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DOMINANT PATRI "Heroes Glory" 12"
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DOMINANT PATRI "Heroes Glory" 12"

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DOMINANT PATRI from Luton released just one demo and played less than 15 gigs in their short existence. Formed in 1982, the band were part of an active and political punk scene in Luton based around KARMA SUTRA. They recorded and released a three track demo in June 1983 which remains one of the best kept secrets of the peace punk era. It has the tunes, production and lyrics of any classic and it deserved so much more attention. DOMINANT PATRI should have been more than just a footnote in the early 80’s punk world. On the demo the title track Heroes Glory was a slow, brooding and hypnotic song whilst Experiment and Death of Thomas were more straight ahead Anarcho classics with dual female / male vocals that recalled DIRT, TOXIC WASTE or ALTERNATIVE. The one sided 12” comes with a 16 page booklet featuring fanzine interviews, reviews, pictures, handouts, lyrics and the Lance Hahn band’s story from the still coming book ‘Let the Tribe Increase’.