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V/A "KILLED BY DEATH Vol. 12" Compilation LP (Color Vinyl)
Redrum Records

V/A "KILLED BY DEATH Vol. 12" Compilation LP (Color Vinyl)


3rd all-American volume, except that it somehow also includes some Canadians. That's okay, Americans will eat anything, and I'm sure Canadians are included. Most brutal cuts here are courtesy of Boston's Unnatural Axe, Phoenix's Red Squares, Louisville's Endtables. Beatles cover by Sick & the Lame is, as you might imagine, useful in many, many contexts. Tracklisting: Vomit Pigs-Useless Eater, Tragics-Laughing Lover, Descendants-Unnational Anthem, 63 Monroe-Hijack Victim, Executives-Jet Set, Grim Klone Band-Heat's Rising, Grim Klone Band-Jevovah's Witness, Cringe-Spit on Your Grave, Voodoo Idols-We Dig Nixon, Red Squares-Time Change, Gentlemen of Horror-God Knows You By Name, Normals-Almost Ready, Discords-Dead Cubans, Trend-Band Aid, Count Vertigo-X Patriots, Unnatural Axe-The Creeper, Skinnies-Out of Order, Endtables-Circumciscion, Sick & the Lame-Ate Days a Week.