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BLACK FLAG "Licorice Pizza and More" 7" (Color Available)
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BLACK FLAG "Licorice Pizza and More" 7" (Color Available)


There's a pretty cool story behind this 7". I guess back in Late '81 (early '82?) in order to get ready for the release of "Damaged", Black Flag had about a hundred or so promo 7"s printed with "Thirsty And Miserable" on the A side and "Life Of Pain" on the B side. Both of the songs were different (out-take) versions of the songs which would appear on the "Damaged" LP. So they took these promos (with no covers) down to Licorice Pizza and asked the people that worked there to hand them out to people who they thought would be interested. Well, I guess the assholes that worked there didn't think anyone would be interested, so they threw the fucking things away!! So all but a few copies were destroyed, but lucky for you, and for me, a few years ago, someone came across a copy and decided it would be a good idea for this to be released out to the public. This bootleg 7" was born out of that idea. It has the demo versions of both songs that were originally released on the promo 7", and also an old demo recording of a demo version of Spray Paint, with Dez on vocals!! This thing is pretty amazing and a record that will most likely want to be heard by all Black Flag fans. Enjoy!!