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KOMINTERN SECT "Les Seigneurs De La Guerre" LP
Euthanasie Records

KOMINTERN SECT "Les Seigneurs De La Guerre" LP


KOMINTERN SECT were one of the best Punk/Oi! bands, they formed in Orleans, France in 1981. The line up was Carl(vocals), Jano(bass), Thomas ("Thomoi"-drums) and Punky(guitar). They signed a record deal with CHAOS Productions which was co-owned by Punky and Herve(REICH ORGASM). The bands first appearance on vinyl was in 1982 they contributed three songs to the compilation "Apocalypse Chaos". Not long after they appeared on another compilation called, "Chaos En France", with anew song "Unis Par Le Vin". Their first LP was released in 1983 it was called "Les Seigneurs De La Guerre", and they gigged in France and Germany to promote it. It's hard to pick out the influences on Komintern Sect's 1983 debut LP. The band's songs on the 'Apocalypse Chaos' compilation were clear nods to England's No Future scene, but a year later they emerged more stylized and refined. Elements of the British sound were punctuated with somber guitar leads and vocal melodies that always seem to climb when you least expect. The band became the figurehead of the thriving French Oi scene, eventually releasing several LPs and helping bring international attention to a scene that was shrouded in mystery outside of continental Europe.