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86 MENTALITY "Goin Nowhere Fast" CD
Grave Mistake Records

86 MENTALITY "Goin Nowhere Fast" CD


We are extremely excited to finally have this anthology CD in our hands.   "GOIN' NOWHERE FAST" is a 19 song collection, containing all of 86 MENTALITY's recorded material to date.   What you get is 2004's debut s/t 7", 2005's "ON THE LOOSE" 7", two unreleased brand new songs, an exclusive track from their 2003 demo, two live songs, and 4-SKINS and S.O.A. covers to top it all off.   In an attempt to get their material to the vinyl / ebay / soulseek impaired, we've been talking about doing this CD for the past year and definitely feel it has been worth the wait.   Complete with lyrics, pictures, fliers, and liner notes, this CD is a concise documentation of one of the best hardcore bands to come out of Washington, DC in recent years.