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V/A "KILLED BY DEATH Vol. 8.5" Compilation LP
Redrum Records

V/A "KILLED BY DEATH Vol. 8.5" Compilation LP


"KILLED BY DEATH Volume 8.5 Ð still stands as one of my 2-3 favorites of KBD Wave 2. It contains some of the big boys of punk rock lore, starting with the fast and angry "I Rock I Ran" by Louisiana's TOXIN III. There's the classy, tasteful "S&M" by PUBLIC DISTURBANCE, which is this strange cross between Dickies-like carnival punk and ultra-snotty punk/oi filth a la some of those UK acts with giant eye-gouging mohawks who roamed the era. Other classics that belong in any dabbler's or obsessive's collection: the gonzo & raw "Twinkie Madness" by THE COSMETICS; the hardcore-tempo fuzz-out "Killed In Jail" by the LATIN DOGS; and of course the deadly lo-fi piledriver "Killer Cain" by the mighty SHIT DOGS, a band made known to me by the LAZY COWGIRLS long before the term "KBD" turned into a household catchphrase and dating scene pick-up line. Only clunkers like THE MATCHHEADS and the TURNBUCKLES keep this volume from breathing the rarified air of Volumes #1-4, but that may be some internalized shock-of-the-new nostalgia talkin'. This is one of the ones you gotta have, and one the kids'll be coming back to for millennia." -