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FAITH "Subject to Change / First Demo" LP (Clear Vinyl)
Dischord Records

FAITH "Subject to Change / First Demo" LP (Clear Vinyl)


The fall of 1981 found the Washington, DC punk scene in a fallow periods when a number of active bands broke up at the same time. SOA, Minor Threat, Red C and The Untouchables had all split up, and this resulted in a number of the musicians reorganizing. Mike and Ivor from SOA , Alec of The Untouchables and Chris Bald formed Faith and played their first show at H.B. Woodlawn High School in November '81. At the end of 1982, Eddie (also a former member of The Untouchables) joined Faith as a second guitarist and six months later they recorded the Subject to Change 12" EP. Though clocking in at less than 14 minutes, this record was hugely important not only to the people here in D.C but all around the world. On Subject to Change Faith introduced a layered melodic approach that would blossom fully in later Faith-related bands like Rites of Spring and Embrace. For this reissued edition of Subject to Change we have expanded the release from its original EP format into a full-length with the addition of 11-tracks from the band's first demo recorded in 1981 at Inner Ear Studios. Most of these songs were later re-recorded and included on the band's 1982 split LP with Void