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TARANTULA "The Very Best of Sex and Violence" 7"
Deranged Records

TARANTULA "The Very Best of Sex and Violence" 7"


The very best of sex and violence is the third vinyl installment from Chicago’s TARANTÜLA with 5 new glorious hardcore punk tracks. For those unfamiliar, TARANTÜLA is the reincarnation of CÜLO and they play an intoxicating blend of classic punk and meat & potato hardcore. “While one might consider the idea of catchy, song-oriented hardcore to be completely played out, Tarantula toe the line between poppy and aggressive so perfectly that their music feels fresh. You can hear the influences quite clearly—the snotty, aggressive punk of bands like the Angry Samoans and Zero Boys, the earnest drive of early 80s midwest hardcore like Articles of Faith and early Husker Du, and a dash of Devo / Geza X-style irreverence—but they’re swirled together in a way that’s just different enough from anything I’ve heard before to be noteworthy.” From Daniel/Sorry State. Art from DrugFace as per usual. Mastered by Geza X (DK, Germs, Black Flag)