a rising sea. Contempt, mercy, grief and good will. Is it a timely attitude?

COLD SWEAT "Blinded (Remastered)" LP (Iron Lung Records)
Hugely influential and genre defining trashy hardcore punk from these Washington weirdos. With influences like Gauze, No Comment, Coltrane, Sabbath and Siege as a starting point, Cold Sweat set out to write the ultimate truth. And so they did. Blinded is a taut, 20 minute wire ready to snap, whip and scar. Stand clear. Better yet, stand in the way and feel what you have been missing since it's posthumous release in 2004. Newly remastered in 2017 to sound as the band originally intended and housed in a heavy duty tip-on sleeve to last the ages. 12 songs of pure hardcore.

RAKTA "Rakta at KEXP" Tape (Iron Lung Records)
During the epic U.S. leg of the tour they did in 2016 promoting the 'III' album they stopped in at Seattle's KEXP to record a live radio set. It came out phenomenally so, with the cooperation with the station executives, we put it on a cassette for you to enjoy.  Pro printed and masterized to perfection. Limited to 200 copies.

KALEIDOSCOPE "Neurosonic Data Collection" Tape (Outsider Tapes)
This band is definitely the most interesting and fascinating outfit from NYC’s creative punk scene in the last few years. Kaleidoscope’s approach to making music has a big appetite for experimentation and merging a wide range of different genres which are rarely represented in punk. Armed with outer space and esoteric sounds, psychedelia, jazzy parts, fat beats and noise, the band is apsolutely breaking the norms and making unique music that actually sounds like a logical continuitation of their previous bands, Deformity, Ivy and JJ Doll. This is future punk! Anyway, this nice collection contains their both previously released tapes and 7" and it’s professionally duplicated in 175 copies. Each copy comes with an A4 poster.

KALEIDOSCOPE "Volume 3" LP (Feel It Records)
Kaleidoscope are a rare group, having continually evolved and expanded in form since their inception. Volume 3 marks the first Kaleidoscope release of 2017, a masterfully crafted follow-up to several cassette releases on their own D4MT Labs imprint and a 7” EP on Katorga Works. Since then, the three members of Kaleidoscope have taken up residency in a shared Brooklyn apartment and basement studio. In doing so, their collective spirit of creativity and resourcefulness has risen to an all-time high. The six tracks on Volume 3 serve as a testament to the group's unique and unwavering commitment to an original sound – one that is undoubtedly crafted with a well-refined taste for international punk and hardcore, but also embraces experimentation. Engineered entirely in the group's home studio and layered with original samples, overdubs, and guest instrumentation from an ensemble of friends. The end result is simple – a highly impressive production that commands repeat listening. Volume 3 is presented with the recognizable aesthetic of previous Kaleidoscope releases, directed by guitarist/vocalist Information Man [SHDK], though truly a cohesive group effort. Packaged with a Risographed lyric booklet that serves as a proper companion piece to each transmission.

RED RED KROVVY" "S/T" LP (Helta Skelta Records)
Red Red Krovvy make the step up to a full length after a couple ov hot 7"s. Thirteen absolutely searing cuts of straightforward, gimmick-free Australian rock'n'roll...umm, Murder Punk, anyone? While the fidelity of this LP is a little too proper to hang with some of the early murdah-punk stuff, I can still see where the Suicide Squad-meets-Victims tag that the label dreamt up can apply to RRK. It's very apparent that Krovvy value simple over slick - what they might lack in novelty is more than make up for in the pure attitude and authentic feel of this album. A real "corker" as they'd say down under. Recommended!

FORESEEN "Grave Danger" LP (20 Buck Spin Records)
Returning a few years and a few tours after their debut album ‘Helsinki Savagery’ set the world ablaze, Finland’s Foreseen are back with the topically resonant savage Crossover burst ‘Grave Danger’, their second album for 20 Buck Spin. Continuing the direction of its predecessor, ‘Grave Danger’ delivers the punishingly relentless pace and aggression now firmly established by the iron hammer of Foreseen. Here find scraping, throat ripping vocals over lacerating Thrash dominance and possessed Hardcore breakdowns that twist seamlessly with an ever-increasing 80s Heavy Metal tenacity, exemplified on tracks like ‘Fearmonger’, ‘Bloodline’ and ‘Chemical Heritage’. And Foreseen embrace social commentary and critique throughout as heard in the lyrics to ‘Government Cuts’ and ‘Suicide Bomber’ among others.

CIVIC DUTY "Burden of Hate" 7" (Triple B Records)
AKA "The Better Beatles". Civic Duty features members of Fury, Protester, Pure Disgust, Red Death, Clear and more. This 7" is bad fuckin ass and is in stock and shipping NOW! Artwork by the homie Alex Samayoa

ABUSE OF POWER "When Then Becomes Now" 7" (Triple B Records)
A musically gifted orphan, Lon (Haylen Trammel), runs away from his orphanage and searches Atlanta for his birth parents. On his journey, he's taken under the wing of the Wizard (Lucky Hunter), a homeless man who lives in an abandoned theater. After discovering his talent, the Wizard gives Lon the name "Big Lon" and devises a plan to profit from his talent. Little does Lon know that his parents, Keb (Kaleb Perdue) and Yoon (Yoonsang Doo), are searching for him too. The stars eventually align and the 4 begin using their talents in musicianship for good. ABUSE OF POWER was born, raging onto the scene with catchy riffs, singalongs, and raging breakdowns in the vein of Outspoken, Chain of Strength, and Resurrection. The Atlanta quartet plan on spreading their ferocious tunes to the world now and forever.

MARBLED EYE "EP II" 7" (Digital Regress Records)
Presenting the 2nd EP and vinyl debut from the Bay Area's resident masters of staccato guitar music. After an amazingly assured cassette only EP, Marbled Eye have gone and polished their already finely faceted sound, coming out the gates with 4 new razor sharp tracks designed to slash their way into our battered minds. This band rules, and we couldn't be prouder to be co-releasing this essential record with our buds across the Bay at Melters

BETA BOYS "Oh Wow Hard Rock Music" 7" (Digital Regress Records)
Hot off the heels of their "After Dark EP" released on Neck Chop Records, Olympias' Beta Boys Have compiled three songs of pit-ready hardcore. Pressing of 500.

BOOJI BOYS "S/T" LP (Drunken Sailor Records)
Hailing from Nova Scotia, Canada and featuring members of Fragment, Grump, Negative Rage, Science Project, Alienation, etc.... BOOJI BOYS. Stupidly catchy hooks and melodies offset with the best warbled/ distorted vocals. It's the best. If you want reference points, think kinda Coneheads/ Liquids but totally mixed with some pop, with of course a little DEVO.  It's raw, undistilled, fucked up punk rock 'n roll, there's an urgency that drags you in, ain't no stopping Booji Boys.

C.H.E.W. / PENETRODE Split Tape (Slugsalt Records)
C.H.E.W. (formerly CHEW) and Penetrode link up and breathe life back into an endangered species: the split release. Nine songs of no holds barred, tightly wound hardcore punk. 5 new tracks from one of Chicago's finest, and 4 new tracks from Philly's "most charismatic". Full color O-card, doubled sided insert with lyrics one on side and a poster on the other. Limited quantities, because the 7" version is to follow on a yet-to-be-named California label! Program repeats on side B. Both bands, both sides.

PERVERTS AGAIN "My Accident" 7" (Total Punk Records)
Six years in and here it is, our 50th single on Total Punk. Including represses that’s over 30,000 handstamped covers, hundreds of blisters, and countless hours of mind numbing labor. That being the case we wanted to go big with number 50.  Cleveland’s Perverts Again blew me away with last year’s ‘Our Big Party’ 12” on Non-Commercial Records and were quickly elevated to favorite band status (not to mention their mascot game is on point). Well the Perverts are back with two more of their signature, warbled, repetitive  punk incantations.  Plodding bass and drums, slow macho riffs, and gang chants all moved forward by the monotone delivery and of the head Pervert. Weird, catchy, sarcastic, and 100% TOTAL PUNK. Look for an LP on Total Punk later this year.

ERIK NERVOUS "Ice Cream" 7" (Total Punk Records)
Erik Nervous’s first release of 2017, following a stunning first season which ended with him being crowned rookie of the year, and let me be the first to inform you there is no sophomore slump happening here. This is Erik’s third vinyl release and in my humble opinion his best yet. “Ice Cream Cone” finds Erik at his most frantic. A fast paced bouncy minute and a half ode to stabbing someone in the face with an ice cream cone. Erik keeps the stabby theme up on the b side with the jerky neck injury inducing hit “Children Stabbing Things.”  Two songs, both about stabbing, both 100% TOTAL PUNK!

STATIC EYES "The Thaw" 7" (Kitschy Manitou Records)
Raw and raucous garage punk from Milwaukee, WI! Believe it or not, Static Eyes haven’t put out a record in about four years. Since releasing a split with Drugs Dragons in 2013, the Milwaukee garage rock vets have replaced their bassist, they wrote a batch of new songs, and have played said songs at a bunch of shows across the state. Along the way, the new look and better-sounding band found time to record three songs at Crutch Of Memory Studios (Amos Pitsch of Tenement’s home studio) in Appleton, WI.

MDC "Multi Death Corporations" 7" (Beer City Records)
First out in 1983 and out of print shortly after. This is the follow up release To M.D.C.’s first raging full length. In that time the band got faster and broadened their horizon. Now M.D.C. would stand for ‘Multi Death Corporations’ this 7” would expose all the war, corruption, starvation and death caused by the greed of mega worldwide corporations. Musically this 7” would see M.D.C. progress to faster more thrash like band. This record also includes a huge fold-out poster explaining all the death and destruction caused by the Multi Death Corporations and what can be done about it.

MDC "Millions of Dead Children (Chicken Squawk)" 7" (Beer City Records)
It was 1984 and there was a gigantic famine going on in parts of Africa especially Ethiopia. M.D.C. attacked the problem head on. This was all due to greed by multi death corporations and corrupt governments. If not for this greed this problem could easily be solved. Included is a huge fold-out poster explaining the problem in depth and what can be done to stop it. Musically you would see M.D.C. continue to get faster and more thrash like. Their lyrics would continue to tackle the cause of these problems and offer solutions. This record first came out in 1984 and went out of print shortly after.

V/A "Typical Girls Vol. 2" Compilation LP (Emotional Response Records)
“Who invented the Typical Girl?” The Slits gleefully proclaimed as they attacked sexual stereotypes way back in 1979. There are no typical girls. Just remarkable women making remarkable music, as this compilation highlights. Following on from last year’s Typical Girls (Volume One)—Emotional Response are proud to announce a brilliant additional installment. 16 more of the greatest current female fronted independent punk and pop bands, from around the world, celebrated on a limited LP and compact disc. Features tracks from COLD BEAT, MIDNITE SNAXXX, THE WORLD, NEIGHBORHOOD BRATS, BLACK ABBA, FLESH WORLD, BENT, JUANITA Y LOS FEOS, NAKED LIGHTS, PATSY, SKINNY GIRL DIET, LEVITATIONS, SUSS CUNTS, SOFT TUG, SEX STAINS, and MOSS LIME.

MIDNITE SNAXXX "Chew On This!" LP (Pelican Pow Wow Records)
MIDNITE SNAXXX's second LP has a bit more bite than their first, bringing the tough/fun ratio up to a solid 1:1. Effective hooks will have you chanting "oh yeah!" in line at the post office, bathroom, or whatever your favorite line-waiting situation. Too fun to be this punk! Neck brace not included.

TELEPHONE LOVERS "S/T" LP (Disconnected Records)
"My immediate response to first hearing Telephone Lovers was to surmise that the band had to be from Los Angeles. I got that right, although I may have been about 40 years off in pinning down the time frame! Telephone Lovers' self-titled debut just screams "L.A. power pop" - and in my mind I see this band sharing a stage with The Nerves or 20/20 in 1977. Telephone Lovers take it back to a time when power pop was one of our purest forms of rock n' roll - coming on like modern day heirs to the likes of Dwight Twilley, The Raspberries, Flamin' Groovies, and Scruffs. Even with an added pinch of New York Dolls/Hollywood Brats street tough glamour, the vibe here is so perfectly mid-'70s power pop that it's not hard to imagine any of these tracks turning up on the old Rhino Come Out and Play compilation." - FASTER & LOUDER

CRIMPSHRINE "Duct Tape Soup" LP (Numero Group)
Duct Tape Soup is their Lookout-rejected 1988 debut LP that was parsed out to various compilations and split 7”s before being recompiled for Larry Livermore’s punk institution in 1992. After Lookout’s unfortunate demise at the turn of the century, the album went out of print. In cooperation with the band, we’ve remastered the recordings and freshened up the accompanying booklet to make the perfect legacy edition of this '80s punk classic. Before Green Day, Operation Ivy, and Lookout Records put the East Bay’s burgeoning punk scene on the map, a trio of Berkeley kids were reinventing the genre with music that was melodic but full of feedback, and a singer who sounded like he gargled glass. Crimpshrine's debut EP was Lookout’s fourth release, followed by an album, a second EP, and a slew of split singles and compilation tracks before the band imploded in 1989 after a ridiculous two-and-a-half-month tour in a Ford Pinto hatchback. Formed around teenage binary stars Jeff Ott and Aaron Cometbus, Crimpshrine went through a series of lineups in their four-year run, utilizing future Tilt and Go Sailor bassists Pete Rypins and Paul Curran, and briefly including second guitarist Idon Bryant. Not overtly political, their fiery brand of introspective punk touched on homelessness, teenage pregnancy, drug use, friendship, isolation, and a grimy sort of romance.

CRIMPSHRINE "The Sound of a New World Being Born" LP (Numero Group)
Sound Of A New World Being Born compiles their two Lookout singles Sleep What’s That and Quit Talkin’ Claude E.P. with a handful of compilation and split 7” tracks. In cooperation with the band, we’ve remastered the 16-track album and freshened up the accompanying poster to make the perfect legacy edition of this '80s punk classic. Before Green Day, Operation Ivy, and Lookout Records put the East Bay’s burgeoning punk scene on the map, a trio of Berkeley kids were reinventing the genre with music that was melodic but full of feedback, and a singer who sounded like he gargled glass. Crimpshrine's debut EP was Lookout’s fourth release, followed by an album, a second EP, and a slew of split singles and compilation tracks before the band imploded in 1989 after a ridiculous two-and-a-half-month tour in a Ford Pinto hatchback. Formed around teenage binary stars Jeff Ott and Aaron Cometbus, Crimpshrine went through a series of lineups in their four-year run, utilizing future Tilt and Go Sailor bassists Pete Rypins and Paul Curran, and briefly including second guitarist Idon Bryant. Not overtly political, their fiery brand of introspective punk touched on homelessness, teenage pregnancy, drug use, friendship, isolation, and a grimy sort of romance.

CHERRY GLAZERR "Apocalipstick" LP (Secretly Canadian Records)
Cherry Glazerr‘s first release through Secretly Canadian finds the Los Angeles trio in a compelling, self-assured sonic sphere – featuring electrified mayhem and guitar riffs galore, with lyricism ranging from female solidarity to wearing the same underwear for three days straight. It’s peculiar, bright, colorful, with a kick-in-the-teeth edge – in a strangely pleasant way.

CHERRY GLAZERR "Haxel Princess" LP (Secretly Canadian Records)
Distortion? Female vocals? Dirty, raw, rock? That’s Cherry Glazerr and “Haxel Princess.” Cherry Glazerr “Haxel Princess” Out on Burger Records!!! High school teeny bopper rockers debut album of super amazing pure pop gems about cats, dogs, birds, bees, grilled cheese and everything in between!!! Don’t sleep on this amazing album and band!!! The three-piece band from L.A. took root in 2012 when frontwoman, songwriter/guitarist Clementine Creevy began making bedroom demos under the name Clembutt. These rough tracks evolved under the mentorship of Lucy Miyaki, of L.A. band Tashaki Miyaki, and were later recorded with engineer Joel Jerome. After adding bassist Sean Redman and drummer Hannah Uribe, the band was formed, and Burger Records released their first collection, Papa Cremp, on tape and vinyl. But it’s not all sturm und drang with Haxel Princess. With dreamy vocals and an ethereal guitar, Cherry Glazerr’s “Trick or Treat Dancefloor” has become the band’s best known song to date, having been featured in a campaign for iconic fashion label Saint Laurent as well as in the television show Arrow.

OHYDA "S/T" LP  (La Vida Es Un Mus)
Debut release from Lublin’s OHYDA. Distorted dark hardcore which channels the spirit of the classic Polish hardcore punk of DEZERTER or TRAGIEDIA (who they cover on the B side), mixes it with modern Barcelona bands ala DESTINO FINAL and incorporates quasi industrial beats a la CRESS with a hint of psychedelia creating a hybrid that is a monster on its own. Seven tracks in nearly 16 filled minutes which keeps us hoping for more soon. The record comes in a 350 gsm reverse board sleeve designed by Szymon Siech with a 12 page A6 lyric booklet and a download code.

VIDEO FILTH "S/T" 7" (Nightrider Records)
Mean hardcore-punk out of Boston featuring members of SADIST and UPSET. Songs and lyrics channel the violent struggle of punk life. Four songs of punishing New England aggression with crust vocals and hatred beats. Spread the poison and immorality.

IMMORTAL WAR "Hell's Razor" Tape (Failure Recordings)
Debut recording from Boston's IMMORTAL WAR. A depraved 10 minute trip through the microscopic circuitry of Hell's Razor. Memorialized on cassette tape, IMMORTAL WAR evokes sentiments of Venom, Bathory, and Sodom with this 4 song, no frills, pure metal assault.

DRUJ "War Hymns" Tape (Commodity Tapes)
Blistering, pissed hardcore punk from Oklahoma city. Riffs in the vein of Poison Idea with gnarled vocals reminiscent of Revenge. Members of American Hate. Lyrics in Farsi and English.

ANTI-SEX "¿Por qué no te callas?" Tape (Commodity Tapes)
Catchy, driving and raw mid-tempo punk from Mexico City. Touring the US this summer!

COLD LEATHER Demo Tape (Commodity Tapes)
Melodic, upbeat and catchy-as-hell punk from Berlin. Memorable hooks and leads in the vein of Gorilla Angreb. Featuring members of Pig Control and Mulltute.

PENETRODE "Loss Adjustment" Tape (Slugsalt Records)
Florida punks have moved to Philadelphia at a quickening pace. Penetrode is the direct result of this diaspora. RIYL: tightening up your portfolio, MS-DOS, hating your desk job.

GUTS "Bad at Parties" Tape (Slugsalt Records)
First tape release for the new Philly band, GUTS, which includes re-recorded versions of their two original demo tracks, "Bad at Parties" and "Asshole I Wanna Be".

MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL #409 - June 2017 (MRR)
Maximum Rocknroll #409, the June 2017 issue is here! We have an oral history of Thrillhouse Records, the infamous SF venue/record store, followed by psychedelic young New Yorkers KALEIDOSCOPE, and a perspective on punk after the disaster in Fukushima, Japan from BAND OF ACCUSE. We interview Montreal outfit GAZM, Sheffield synth punks NACHTHEXEN, Cleveland rippers FUCK YOU PAY ME, Irish punk legends PROTEX, and the founder of Philly’s Break Free Fest. We’ve also got photo spreads from Damaged City and Everything Is Not OK III fests. All of this plus the columns and zine, book, film, and record reviews you know and love.

Restocks for May 2017:

V/A "Chilean Pandemonium" Compilation Tape
V/A "Filipino Pandemonium" Compilation Tape
V/A "Iberian Pandemonium" Compilation Tape
V/A "Italian Pandemonium" Compilation Tape
V/A "Mexican Pandemonium" Compilation Tape
V/A "Peruvian Pandemonium" Compilation Tape
V/A "Yugoslavian Pandemonium" Compilation Tape

3D "Vortex #1" 7"
BLACK PANTIES "Prophet of Hate" 7"
CLITBOYS, THE "We Don't Play the Game" 7"
DIE KREUZEN "Cows and Beer" 7"
DOC "Parched Dredge" 7"
DRI "Violent Pacification" 7"
RAKTA "Intencao / A Busca do Circulo" 7"
RIXE "Coups et Blessures" 7"
S-21 "Year Zero" 7"
STAINS "John Wayne Was a Nazi" 7"
YOUTH BRIGADE "Complete First Demo" 7"

CHRISTIAN DEATH "Only Theatre of Pain" LP
CRISIS "Hymns of Faith" LP
CRISIS "Kollective" 2xLP
DINOSAUR JR. "Dinosaur" LP
DINOSAUR JR. "You're Living All Over Me" LP
DRI "Crossover" LP
DRI "Dealing With It" LP
FIX, THE "At the Speed of Twisted Thought" LP
FURY "Paramount" LP
GUN CLUB, THE "Death Party" LP
GUN CLUB, THE "Las Vegas Story" LP
MARKED MEN  "Fix My Brain" LP
MARKED MEN, THE  "On the Outside" LP
MDC "Millions of Dead Cops" LP (Millennium Edition)
OMEGAS "Power to Exist" LP
POWER TRIP "The Armageddon Blues Sessions" LP
PRIESTS "Bodies and Control and Money and Power" LP
PRIESTS "Nothing Feels Natural" LP
RATA NEGRA "Oido Absoluto" LP
RIKK AGNEW "All By Myself" LP
ULTIMO RESORTE "La Larga Sombra Del Punk" LP
URANIUM CLUB "Human Exploration" LP
V/A "Dangerhouse Vol. 1" Singles Compilation LP
V/A "Dangerhouse Vol. 2" Singles Compilation LP
V/A "Dischord Records: Four Old 7"s on a 12"" Comp. LP
V/A "Killed By Deathrock Vol. 2" Compilation LP
VOID "Sessions 1981-1983" LP
WEIRDOS "Weird World Vol. 1" LP
WRETCHED "Libero E Selvaggio" LP
ZERO BOYS "History Of" LP

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