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MULTIPLEX "Segway Cops" LP
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MULTIPLEX "Segway Cops" LP

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MULTIPLEX, who hails from Bremen, Germany, dropped a doozy of a debut back in 2022 called SEGWAY COPS that we absolutely fell in love with. Needless to say, we just couldn’t pass on the opportunity to give it a proper wax treatment. SEGWAY COPS features 8 tracks of high energy hardcore punk that encompasses a few different styles to round out their overall sound. 80’s USHC is the driving force behind the riffs, but they add in little elements here and there to mix things up and to reveal their broader musical influence. The dual vocal component is the strong point of the record. Both vocal deliveries are top notch in their own regards, but the way they give and take while periodically overlapping adds a special dynamic that would be lost on one vocal performance alone. The icing on the cake is undoubtedly the art, which features clowns on Segways.