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Night Birds Back Catalog TEST PRESS contest!!!

Our buds Night Birds have a brand new full length, Mutiny at Muscle Beach, coming out October 2nd on Fat Wreck Chords!  You can check out the new track "Blank Eyes" off of their upcoming LP here. It's great!

We figured now would be a great time to give you a cool excuse if you still needed to pick up any of their back catalog. So, in true Night Birds fashion, we decided to run a fun little contest ... the winner will get a Test Press of their Born to Die in Suburbia LP! 

The loser will be murdered

::insert evil laugh::

It's pretty simple, all you have to do is pick up one of their LPs or CDs (or DL one of em in full from the Grave Mistake Bandcamp) and your name will be entered into a drawing to win the Test Press. If you buy multiple releases then we'll put your name down once for each release you pick up (this includes combos! 3 records = 3 chances!) This contest will run through October 11th, at the end of the contest we'll throw everyone's name in and pick out a winner at random! 

If you thought that was cool, it gets even better because all of our Night Birds releases are on SALE too, including all of the package deals!

The Test Press you might win is packaged in an alternate Orange silkscreened cover, hand numbered and limited to 24 copies (this is #12!) Looks pretty sweet if you ask me.  

All Night Birds orders will come with a bunch of extra stuff. We've got a bunch of stickers and some left over BTDIS posters laying around GMHQ, so we'll throw a few in for ya! We also added some cool new 1" and 2.25" Night Birds pins to the store as well.

The winner will be notified on October 14th! 

The loser will be announced on October 31st.


In your local paper.


In the obituaries section. 


::insert evil laugh again::


Happy buying! 






p.s just joking on the whole "murder" thing, clearly we wouldn't do that. I mean, seriously, who would want to take part in a contest that might get you murdered?