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BURNING/WORLD "What Brings Tomorrow?" 7"
Blown Out Media

BURNING/WORLD "What Brings Tomorrow?" 7"


BURNING//WORLD What Brings Tomorrow? differs from the other releases in the recent d-beat scene starting from the cover and the extremely minimalist artwork and far removed from the cliché "collage with black and white war images" typical of the genre. Also musically the d-beat / hardcore proposed by Burning // World, a band from New Jersey, looks mainly at the sounds of fundamental records such as Death From Above by the legendary Discard, Domd by the Swedish Disarm and to a minimum, in the general noise atmosphere , to the sound of bands like Electric Funeral and Dropend. On a lyrical level, in the seven tracks that make up What Brings Tomorrow, Burning // World perfectly reproduce the tradition of the most classic, warlike and political d-beat, dealing almost exclusively with issues related to a disillusioned and angry critique of militarism, war imperialist and the terror of nuclear power. Nothing new on the western front, but without a doubt one of the best d-beat works you can come across lately!