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Hey all! Killer webstore update this month, so let's get right into it ...
First off, running a little sale through the weekend - MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL dropped their "Year End 2017 Top Ten" issue last month, so we decided to go through and put every 2017 release mentioned in the issue that was currently in stock on sale in the webstore! There are over 50 great releases from last year from the likes of Haram, Exit Order, Impalers, Sheer Mag, Lumpy and the Dumpers, Career Suicide, S.H.I.T., Rixe, Dame, Eel, and many more, on sale now. You can check out the full sale in the webstore, it will run through the end of this weekend. Make sure you grab a copy of MRR issue #417 while you are at it, and check out all of the other great releases from 2017 people were diggin'!
As we mentioned last month, a few Grave Mistake alums have dropped new records recently, so make sure you check out the new Red Death Formidable Darkness LP, the new Primal Rite Dirge of Escapism LP, the Amos Pitsch (from Tenement) solo Lake Effect LP, and we are now fully stocked up on the brand new single, I've Been Around, from Supercrush!
For quick browsing of recent additions to the store, you can check out all of these titles mentioned below in the New Arrivals and Recent Restocks sections!
As far as the newest additions to the webstore this month, just picked up a few copies of the new Arms Race 7"; the latest 12" from LA's Generacion Suicida; the newest installment of of Triple B's America's Hardcore Compilation series (Vol. 4, featuring Primal Rite, Pure Disgust, Gag, Krimewatch, and many more); a handful of new releases from Iron Lung records including new LPs from Scumraid and Sect Mark, and the 26 track Iron Lung Mixtape III (featuring a ton of your favorite ILR bands); reissues of the first two Aus Rotten LPs; a handful of new demo tapes from the likes of Altered State, Chrome Skulls, Neverending Mind War, and Essex Muro; three brand new issues of Distort zine; the incredible MATINEE: All Ages On The Bowery 1983-1985 Photo Book; and much more! Full list with descriptions is below so take a look!
Restocks for the month include the the Big Eyes Stake My Claim LP and Tenement Predatory Headlights 2xLP, releases from Rakta, Priests, Total Control, Paranoid, Freedom, Lebenden Toten, and more; a ton of reissues and fanclub releases from The Abused, LSD, The Freeze, NYC Mayhem, Nikki and the Corvettes, The Nerves, The Misfits, GG Allin and the Jabbers, Nirvana, Replacements, Screamers, Gism, Victims, and several volumes of the Killed By Death and Bloodstains compilations!
Thanks for reading!
Alex / Grave Mistake Records

New Additions to the Webstore for 2/16/18 (Click the album title to go to the release page):

SUPERCRUSH "I've Been Around" 7" (Painterman Records)
At long last Supercrush is finally back with Supersingle #3. Luckily, the wait has been worth it and the reward is two more hummable ear-worms that will refuse to leave your head. The A side, "I’ve Been Around," is two minutes of uptempo summertime guitar-pop perfection, full of stacked vocal harmonies, rock ’n’ roll flourishes, and just a touch of fuzz when it really counts - quite possibly the ‘Crush’s catchiest tune yet. Side B, on the other hand, finds the group exploring somewhat more bittersweet territory with the song "Brutal Honesty." While equally as melodic as the A side, "Brutal Honesty" takes the energy down a notch in order to evoke a more forlorn set of emotions, landing on the the cliche, but inescapably accurate truism: “life’s not fair”. Not exactly a “feel good” song, and yet, it strikes that irresistible chord of melancholy that aches so pleasantly.

GENERACION SUICIDA "Reflejos" 12" (Doomtown Records)
4th 12" from these South Central LA punks who made a name for themselves in the modern DIY punk scene with their trademark sound and that is fast paced, melodic and catchy punk with jangly guitars and vocals sung in Spanish. Reflejos 12" contains six brand new songs the band recorded by themselves and while the band is still channeling the sounds of KBD style punk and doing that charming male/female duo vocal thing, they still keep up with reinventing this classic sound and make it seem so fresh, exciting, and most importantly, totally relevant in the modern DIY punk scene.500 copies on black vinyl! One sided 12" comes in beautiful silkscreened covers and with A4 inserts! Artwork by Bodež, silkscreening job by Dirty Old Hands.

ARMS RACE "The Beast" 7" (Painkiller Records)
ARMS RACE follow up to their “New Wave Of British Hardcore” LP with four new tracks, which sees the band solidify their place as one of the strongest pillars of UK hardcore. Touring Europe and Japan since the release of the LP, these 4 new tracks are yet more proof of why the band leaves a trail of fans whenever they play. “The Beast” displays a ferocious hardcore attack with both boots firmly stuck on the hardcore and punk territories while looking forward to new soundscapes on which they evolve, such as on track 'Distort Britannia' that showcases a slowed down atmospheric stomper. Part classic USA Hardcore, part Bristol and Stoke On Trent punk, these new tracks are a perfect continuation of what the band has created during these last 5 years.

CELETOIDS, THE "Pupal Stage" LP (Doomtown Records)
Although The Celetoids are a fairly new band, their members were involved in bands whose records we've put out in the past. Remember the Modern Delusion/Chresus Jist split 7"? Well, 2/3 of Modern Delusion teamed up with the drummer from the now-defunct Chresus Jist and thats how The Celetoids journey began. The trio plays a frantic, nervous and rabid kind of furious punk rock inspired by the first wave of British punk and obscure KBD gems, even outsider punk weirdos like Rudimentary Peni, whilst the lyrics read like ramblings about Max Headroom, gremlins, paranormal activities, suicide, worthlessness of the human species and general paranoia.

NUMBER ONES, THE "Another Side of the Number Ones" 7" (Sorry State Records)
Three years since their debut LP, Dublin's The Number Ones return with a new four track EP that confirms them as kings of pop. ‘Lie to Me’ is a bitter sweet pop song that oozes golden melodies and youthful energy. After one play it’s stuck in your mind and after repeated plays you’ll wonder how you lived without this song in your life. It’s a mix of a classic Good Vibrations single and The Senseless Things before they signed to a major label. ‘Long Way to Go’ is the perfect three minute pop song that could have been released in either in 1979 or 1967. It’s a bubblegum nugget that hints at a record collection full of the Beatles, The Nerves and Protex. On the flip ‘You're So Happy I Could Cry’ keeps the energy and hooks coming whilst ‘Breaking Loose’ has bounce, charm and those gorgeous harmonies that will see the Number Ones possibly break into the mainstream pop world. (Sean Forbes)

SCUMRAID "Control" LP (Iron Lung Records)
17 tracks of pure D-Beat noise punk insanity culled from the ridiculously limited west coast tour tape, the Out of Order ep and the Rip UP ep collected on to one perfect platter, resequenced, remixed and remastered with new artwork. This is how Scumraid should have been presented in the first place, on a proper LP.  

SECT MARK "Worship" LP (Iron Lung Records)
A new breed of maniacal Italian hardcore. Short, drippy, seething and nasty as hell. The fuzz fucked intro of last song, side A ("Scouts" -ed.) had me shermed up and ready to bust through a brick wall. As a whole 'Worship' brings to mind a broken pugilist pissing in an exhaust stained fountain and then fighting the cops with knuckles full of busted teeth. Not sure why, but that is the image this music evokes. It's ugly, nihilistic and mean. I like that. I hate everything else. For fans of S.H.I.T., Deformity and Warthog. -MK  

INTENSIVE CARE "Everything Has Its Price" 7" (Iron Lung Records)
The two latest audio bombardments of misanthropic industrial sounds from a duo that would rather lock themselves in a cave than play them live. A signature mountain of harsh noise and looping feedback accompany bass-centric masses of sludgy violence. Not for "people".  A one-time pressing of 300 hand stamped black vinyl 7"s housed in the single series style hand stamped j-card sleeve. Recorded in Toronto. Mastered by Will Killingsworth. Art by Ashley Hohman.

V/A "Iron Lung Mixtape III" Tape (Iron Lung Records)
The third installment of all unreleased tracks by friends, colleagues, co-conspirators and bands we admire. Mixtape III is also a place for friends to get loose and step outside the boundaries as they see fit. Some of these friends are called Martin, most of them aren't. All of them are quality humans with creative ideas and skills to match (except Martin K. who is a real piece of shit but he's family so what are you gonna do?). All tracks recorded some time between 2003 and 2017. Features bands from the United States of America, Iceland, England, Scotland, Canada and New York. Pro printed cassettes limited to 500 copies ever. Front cover by Jonathan Bauerle. Mastered by Will Killingsworth.

HARM DONE / SEX PRISONER Split LP (Deep Six Records)
This split between Arizona’s SEX PRISONER and France’s HARM DONE is an audible story of the anger you have after the worst day of your life. Each band produces four songs to brutalize your eardrums and make you rethink stepping outside. The SEX PRISONER side is angry and moshy, and HARM DONE have a bit more of a metallic hardcore sound that almost sounds a bit CRO-MAGS at times. I know for a fact you will not want to miss out on this release.  For Fans of: WEEKEND NACHOS, CRO-MAGS, MADBALL.

ABSOLUT / SVAVELDIOXID Split LP (Konton Crasher)
Raw punk split of the 2017! Absolut from Canada and Svaveldioxid from Sweden. Get it or leave it.

KRONISK MISANTROPI "Helvetet Vantar" 7" (Konton Crasher)
Unpolished and raw Swedish D-Beat

NISSES NOTTER "Knäckta Nötter" Tape (Outsider Classics)
After the first release on Outsider Classics, the Missbrukarna - Krigets Gentlemän tape, it's a great honor to reissue another timeless Swedish hardcore punk classic. This time it's Nisses Nötter, a band whose story began in the suburbs of Göthenburg back in 1983, when four young school friends decided to start a band, named Mums Gonorre. The band later changed its name to SIB 69, and then to Nisses Notter a month later. The final renaming also had them switch to raw and energetic hardcore punk, they started playing shows and entered the studio to record "Knäckta Nötter", published in 1984 on the legendary Ägg Tapes, a label that put out a bunch of tapes of cult bands such as Moderat Likvidation, Riistetyt, Mob 47, Sotlimpa and The Bristles. Today, Nisses Notter are considered a classic band, with members who were 12-13 years old when they started, also making them the youngest Swedish hardcore punk band of that period. Each tape comes with a 12-page A5 booklet with photos and lyrics. The tape is limited to 175 copies.

DEAD HERO "La Vida Continua" LP (Sabotage Records)
Dead Hero are a punk band from Bogota, Colombia who sing in Spanish but who are specifically inspired by the British oi! and street-punk of the early-’80s. They’ve got all the scrappy immediacy of today’s DIY punk and hardcore, but they’ve got big, confident riffs and shout-along choruses and a sort of meaty, zero-pretension swagger that makes them anomalies in today’s DIY-punk universe.

PURA MANIA "Cerebros Punk" LP (Sabotage Records)
Pura Mania are from Vancouver and Mexico City and aren’t the easiest band to stick a catagory to. They mix bits of hardcore punk with a dose of indie weirdness. 2014 saw them release the Ratas De Dos Patas cassette plus a couple of 7″‘s (Musica Para Gente Fea / La Estafa Musical) This is the Debut 12″ from this great band.. new wave-tinged punk a la Blitz’s New Age with a bit of South American flavor in the vocals. Vancouver’s Pura Manía is a catchy, scummy and all-around amazing punk rock outfit that consists of members from Fracaso and Spectres

V/A "America's Hardcore Vol. 4" Compilation LP (Triple B Records)
America's Hardcore compilation returns for round four with 17 new and exclusive tracks from hardcore/punk/metal's best bands. Each band also designed and submitted their own pages for a 20-page, 12" x 12" insert booklet included with each record. Featuring BIG CONTEST, BROTHER, PRAISE, FREE AT LAST, THE MIDNIGHT SONS, LINE OF SIGHT, GAG, KRIMEWATCH, TRAPPED UNDER ICE, GLORY, MIL-SPEC, HARDWARE, FREE, PRIMAL RITE, TRUE LOVE, WORLD BE FREE, and PURE DISGUST

CANDY "Candy Says" 7" (Triple B Records)
Taking influences from the likes of Integrity and Burning Spirit-era Japanese hardcore, Candy creates a sound that is a combination not often heard or even attempted to be emulated in 2017 and is comprised of former members of Malfunction, Lost Souls, and current members of Backtrack. 7"

BURIED ALIVE "Watchmen Sessions (Demo '98)" 7" (Triple B Records)
This 7" features the two-song demo tape, an alternate version of "Watching You Die" and an unreleased, exclusive song from the demo recording "How Much More."

AUS ROTTEN "… and Now Back to Our Programming" LP (Profane Existence Records)
The second studio LP from AUS-ROTTEN, originally released in 1998, is back in print on PROFANE EXISTENCE! Considered by many to be the highlight of AUS-ROTTEN’s discography, “And Now Back To Our Programming” is an absolutely essential anarcho-punk LP, and the rapid fire delivery of righteous political anger AUS-ROTTEN are famous for is just as prevalent on this release as it is on all AUS-ROTTEN records. From the second the needle drops this LP challenges you to be the change you want to see in the world. 7 songs in total including the epic 16-minute title track.

AUS ROTTEN "The System Works for Them" LP (Profane Existence Records)
Originally pressed in 1996 PROFANE EXISTENCE is bringing this quintessential anarcho-punk masterpiece back in circulation.In 1996 AUS-ROTTEN released their first LP “The System Works For Them” on an unsuspecting punk scene. It spread like wildfire in a pre internet era within a genre that mostly depended on tape trading. (at least is was pre internet for us penniless punks) “The System Works For Them” was the perfect mix of anger and intelligence that the scene needed at the time (and still does today). It was like a wake up call that opened the eyes and ears to many punks the world over. The messages where crystal clear and most us were hooked as soon as the beginning shouts of “Boycott” bellowed over the speakers. I don’t believe any of us ever expected their message to resonate so well within the scene, but even more surprising is how the songs are just as relevant today as on they the day they were written. Which is why PROFANE EXISTENCE has decided to repress this record. We feel that that messages that AUS-ROTTEN brought to the table are to powerful to ignore. We feel that this LP is important and therefore should be highly available and priced affordably.

DOOM "Police Bastard" 7" (Profane Existence Records)
Five songs recorded in 1989, during the same session in which DOOM recorded their brilliant split LP with NO SECURITY. Considered by many to be DOOM's best early material, this classic EP contains the songs “Means to an End,” “Relief, Pt. 2,” and of course, “Police Bastard.” This was the second release ever by Profane Existence Records and is considered a masterpiece of “crust.” This "30 Dirty Years" version contains all new cover artwork created by Skinny and comes with a 12x12 poster of the new cover art. Also included is a 7x7 4 page booklet containing artwork, lyrics, and an 7x14 collage of police brutality designed by Brandon Stench. Due to the original vinyl stampers being 27 years old we were forced to create new plates. All tracks have been remastered for vinyl by Jay Matheson @ JAM ROOM STUDIOS whom carefully strove to maintain the audio authenticity of the original pressing.

UNRULED "Time is Running Out" 7" (Schizophrenic Records)
Schizophrenic Records is pleased to celebrate 30 years of the UNRULED by re-releasing the band’s debut 7′ from 1984. Time Is Running Out 7″ captures the band and their blend of Canadian and British Punk sounds at their prime. Well before DIS became a prefix these Canadian punks were thrashing, bashing and fighting against the System. Includes Clear the Pigs out which was recorded during the same 7″ session and has been unreleased for 30 years.
CRAMPS, THE "Band That Time Forgot" 7" (Fanclub Pressing)
This is truly a special release. Seemingly every rare Cramps moment has been documented by now but this release boasts a “holy grail” type recording. This EP features a bonafide lost Cramps track (“The Band That Time Forgot”) that was written during their height of absolute excellence during the summer of 1979. Originally considered for their debut album “Songs the Lord Taught Us”, this track was shelved for an unknown reason and was never used. The only known live recording of this track comes from a red hot live set captured at CBGB during August ’79 and is included on this 7” EP along with these Cramps classics: “Twist and Shout”, “The Way I Walk”, “Domino”, & “Human Fly”. Features superb sound quality taken straight from the CBGB soundboard, an excellent looking picture sleeve with awesome artwork, and custom printed labels. This is an absolute must for any Cramps fan!

DANZIG, GLENN "Who Killed Marilyn?" 7" (Fanclub Pressing)
These tracks were originally recorded with The Misfits in 1979, and they had one 12" "Who Killed Marilyn?" EP created on acetate; but this proved to be too expensive for them to produce at the time. In 1981 Glenn Danzig re-recorded two of the tracks, playing all the instruments himself, and released it as this solo 7" single.

NIRVANA "Your Opinion" 7" (Fanclub Pressing)
Fanclub Release. Two NIRVANA B-Sides (Opinion / Moist Vagina) and a cover of Here She Comes Now by Velvet Underground.

REPLACEMENTS, THE "Early Mats: 1981-1984 (Remastered)" LP (Fanclub Pressing)
Completely remastered version! This well compiled collection is the definitive document of unreleased Replacements material up until the “Let It Be” era. Including tracks that have never appeared anywhere: “If You Get Married”, “Street Girl”, “Shoot Me Kill Me”, & “Who’s Gonna Take Us Alive” and a slew of red hot alternate outtakes from the “Sorry Ma”, “Hootenanny”, and “Let It Be” sessions. This collection is a must for any Replacements fan or collector. Features well done artwork & a high quality full color glossy jacket that parodies the “Early Beatles” album cover. Comes in a one-time limited edition pressing of 400 copies so this will be gone before you know it.

SCREAMERS "Demos 1977-78" LP (Fanclub Pressing)
Recorded "live" in one session in Summer 1978 on a 4-track. Produced By Geza X. The ideal intro to the Screamers. Arguably the best Synth-Punk ever.

13th FLOOR ELEVATORS, THE "Psychedelic Sounds" LP (International Artists)
Did the 13th Floor Elevators invent psychedelic rock? Aficionados will be debating that point for decades, but if Roky Erickson and his fellow travelers into inner space weren't there first, they were certainly close to the front of the line, and there are few albums from the early stages of the psych movement that sound as distinctively trippy -- and remain as pleasing -- as the group's groundbreaking debut, The Psychedelic Sounds of the 13th Floor Elevators. In 1966, psychedelia hadn't been around long enough for its clichés to be set in stone, and Psychedelic Sounds thankfully avoids most of them; while the sensuous twists of the melodies and the charming psychobabble of the lyrics make it sound like these folks were indulging in something stronger than Pearl Beer, at this point the Elevators sounded like a smarter-than-average folk-rock band with a truly uncommon level of intensity. Roky Erickson's vocals are strong and compelling throughout, whether he's wailing like some lysergic James Brown or murmuring quietly, and Stacy Sutherland's guitar leads -- long on melodic invention without a lot of pointless heroics -- are a real treat to hear. And nobody played electric jug quite like Tommy Hall...actually, nobody played it at all besides him, but his oddball noises gave the band a truly unique sonic texture. If you want to argue that psychedelia was as much a frame of mind as a musical style, it's instructive to compare the recording of You're Gonna Miss Me" by Erickson's earlier band, the Spades, to the version on this album -- the difference is more attitudinal than anything else, but it's enough to make all the difference in the world. (The division is even clearer between the Spades' "We Sell Soul" and the rewrite on Psychedelic Sounds, "Don't Fall Down"). The 13th Floor Elevators were trailblazers in the psychedelic rock scene, and in time they'd pay a heavy price for exploring the outer edges of musical and psychological possibility, but along the way they left behind a few fine albums, and The Psychedelic Sounds of the 13th Floor Elevators remains a potent delight." -

V/A "Bloodstains Across the UK Vol. 2" Compilation LP (Bloodstains Records)

V/A "Killed By Death Vol. 6" Compilation LP (Redrum Records)
KILLED BY DEATH VOL 6! Featuring The Kids, The INnsults, Tampax, GISM, Frantix, and MORE! Tracklisting: Kids-This is Rock n Roll, Funeral Dress-Army Life, Dirt Shit-Exit, Next-Monotony, Insults-Just a Doper, Ed Nasty & the Dopeds-You Sucker, Hitler SS-Slave, Tampax-UFO Dictator, Revenge 88-Neon Lights, Screaming Urge-Homework, Schund-Schund, GISM-Exclamations, Frantix-My Dad's a Fuckin Alcoholic, Glueams-Mental, Paykik Volts-Totally Useless, Fire Exit-Time Wall, Mark Truth & the Liars-Prisoners of Time, So-Meilla Voisi Tunaau Olla Hauskaa.

V/A "Continental Drift" Compilation LP (Slumberland Records)
Four great bands, two great labels and two continents meet on this stellar mini-LP. Frequent collaborators Slumberland Records and Fortuna POP! team up to bring you "Continental Drift," a smashing eight song sampler of some of the finest pop out there in 2016. Baltimore's WILDHONEY have been making music together since 2011, forging a fresh sound from raw materials of shoegaze, punk and good old indiepop. 2015 saw the release of their debut LP and follow-up EP, and now we’ve snagged two top-quality exclusive tunes for this compilation. East London's TIGERCATS jangly, effervescent pop nods to their punk roots and spikes the pop punch with anthemic choruses and massive, crunching guitars. Their second album “Mysteries” was a huge step forward for the band and the two new songs included here point to even greater things in the future. Philadelphia's MERCURY GIRLS are one of the most talked-about new bands in ages. Featuring members of Literature, Little Big League and Pet Milk, Mercury Girls have a gorgeous, layered sound that combines post-punk dynamics with soaring/jangling guitars, fantastic melodies and expertly-arranged tunes. Their recent single “Ariana” turned a lot of heads, and their two contributions contained herein should make us all quite excited for their in-progress debut album. Edinburgh, Scotland's THE SPOOK SCHOOL  are surely the most fun band taking-on issues of gender and identity today, writing queer-pop anthems that are noisy, tuneful, sharply-observed and outrageously catchy. Citing influences as varied as T-Rex, C86 and Buzzcocks, they tell stories that are as multi-faceted and complex as modern life and sexuality itself, but also universal in their optimism. The title of their recent album “Try To Be Hopeful” sums it up well, and their two songs here are up there with the band’s finest.

S.L.I.P. "Slippy When Wet" LP (Sorry State Records)
With Slippy When Wet, Pittsburgh’s S.L.I.P. go after that rarest of white whales: the all-killer, no filler 33RPM 12” hardcore record. If you’d only heard their earlier stuff, I could see worrying that the lurching, deep-in-the-pocket, Black Flag/Bl’ast!-style rhythms that are at the core of the band’s sound might wear on the ear after a while (god knows some of those later ‘Flag records can be tough to get through in one sitting), but Slippy When Wet reveals that, much like the Adolescents or the Zero Boys, S.L.I.P. are pretty much just writing great pop songs and delivering them with the energy and power of hardcore punk. In addition to being jam-packed with memorable tunes, the playing here is just phenomenal… the “members-of” list for this band is both long and deep, and the experience shows whether they're playing full-tilt hardcore punk like “Not Your Prey” or a Judas Priest-style riff-rock sing-along like “Fast Living.” S.L.I.P. have that Annihilation Time-esque way of using their phenomenal technical proficiency in the service of making music that is fun and energetic rather than dense and pretentious, and like those great A.T. releases, Slippy When Wet is a record that won’t leave your turntable for a very long time.

DAVIDIANS "City Trends" LP (Sorry State Records)
After two 7”s (one on Deranged and one on Sorry State), Raleigh, North Carolina's Davidians deliver their first 12” record. Realizing the sound hinted at on their previous two-song single, City Trends combines elements of art-punk and hardcore into one of the freshest and most distinctive sounds in contemporary punk. While Davidians pick up on various threads in punk’s 40-year history—the pulse and heaviness of 90s noise rock, the quirky rhythms of Wire's branch of post-punk’s family tree, the brooding atmosphere of goth, and the velocity and concision of early 80s US hardcore—these elements are fully digested, growing organically out of the sound of four people of varying ages and backgrounds playing in a room together. Rather than just referencing other parts of my record collection, for me listening to City Trends reminds me of a time of discovery, when every new band I found was a universe unto themselves ripe for exploring. With this record, the RIYL is rendered obsolete… you either like Davidians, or you don’t. But if you like smart, dense, and original punk rock then I’m pretty sure you’re going to like it a lot.

SKEMATA "A Bright Shining Hell" LP (Sorry State Records)
Raleigh, North Carolina’s Skemäta are back with their second 12”, A Bright Shining Hell. While you can still expect the same furious, explosive d-beat hardcore you found on their debut, this time around they’ve dispensed with a lot of the fiddly bits and delivered something a bit more direct and concise, much as Sorry State favorites Sickoids honed and streamlined their sound when they moved from their first LP to their second 12”. It’s not so much that the music is any less complex, but the intricate riffs and rhythms are packed into a smaller space, delivered with a dizzying degree of speed, precision, and power. The result is a pressure cooker of a record that takes the apocalyptic fury of a band like Framtid and fuses it with the catchy songwriting of Totalitär. In a world of flash-in-the-pan d-beat bands that rip off a couple of Cimex riffs and then vanish into the ether, Skemäta stands alone as one of the most distinctive, original, and memorable bands in the genre.

ESSEX MURO "Numb Life" Tape (Sorry State Records)
After a noteworthy 4-song demo in 2016, here's the debut full-length from Raleigh's Essex Muro. When Essex Muro started off they reminded me of the dense and muscular psychedelia of bands like Destruction Unit or Ex-Cult, but in the months since their demo they've moved away from their earlier, more garage-based aesthetic toward something harder and faster. It's not quite hardcore exactly, but it's definitely informed by it, taking the primitive pounding and the manic energy of early 80s hardcore and fleshing it out, letting the obsessive forward momentum spill in other, unexpected directions. From the early 80s right through to the present, Raleigh, North Carolina has had a knack for producing bands that toe the line between cerebral and primal, and on Numb Life, Essex Muro prove that they fit right in with that tradition.

ALTERED STATE Demo Tape (Demo)
ALTERED STATE from Florida takes the best of fast and angry youth crew bands like BROTHERHOOD, the Hate Edge approach of CONFRONT with a slight 80’s New York vibe to create 6 songs that are all killer, no filler.

CHROME SKULLS "6 Hits From Hell" Tape (Demo)
Latest tape from NJ's Chrome Skulls.

CHROME SKULLS "6 Tracks Demo" Tape (Demo)
Chrome Skulls are from New Jersey and dropped this 6 track demo with a sick artwork by UK’s Tin Savage (who did work for The Flex and a lot of UKHC bands). 6 songs of mean hardcore punk.

Primitive and ferocious crust from Philly.

MATINEE: All Ages On The Bowery 1983-1985 Photo Book (Radio Raheem Records)
Between 1983 and 1985, New York City photographer Drew Carolan began photographing the patrons of the now infamous hardcore matinees that were going on at the seminal underground music club, CBGB. During the week, Carolan was working as an assistant to legendary portrait photographer Richard Avedon, and on weekends he set up a makeshift studio across the street from CBGB and intercepted kids on their way to the all-ages afternoon shows. The result is a collection of photographs capturing the beauty, vulnerability, and the unbridled energy of youth during the height of the Reagan years. The Bowery at that time was a true melting pot of downtrodden adults, underage hardcore punk kids, and people living on the fringes of society. Now, more that thirty years later, all of that has disappeared and a copacetic, prosperous, and gentrified element has taken its place. While the hardcore punk scene still thrives today, these photographs capture a time and place in history that no longer exists. Nearly 2 years in the making, Radio Raheem is proud to offer this collection of Carolan's photos in a beautiful 10"x10" hardcover volume featuring nearly 150 pages of images.


Cretins of Distortion 8 features in-depth interviews with C.C.T.V and The Bug, as well as lots of reviews. Most notably two huge write ups on Tenement. 8.5 14 stapled down the side.

DISTORT #51 (DISTORT Melbourne) Zine (Distort)
Interview with Melbourne artist and musician Jim McCullough. Full color front cover featuring Jim's artwork. Half size, 18 pages.

DISTORT #52 (DISTORT QLD) Zine (Distort)
Interviews with Comrade Xero, Pious Faults, Sex Drive, Lena Molnar, Andrew Mclennan. Half size, 10 pages.

DISTORT #52 (DISTORT Sydney) Zine (Distort)
Interviews with Orion, Royal Headache, Crime Spree, Nasho, Fatalitas, BB & The Blips. Half size, 22 pages.

MAXIMUMROCKNROLL #418 - March 2018 (MRR)
Maximum Rocknroll is here to help you navigate the wild world of punk with MRR #418, the March 2018 issue! First, we say goodbye to JJ Jacobson, the vocalist of legendary Texas hardcore punks OFFENDERS. But this issue is not complete made up of farewells! We check out Dublin’s Karate Klub DIY venue and get a brief rundown of the active scene there. We also speak to two British bands: MARTHA, who talks about Marxism and pop music, and SNOB, who may or may not be punk’s ABBA. There’s also interviews with three different punk deconstructionists. There’s ISS from North Carolina, who use a sampler and hip hop influences to create their own punk landscapes. And both MARAUDEUR from Switzerland and SENYAWA from Singapore discuss the different ways of using improvisation to challenge our ideas of punk. For the more traditionally minded punks out there we speak to F.I.T.S. from Canada about being Francophones, NOT ON TOUR from Israel about what it means to be an Israeli band, and NEO NEOS from Minneapolis about how they aren’t a “Jimmy Punk” band. Need more? We’ve got more: East Bay’s Dear Diary Zine Fest talks about changes in zine culture in recent years, while Feral Kid Records and More Power Tapes head honcho Eric Bifaro discusses some incredible stories about his life. Add that to all of the reviews and columns that you’ve come to expect, and you have a jam-packed issue!

Restocks for 2/16/18:

BIG CHEESE "Aggravated Mopery" 7"
FREEDOM "Never Had A Choice" 7"
GAME "Who Will Play?" 7" Flexi
GISM "Anarchy Violence" 7"
MAGIC CIRCLE "Lighting Her Fire" 7"
MISFITS "Bullet" 7"
MISFITS "Cough/Cool" 7"
MISFITS "Night of the Living Dead" 7"
PARANOID "Praise No Deity" 7"
VICTIMS "Television Addict" 7"'s, The "Bomb the Rocks: Early Days Singles" 2xLP
ABUSED, THE "Loud and Clear" LP
AMOS PITSCH "Lake Effect" LP
BIG EYES "Stake My Claim" LP
FREEZE, THE "Rabid Reaction" LP
HARAM "When You Have Won, You Have Lost" LP
LSD "1983 to 1986" LP
NERVES, THE "One Way Ticket" LP
PRIESTS "Bodies and Control and Money and Power" LP
TENEMENT "Predatory Headlights" 2xLP
V/A "Bloodstains Across the Midwest Compilation LP
V/A "Killed By Death Vol. 12" Compilation LP
V/A "Killed By Death Vol. 3" Compilation LP
V/A "Killed By Death Vol.5" Compilation LP
WOUND MAN "Perimeter" LP
FREEDOM "U.S.A. Hardcore" Tape
FRIED EGG "Two Sides of …" Tape
NO TOLERANCE "You Walk Alone" Tape
NUTS ZINE Issue #16
NUTS ZINE Issue #17
NUTS ZINE Issue #18

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