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VOID "Sessions 1981-1983" LP
Dischord Records

VOID "Sessions 1981-1983" LP


Thirty miles north of DC, there is a town called Columbia - one of the first planned communities in the US, and in retrospect, the perfect birthplace for a band as completely chaotic as Void. Void played from 1980-'83, and although they are often credited for creating the template for alternative metal, their only official releases were the tracks on Flex Your Head and their split LP with The Faith. While organizing the Dischord archive, we came across the 4-track recordings of Void's first session at Hit and Run from 1981. Sessions: 1981- 83 features this never-released recording along with the first Inner Ear demo (which includes the Flex Your Head cuts and the songs that ended up on the Condensed Flesh 7 inch), two out-takes from their second Inner Ear session, and a couple of live recordings - including one that may be the last song they ever played.