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Webstore Update • January 6, 2023
For quick browsing of recent additions to the store, you can check out all of these titles mentioned below in the New Arrivals and Recent Restocks sections!
Well, the Grave Mistake webstore is kicking 2023 off with our first update nice and early this year! So much killer stuff has come in between the end of December and this past week that we just HAD to send out our first update of the year 5 days in!! In addition to several giant piles of restocks on some classic hc and punk essentials, we've managed to get our hands on a nice stack of new releases as well! And if you missed the last update, feel free to give that one a look over as we still have plenty of great titles from Graven ImageAK-47GaiThe HatedOlho SecoPublic AcidInnocentAnti-Cimex, and More!
Anyways, let's dive into this week's update! Some new releases of note include the debut LP from the UK's The Annihilated, a great collection of singles from Canada's Bootlicker (also be sure to grab their full length LP if you haven't yet), a nice new 7" single from the one and only Hank Wood and the Hammerheads, the debut LP from Seattle's Nightfeeder which sold out so fast when it first came out that I wasn't even able to get some stock until this most recent repress! We've also got the debut release from Richmond punx Horrid Peace on brand new label Acute Noise Manufacture, and a slew of new stuff from Roachleg Records (three new 7"s and three tapes- the Chainsaw 7" and Black Dog tape are a my personal faves from the batch, but all of it is A+).
And if you are lookin for something to come down off of the d-beat / hcpunk rush - then we've got a few titles for that as well like the debut LP from NY's Ribbon Stage, a great reissue of Heavenly's classic debut LP, Heavenly vs. Satan, originally released in 1990 on Sarah Records, and a fanclub pressing of the first LP from Japanese garage legends's (we only got two copies, and I might grab one of them for my personal collection before you even read this). We've also got a killer singles collection LP from the almighty Chemical People (another personal fave) for all of you Cruz Records / ALL lovin pop punk freaks, and an awesome repress of the Ramones late but still great 10th LP Halfway to Sanity ... a must for any and all Ramones fans who need a copy on vinyl! And for both the diehard bootboys and the casual Oi fans, we stocked up on even more Templars reissues including their killer 2005 LP Outremer (first US Pressing ever!) and their second LP, Phase II originally released in 1997! And when you are finally ready to kick it back into high gear with that blazing hcpunk stuff, we've got the Wild Bunch / The Early Days EPs collection from 80's Italian hardcore legends Negazione!
Finally - for all of you looking for some new reading material, the massive and incredible PUNK 45: The Singles Cover Art of Punk 1975-82 book is once again back in print!!! I picked this book up many years ago and find myself constantly go back to it since I got it. In addition to a spectacular collection of full color 7" graphics and images to drool over, it also has a ton of great written contributions as well. I highly suggest you grab one before it's out of print again!!
And what webstore update would be complete without me telling you about all of the restocks that have come in - just in case you missed something before we sold out.  We were able to score more copies of the Poison Idea Kings of Punk (Portland Edition) reissue after selling out multiple times. This reissue is a must have, even if you own an OG or a previous reissue. And speaking of Portland, we were also able to grab more of The Wipers Over the Edge LP repress (and we still have some copies of Is This Real? and Youth of America in stock as well). We also are once again stocked up on a few popular fanclub LPs we can't seem to keep on the shelves, including the Black Flag Damaged with Dez LP, Misfits 12 Hits from Hell LP, G.I.S.M. Military Affairs Neurotic (M.A.N.) LP, Operation Ivy Learn to Dance the Geek LP, and a few live and demos Ramones LPs.
Plus, restocks on classics from Agent OrangeGBHNecrosNegative ApproachSaccharine TrustStiff Little FingersZero Boys, and MORE!
That looks like it for now ... 2023 is off to a great start so far and we are very much looking forward to be able fill your punk vinyl needs for another year!
Thanks for reading!
Alex / Grave Mistake Records
ANNIHILATED, THE "Submission to Annihilation" LP (Annihilate Music)
An urgent reaction to a city and a world that wish to grind you into submission. THE ANNIHILATED waste no time polishing their craft, instead choosing to play constantly at the edge of their ability. The resulting sounds are of chaotic frustration and desperation, played with the intensity of an acid trip on the central line at rush hour. The rare punctuation marks are the red signals on the tracks to annihilation. A band from nowhere, but shaped by the hostile environment of a city, this record is a lashing out at the knives held to our necks.

BOOTLICKER "Lick the Boot Lose Your Teeth (The Eps)" LP (Neon Taste Records)
Compiling all E.P.'s by Bootlicker, "Lick The Boot, Lose Your Teeth" presents 24 tracks originally released over four 7"s dating back to 2017. From the earliest incarnation of the band and the start of their signature production and sound to where they are now. With the overblown martial drumming, completely pinned clean guitar attack, Bootlicker has been a fresh take on D-Beat tradition with a handful of Oi/UK82 and American Hardcore influence on the side. Each 7" is compiled here and represents a different phase of the band. The completely broken speaker aggression of "Who Do You Serve", the slight Rock 'n' Roll influenced "Nuclear Family" and bare bones approach of the "Six Track E.P." all paved the way to a more realized sound in "How To Live Life". Instead of tracking down each out of print, individual E.P. Here they are for the taking.

HANK WOOD AND THE HAMMERHEADS "2022" 7" (Toxic State Records)
Brand new single from NYC's Hank Wood and the Hammerheads.

NIGHTFEEDER "Cut All of Your Face Off" LP (Self Released)
Following their sold out demo and ep on Blackwater, Seattle's Nightfeeder return with their debut full length, Cut All of Your Face Off. 12 tracks that sit somewhere in the nexus between Absolut era Anti-Cimex, the barbarism of No Security, Finland's more rocking hardcore tendencies and the snot nosed anthems of a stack of No Future singles. Instantly familiar but a new chapter from the people behind Deathraid, Consume, Shitlist, State of Fear, Disrupt, etc etc. Pressed on heavy duty 180 gram black vinyl.

HORRID PEACE "Agony Surrounds" 7" Flexi (Acute Noise Manufacture)
Acute Noise Manufacture kicks off their label with these four filthy tracks, a la early 90’s D-beat. HORRID PEACE is members of bands you probably already know and love but they dial it back here, for a more straight-forward and classic sound with an obvious nod to UK pioneers, DOOM. Mixed and mastered at Dead Air Studios. Limited to 250 copies worldwide.

RIBBON STAGE "Hit With the Most" LP (K Records)
Ribbon Stage are a trio from NYC with no small amount of love for the noise pop days of Dolly Mixture and the Shop Assistants. The group does perfectly what only punks playing pop music can do- create chaotic noise in tandem with the sweetest hooks and most sophisticated nihilism. Ribbon Stage makes noise pop so catchy you swear you've heard before then can't get out of your head. Featuring Mari Softie (Ratas del Vaticano, Tercer Mundo, Exotica, and Pobreza Mental) as well as scene stalwart Jolie M-A (Juicy II, Boys Online) and vocalist Anni Hilator. An Indie-pop daydream desperate melody with true love's aim. A voice subtle in its delivery and powerful in its affect. Hooks, lyrics, melody, tears. I'd call it a teen tragedy but everyone's getting older, Hearts are getting bigger but head and heart can't ever line up.

CHAIN WHIP "14 Lashes" LP (Blue Vinyl) (Chain Whip Records)
"Like a door opening to an alternate universe where Suburban Mutilation released the most influential hardcore LP of the 80s, and DOA were conveniently disappeared so the melody cum velocity and Richard Nixon-esque gargle of Joey Shithead could be reimagined in the various voids of the Twenty- teens as tidy new hc punk lp by CHAIN WHIP. Not fast enough to only be brutal, but not modest enough to be anything but pummelling. Full of burly, crunchy, tight corners, this is the musical equivalent of thrifting an Eames chair -- you recognize it a mile away, it's still a classic, and it's just landed in our laps for next to nothing." - Jonah Falco

TEMPLARS "Outremer" LP (Templecombe Records)
After contending with nearly a full year of delays, we are happy to finally be bringing you the long-awaited reissue of the TEMPLARS' 2005 "Outremer" album. Out-of-print for nearly a decade, this reissue will mark the first time ever "Outremer" has been been released in the U.S. on vinyl. The die-hards have been patiently waiting for this one.... 666 copies pressed on black vinyl. "This is top shelf skinhead rock and roll! Fucking brilliant!... good lyrics supported by tight rock n' roll riffs! Excellent!!!" -the immortal Bruce Roehrs / MAXIMUMROCKNROLL, 2005

TEMPLARS "Phase II" LP (Templecombe Records)
The TEMPLARS' second LP from 1997/98, available again on vinyl for the first time in years!! "This vinyl provides further evidence that the TEMPLARS were then, and are now, at the top of their game." -Bruce Roehrs / Maximum RocknRoll November 1998

NEGAZIONE "Wild Bunch / The Early Days" LP (Spittle Records)
The rising hardcore punk movement was taken by storm by a young Italian band from Turin, Negazione. Their earlier singles "Mucchio Selvaggio" (originally a split tape with Declino), "Tutti Pazzi", and "Condannati A Morte Nelvostro Quieto Vivere" are collected here as a real foundation of the genre. Compilation originally released by We Bite Records in 1989

VIOLENT APATHY "11/29/81" 7" (No Idols Records)
Along with The Fix, Necros, Negative Approach, and The Meatmen, Kalamazoo, Michigan’s Violent Apathy was one of the pioneering bands for the Michigan Hardcore Punk scene of the early 1980s. A few months after recording their contribution to the highly sought-after Midwest Hardcore compilation Process of Elimination, Violent Apathy went into the studio with Necros bass player and head honcho at Touch & Go Records Corey Rusk in the production seat and 11/29/81 contains six songs from that session. With a head full of frantic earnesty, the crazed caterwauling of Violent Apathy contained on 11/29/81 is more akin to Land Speed Record-era Husker Du than the menacing, boot-stomping sounds any of their peers from the mitten state were kicking out at the time. After lingering in the dark recesses of the internet and crusty tape collections for years, No Idols and Radio Raheem are proud as punch to team up and present this obscure and unheralded piece of Michigan Hardcore history to the underground.

CHAINSAW "When Will We Die?" 7" (Roachleg Records)

HEROINDOD "Demo 2011" 7" (Roachleg Records)
Raw 2011 Heroindod demo from the 2010's Gainesville Florida scene, members of Ectoplasm & Mauser. Not unlike Mob 47, raw and fast. Only a few copies of the original cassette in circulation, now on vinyl.

SPECIAL BRANCH "Lethal Force Demo" 7" (Roachleg Records)

BLACK DOG "Demo II" Tape (Roachleg Records)
Follow up cassette from Black Dog outta Halifax, Canada.This basically blows the 1st demo out of the water, so if you enjoyed that, you are in for a treat. The dis nightmare continues to continue…

MIRAGE "Immagini Postume" Tape (Roachleg Records)
New band from NYC/New Jersey. Maniacal hardcore with contagiously dark melodies and vocals sung in Italian. Mixing elements of Euro punk from Italy & Spain with post punk. Familiar yet refreshing. INFLUENCES: STINKY RATS, WRETCHED, ESKORBUTO, ÚLTIMO RESORTE, DISASTER, PART 1. Members from: AMMO, ACID CASUALTIES, ETC

ROMANSY "Doves of Peace and War" Tape (Roachleg Records)
Marrow cooking in your bones unhinged hardcore punk from down under.

HEAVENLY "Heavenly vs. Satan" LP (Skepwax Records)
This first Heavenly album was a bid to make a pure pop record. The punk noise of Talulah Gosh had exploded and expired. Unbothered by critical or popular reactions, the new band decided to immerse themselves in the creation of a sweet, tuneful pop record. It’s true that the punk influences aren’t hard to discern but it’s Pete’s elegant guitar and Amelia’s melodies and multi-layered harmonies that win out on these recordings. The Skep Wax re-issue of ‘Heavenly vs Satan’ includes Heavenly’s first two Sarah Records singles – ‘I Fell In Love Last Night/Over And Over’ and ‘Our Love Is Heavenly/Wrap My Arms Around Him’.

CHEMICAL PEOPLE "The Singles 1988-1989" LP (Hey Suburbia Records)
Long before any Ramones' style resurgence, the torch of pop punk worldwide was held by three bands on the SST sublabel, Cruz Records: All, Big Drill Car, and Chemical People. This compilation collects Chemical People's early singles, issued between 1988 and 1989 on their own 2" Pecker Records, along with some bonus cuts recorded live at CBGB's in 1989. Featuring double-sided insert and a 60x40 cm folded poster with an exclusive band photo by Robert John.

RAMONES "Halfway to Sanity" LP (Fanclub Pressing)
Halfway to Sanity is the 10th studio album by American punk band the Ramones, and their last album to feature drummer Richie Ramone. It was produced by Daniel Rey and released on September 15, 1987, by Sire Records. Although Halfway to Sanity still bears remnants of the heavy guitar attack of Animal Boy, it's actually a much sharper record than its predecessor, since it doesn't ignore the Ramones' trashy pop roots. Cuts like "Go Lil' Camaro Go" and "I Know Better Now" have solid hooks, and a handful of other songs suggest that the Ramones could have handled their second decade a little more gracefully than they actually did. In many ways, Halfway to Sanity is the last time the Ramones still sounded like they mattered.

"PUNK 45: The Singles Cover Art of Punk 1975-82" Book (Soul Jazz Books)
Brand new edition of Soul Jazz Records’ massive deluxe 400-page Punk 45s cover art book edited and compiled by Jon Savage (author of the seminal book on punk, England’s Dreaming) and Stuart Baker (founder of Soul Jazz Records). This new edition comes with a new introduction from Bobbie Gillespie, founder of Primal Scream (who has recently also published his memoirs Tenement Kid). This book is a revelatory guide to hundreds of original 7” record sleeve designs – visual artefacts found at the heart of the most radical and anarchistic musical movement of the 20th century. As well as the encyclopedic visual imagery featured inside, the book also includes interviews with a number of significant figures in punk music: artists and groups including Richard Hell, Martin Moscrop (A Certain Ratio), Richard H Kirk (Cabaret Voltaire), Glenn Branca and David Thomas (Pere Ubu); record label owners including Seymour Stein (Sire Records), Geoff Travis (Rough Trade), Roger Armstrong (Chiswick), Martin Mills (Beggars Banquet), Dave Robinson (Stiff Records), David Brown (Dangerhouse); and the celebrated designers involved in creating punk’s original iconic imagery – Peter Saville (Factory Records), Gee Vaucher (Crass Records), Jamie Reid (Sex Pistols), Gee Vaucher (Crass Records) and Dennis Morris (Public Image Limited). The revolutionary do-it-yourself ethic of punk was applied to the aesthetic of design as much as it was to music, and record sleeves acted as lo-fi signifiers of anarchy, style, fashion, politics and more with an urban and suburban invective courtesy of the 1000s of new bands - punk, post-punk, pre-punk, nearly-punk and more - that emerged at the end of the 1970s. This book is an exhaustive, thorough and exciting celebration of the stunning artwork of punk music – everything from the most celebrated and iconic designs through to the stark beauty of the cheapest do-it-yourself lo-fi obscurities.

DEAD KENNEDYS "Dead End Oregon: Live at the Earth Tavern Portland 11/19/79 FM Broadcast" LP (Suicidal Records)
Live at the Earth Tavern Portland, Nov 19 1979- FM Broadcast's "Golden Hits of the 5,6,7,8's" LP (Color Vinyl) (Fanclub Pressing)
Back in 1988 the band The’s from Japan released their first album as a tape and then CD, it took until 2004 for it to appear as a ltd Japan only vinyl release with copies going for up to EUR100.00 these days…..Thankfully this is a lot cheaper! This period catches them as a garage band more than a ‘Rockin’ type band and long before they became world famous after appearing in the movie Kill Bill.A real gem of an album!

HEDONIST "Sepulchral Lacerations" LP (Neon Taste Records)
Perhaps a bit of a departure for the sounds we've been cultivating but our Taste is Neon and we're pleased and repulsed to be offering the physical format of this killer Demo from last year. True blue UK/Swedish OSDM.

GRIPE "Como Acabar Contigo Mismo" LP (Neon Taste Records)
Gripe hail from Santiago, Chile and play Hardcore served up just the way we like it. Quick, hook-filled smashes that are perfect for the skatepark, late-night vandalism sprees and running from the pigs. Each track is short with no time left to fall into frills, breakdowns or other energy saps. Just pure, unadulterated Punk Muzik with a vocalist that sounds like he collapses after each track lets up. Sounds like Formaldehyde Junkies covering Circle Jerks. So, you know. Perfect. Included in this 12" is the new 9 track recording recorded last year as well as an incredible demo from 2020 that was released as a cassette and digitally in the same year.

ANXIOUS PLEASERS "S/T" LP (Neon Taste Records)
Total Rock 'n' Roll Annihilation. Ferment Pagans, Carbonas and The Rings in the minds of some maladjusted Ontarians and you shouldn't be too surprised to hear them come up with something as svelte as this. Originally released as a limited run cassette, we demanded that it get the proper treatment and knew that it had a home on Neon Taste. There are plenty of self-proclaimed "Rock n Roll" bands running around under the moniker that have never even heard of Sonny Vincent. One more injustice in a brutal and undeserving world. At least Anxious Pleasers can be counted among the modern-day heroes that keep that pure fire alive. We're here to set the record straight. Rock 'n' Roll is alive and well. Consider this testimonial.

RESTOCKS for 01.06.23:

AGENT ORANGE "Living in Darkness" LP
ARSEHOLES "Nevermind the **** Here's the ..." Demo Tape
BLACK FLAG "Damaged with Dez" LP
BLACK FLAG "Live at the On Broadway 7/23/82" LP
CHAIN WHIP "Two Step to Hell" LP
COKE BUST / DESPISE YOU Split 7" (Purple Vinyl)
DANZIG "Demo 1987" LP
DANZIG "III: How the Gods Kill" LP
EXPLOITED, THE "Let's Start a War … Said Maggie One Day" LP
G.B.H. "City Baby Attacked By Rats" LP
G.B.H. "City Baby's Revenge" LP
G.I.S.M. "Military Affairs Neurotic" LP
GASTUNK "Dead Song" LP
MAHO NEITSYT "Vuosikymmenen Havittaminen" LP
MISFITS "12 Hits from Hell" LP (Black Vinyl)
MISFITS "12 Hits from Hell" LP (Color Vinyl)
NABAT "Potere Nelle Strade (Studio 82-82)" LP
NECROS "Conquest for Death" LP
OPERATION IVY "Learn to Dance The Geek With … The Demos 1986-88" LP
POISON IDEA "Blank Blackout Vacant" 2xLP
POISON IDEA "Fell the Darkness" 2xLP
POISON IDEA "Kings of Punk" LP (Portland Edition w/ Posters, Booklet)
RAMONES "Animal Boy" LP
RAMONES "Demo 1975" LP (Pink Vinyl)
RAMONES "Demo 1975" LP (Yellow Vinyl)
RAMONES "Pleasant Dreams" LP
RAMONES "Rocket To Ann Arbor, Michigan: Second Chance Saloon, 2/26/79 - WCBN FM Broadcast" LP (Color Vinyl)
RAMONES "Subterranean Jungle" LP
RAMONES "The Kids Are Ready To Go - Montevideo, Uruguay, 11/14/94 FM Broadcast" LP
RATOS DE PORAO "Crucificados Pelo Sistema" LP
SHATTERED FAITH "I Love America: 1979-1981" LP
SLITS "BBC Recordings 1977-1981" LP
STIFF LITTLE FINGERS "Inflammable Material" LP
V/A "AK79" New Zealand Punk Compilation LP
V/A "The Decline of Western Civilization" Soundtrack LP
WHITE STAINS "Blood on the Beach" 7"
WIPERS, THE "Over the Edge" LP
ZERO BOYS "Vicious Circle" LP (25th Anniversary Edition / RED VINYL)

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