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SUBDUED "Abattoir" LP
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SUBDUED "Abattoir" LP


“London’s Subdued return with an even darker statement of purpose on their uncompromising second LP “Abattoir.” 8 tracks of anarcho punk that threads different UK underground traditions—descending like a dense fog of grief and anger to block out the light. Fans of Subdued will find an old friend in the galloping toms, the snide and articulate hopelessness of Jack’s lyricism, the spider-webbed guitar-work, the bass like a blunt instrument. But this record has embraced a new level of mystical antagonism towards the everyday world, towards England, towards post-industrial society, towards hell itself, that it necessitates a new kind of songwriting. The tracks are oblique and embrace emotional fragmentation. The guitars are bathed in moonlight, stunning in their evocation of darkness, the drums are somehow more frenetic, and more introspective in their varied pacing. These songs poke at the possibility of salvation, but walk away from the table, leaving a cool presence in their wake like a ghost. And here the band’s risks are equal to the reward. Like their compatriots Exit Stance, or Amebix, Subdued has crafted a timeless record, aggravating in the shadows, psychedelic with despair, one foot in the grave.” -STRAW MAN