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NO-HEADS • Concrete & Steel • 7" (Color Vinyl)
Pressure Press

NO-HEADS • Concrete & Steel • 7" (Color Vinyl)


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No-Heads - Concrete & Steel 7" • NO-HEADS meld the driving melodic approach of many of the classic UK82 bands with a feral US hardcore sensability. Explicitly political, their anthemic approach helps to drive home the ideas behind the music, aligning them clearly with modern street punk heroes such as THE CHISEL or RIXE – an assertive, left wing boot to the face backed up by a thunderous bass & drum assault, allowing for powerful dual guitar attack. It’s a hammerdown approach on full display on their 2019 release, Pressure Cracks (released on Six Feet Under in the US & Refuse Records in Europe) but even more explicitly on this new single.

Pressing Info
100 on transparent pink (Refuse exclusive)
100 on opaque blue (Grave Mistake exclusive)
300 on black
Pressure Press - PP-001
Concrete & Steel b/w New Normal