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STILETTO "Only Death" 7"
4490 Records

STILETTO "Only Death" 7"


Critics argue that Singapore is often perceived as having strict laws and a strong emphasis on social order, leading many to overlook bands emerging from this region. However, as a hardcore punk band, STILETTO brings undeniable authenticity to their approach. This EP delivers the best version of something truly vile and nihilistic, refusing to conform to traditional structures of the modern hardcore landscape. It expresses a vehement rejection of societal norms and a bleak outlook on existence. All eight songs are fast, loud, chaotic, and a full-blown sonic onslaught. Drawing influence from early American hardcore like KORO and delving into a raw, uncompromising expression reminiscent of Japanese bands like GAUZE. Whether you find solace or discomfort in their music, 'Only Death' deserves a place in your hardcore collection.