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BRAIN F≠ "Empty Set" LP
Grave Mistake Records

BRAIN F≠ "Empty Set" LP


After two killer singles and a much loved, ambitious LP, North Carolina's Brain F≠ return with the long-awaited "Empty Set." The new LP refines the unique formula that worked so well on their debut LP, "Sleep Rough," where jittering hardcore rhythms, cascades of noisy guitar, and charismatically unique vocals collided into an instantly distinctive sound. On" Empty Set," Nick and Elise's vocal interplay sounds more purposeful - passionate, even - but still puzzlingly disaffected in their now-characteristic way. The TEENGENERATE mainline scabbed with myriad strains of DANGERHOUSE streaks remains, but you can hear the sounds of a band growing far more confident in their own singular sound.  Everything that "Sleep Rough" did, "Empty Set" does better, and that's saying something. Split release with SORRY STATE RECORDS.