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RAMONES "Animal Boy" LP
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RAMONES "Animal Boy" LP


Animal Boy is the ninth studio album by American punk band Ramones, released through Sire Records on May 19, 1986. Animal Boy is a strong set, from Joey’s throat-shredding vocals on “Somebody Put Something” to the closer “Something To Believe In” which is an endearing Ramones tune as proven by it’s inclusion on many compilations. Dee Dee turns in an excellent if somewhat less-than-sincere vocal on “Love Kills.” Joey writes a (probably) autobiographical verse in “Mental Hell” backed by an urgent, hard rocking riff. Richie’s contribution is promising. And the record contains, perhaps, their most infectious tune in “Crummy Stuff,” a simple 2 minute ditty with a chorus that begs for multiple, precious, back-up vocal harmonies. The other songs are equally strong. The production is a little lush with Joey’s vox getting somewhat buried at times but the guitars are cutting & the synths are tasteful. It’s a half step backward from it’s predecessor and no where in the league of the first three records but those days are gone forever. Animal Boy may have been a disappointment in 1986 but in retrospect it stands as a solid entry in their stellar catalog.