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VARUKERS "Another Religion Another War" LP
Havoc Records

VARUKERS "Another Religion Another War" LP


"Another one of my favorite records of the 80's re issued on my own label. As a die-hard fan and collector, it is such a thrill to be able to re press release like this and see my label logo at the bottom. I bought this record when it came out in 1984 (I was 15) and I have been crazy about it ever since. Varukers and Discharge were the two most raging and intense of the UK bands to ratchet punk up to hardcore speed and power in the early 80's. This LP sees Varukers delivering top notch hardcore punk, the guitar tone and riffage are savage, the vocals raw and powerful. The guitar has a bit of the metallic crunch that would permeate hardcore in the future, but still remains grounded in punk. Several members of this line up Varukers went on to form Sacrilege taking the heavy riffs in a more metal direction. This Lp ranks with Discharge "Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing" as an example of 1980's UK hardcore punk at it's very best. When Thatcher and Brezhnev had their fingers on the button to destroy mankind, you needed this kind of hardcore to stay sane."