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V/A "KILLED BY DEATH Vol. 9" Compilation LP
Redrum Records

V/A "KILLED BY DEATH Vol. 9" Compilation LP


Prime era punk electrocuters, and for my money the best volume in the series. Plenty of snot but also cruder than usual, in no small part because there are so many songs by stoopid, stuporiffic Indiana kids like the Panics, Jetsons & Eddie Flower's Gizmos. If the scent of Pabst is your perfume, your needed mental wallpaper is right here. Tracklisting: Tapeworm-Break My Face, Tapeworm-Blues for An Insurance Salesman, Crap Detectors-Police State, Corpsicles-Big Doings, Panics-I Wanna Kill My Mom, Nothing-Uniformz, Epicycle-You're Not Gonna Get It, Accident-Kill the Bee Gees, Jetsons-Suicidal Tendencies, Hammer Damage-Laugh, Shirkers-Drunk & Disorderly, Vains-School Jerks, Gizmos-Amerika First, La Peste-Better Off Dead, Sado Nation-On Whom They Beat, Ex Blank Ex-You're Full of Shit, Breakouts-In Vagueness Deal, Ice Nine-Revolting Mess.