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Happy 2024 everyone! Same stuff going on over here and, as promised, we starting the new year off with some bangers in the webstore! Before we get into that, some quick news -Destruct have launched a new webstore for anyone looking to grab some shirts or other assorted merch, so if you'd like to support the band directly then please do check it out. They also have a few shows lined up for the year, and we've posted up those flyers at the bottom of this email.
Quick distro recap - new LPs from Tozcos and Institute; a grip of killer new 7"s from Black Dog, Secretors, Little Angels, Asbestos, Variation, and Repression; the essential SS Decontrol The Kids Will Have Their Say LP reissue, a sick fanclub LP from NYHC legends Straight Ahead, a legit Tozibabe discography LP, and a ton of restocks for you as well.
Also, if you missed out on our Black Friday LP and 7" clearance sale, relax because all of that stuff is still available for the sale price! Still a TON of great stuff available for cheap, you can peep the sale LPs HERE and the sale 7"s HERE.
Thanks for reading!!
Alex / Grave Mistake Records
New Titles in the Webstore for 1/26/24:

SS DECONTROL "The Kids Will Have Their Say" LP (Grey Vinyl) (Trust Records)
What is there to say about SSD's long-out-of-print, 1982 debut, "The Kids Will Have Their Say," that hasn't already been written? Long heralded as the first straight-edge album, this collection of songs captures a time and an era in the nascent hardcore scene before formulas and posturing. Now, after being out of print for 40 years, the album will be available on vinyl by Trust Records with remastered audio and a painstaking recreation of the iconic cover art courtesy of Bryan Ray Turcotte.

TOZCOS "Infernal" LP (Toxic State Records)
Tozcos started in 2013 in Orange County, California and this is their second LP. "Infernal" was based around perception. Perception of ourselves and the world around us. The idea that hell is not so much a place of demons and burning flames but more so a reflection of our shame and insecurities. How a lot of our torment is connected to the perception we have of ourselves. Justified or not. A lot of these feelings come from our background of families being Mexican immigrants in the US. Musically, our influences are simple for the most part. We really love punk from the area that we are from, like Adolescents and TSOL, and we carry that stuff in our blood no matter what band we are in. This is mixed in with our love of Spanish-speaking punk, and other international hardcore punk such as Eskorbuto, GBH, Toreros After Olé, Svart Framtid and Qloaqa Letal. We tend to funnel everything we do through our own creative ideas to end up with something that to us, has personality and can stand out but still feel familiar in the world of punk and hardcore. Somos Tozcos. Esto es Infernal.

TOZIBABE "Discography 1984-1986" LP (Color Vinyl) (Deanwell Global Music)
Hailing from Ljubljana, Slovenia (formerly part of Yugoslavia) at the height of the Cold War, Tožibabe broke social and musical barriers with their experimental, innovative form of hardcore punk. Drawn together by a need to express themselves through music Tožibabe wrote, recorded and performed from 1983 - 1987 and was known for frequently switching instruments which allowed their visionary sound to thrive. The result is a raw, singular vision of the genre calling to mind blends of UK Anarcho (Crass, etc..), early U.S. Hardcore (Middle Class, Poison Idea) and California goth-punk (45 Grave, T.S.O.L.). In addition to being pioneers in hardcore (as a band of women) and the broader rock scene in Slovenia, Tožibabe also wrote and co-directed their own music videos, organized art shows and booked gigs alongside their fellow Ljubljana hardcore bands (U.B.R., III. Kategorija). This 26 track collection is presented completely remastered from the best possible sources by engineer Jessica Thompson and authorized by Tožibabe members Alenka Marsenič Marsa, Lidija Rupnik and Mojca "Krischka" Krisch.

STRAIGHT AHEAD "S/T (Breakaway/Demo/Live)" LP (Die Hard Records)
Legendary NYHC band whose essential material has managed to remain quite elusive over the years. This fanclub release collects their demo, classic Breakaway 12" EP, and a live set from CBGBs featuring a few obscure gems that never made it to vinyl.

BLACK DOG "Overthrow" 7" (Roachleg Records)
Vinyl debut from Canada's BLACK DOG. Just when you think it can't get any noisier, they cranked it to 12!! Five tracks of desperate screams over washed-out fuzz and pummeling drums.

SECRETORS "Comparing Missle Size Vol. 1" 7" (Roachleg Records)
Following up from their 2019 demo tape (repressed as a flexi) NYC’s Secretors return with 6 new tracks influenced by bands such as Kuro and Mobs. Acting as the Roachleg Records unofficial house band, Secretors are fronted by Rottweiler who runs the label and features members of Warthog,Urchin, Institute & Glue.

INSTITUTE "Ragdoll Dance" LP (Roachleg Records)
Ragdoll Dance is the 4th album by New York-via Texas punks Institute. Most underground punk bands don’t make four albums, but it makes sense for Institute. Even on their earliest releases, Institute’s sound teemed with possibility, drawing from a long history of anarcho-punk, post-punk, and hardcore, and fusing those aesthetics with great, classic-sounding songwriting. Ragdoll Dance finds Institute back with their original lineup (including Albert from Nosferatu and Altar of Eden on drums) and returning to a DIY approach to recording, working both at home (using the same setup as singer Moses Brown’s solo project, Peace de Résistance) and with Joe and Owen of D4MT Labs, whose gritty yet vital recordings have documented some of DIY punk’s best contemporary bands. Institute also chose to work within the international hardcore community to release the record; Brown plays drums in Secretors alongside Joe from Roach Leg Records, whose label is known for releasing some of the noisiest, most fringe recordings in the punk sub-underground (across the pond they’ve gone with the iconic La Vida Es Un Mus). While Ragdoll Dance is culturally embedded in the world of DIY hardcore punk, musically it tends to move back toward the more eclectic sound of Salt and Catharsis. The album’s title is a nod to Siouxsie and the Banshees, and Brown also cites arty post-punks Magazine as an influence on the record, which shows on tracks like “City” and “Where’s It Go,” energetic, left-of-center pop songs that challenge but also gratify. If you’re looking for the savage young Institute, though, “Uncle Sam’s Hate” and “Plateau of Self” crackle with raw rock and roll energy that few groups can summon, particularly groups with Institute’s inimitable style, musical chops, and lyrical weight. While so many punk bands peak early, Institute has continued to refine these qualities, and Ragdoll Dance’s assured tone makes it as vital as anything they’ve recorded so far.

HUBBLE BUBBLE "S/T" LP (Belgian Waffles)
One of the undisputed European punk classics, Hubble Bubble's 1977 debut LP is back on vinyl again for the joy of all true KBD punk rock conoisseurs. A true legend for the few, featuring a very young Plastic Bertrand on drums, Hubble Bubble formed in 1973 and released their first album on Barclay.

LITTLE ANGELS "Psycho Summer" 7" (11PM Records)
Pittsburgh's own kin playing fast hardcore with a positive christian message. Maybe you've seen them at Skullfest, maybe when your band played pittsburgh, maybe on the road...but in any case they've made an impression on you. Feel their high-intensity lo-fi destruction they've created on Psycho Summer. Combined with sassy yet ear-piercing vocals this band is part of the new wave of pittsburgh hardcore with like minded bands of Speed Plans, Necro Heads, and Living World. Can't wait to see what they have in store next.

ASBESTOS "Wishful Thinking" 7" (11PM Records)
Another amazing band from the best scene in America, Denver. They cannot stop pumping out great records and if you've seen videos of shows there they a fucking packed to the gills with young people. What started out last as a solo project of Sam Rupsa, now joined by Marc Canfield (members of blood loss and videodrome) and carries a musical likeness to Civilized, Big Laugh (demo especially) or a really really dark fucked up Straight Ahead. Some of you will love it, others will hate it I really don't give a fuck. This record took forever to come out and they will have a new one soon.

REPRESSION "War Comes Home" 7" (11PM Records)
After a sold-out-in-a-flash demo, Repression returns. This time featuring a fully-fleshed-out line up, complete with the former drummer of Extended Hell and Urchin. For their vinyl debut, Repression have expanded on their Burning Spirits-by-way-of-Boston sound...with monstrous Heresy style drumming, explosive thrash guitar, stompers with a healthy amount of swagger, and even more unhinged vocals. “War Comes Home” is a varied and fun listen straight through, with several highlights. Look no further than “Noxious Bulb”, where bombastic hardcore is birthed from ominous building guitar “Big Take Over” style. A must.

VARIATION "8" 7" (TDF Records)
14 songs from the Five, Six, and Seven tapes re-recorded by Mike Walls at Audio Esoterica in October 2022. Our continued worship of 80s Japanese hardcore demo tapes from Confuse, Gai, Gess, Deef, Z, Fascism, Traicy Rose, Napalm, Gaizin, G-Gas, etc. The artwork is a tribute to the early 80s post-punk band Fukano. 200 copies pressed.

VARIATION "Four" 7" (TDF Records)
16 songs from the first three cassettes re-recorded by Mike Walls at Audio Esoterica in December 2019. Noise punk/noisecore influenced by bands like Confuse, Gai, Napalm, Deef, and G-Gas. The sleeve design is a tribute to Aburadako. 300 copies pressed.

RAKTA "Live at Novas Frequeencias" LP (Subsound Records)
Rakta have been one of the most fascinating bands to follow the development of over the last decade, the Brazilians having refined, and expanded, their mind-altering sounds over a series of releases and earning a formidable live reputation. Much like their UK spiritual relatives GNOD, they’re a band you could wholeheartedly describe as playing psychedelic rock, but in a way that sounds nothing like the paisley shirted subpar Spacemen 3-ism that phrase so often evokes. Their psychedelia is altogether darker, less acid and more DMT perhaps, influenced as much by goth/death rock, and perhaps even the tribal utterances of bands like Crash Worship or Savage Republic. Rakta are often as frightening as they are hypnotic. This recording from the 2016, Live At Novas Frequências, captures the band at the height of their powers performing at one of Brazil’s most renowned festivals, and serves as both manna for long-time fans and perhaps a fine point of entry for those as yet uninitiated into Rakta‘s anti-chthonic sound world. The chorused-out bass, effected vocals and motorik drumming create a kind of tunnel vision for the ears that drag you continuously into their orbit, blocking out everything else around them. As live albums go it’s short and to the point, but then that’s no surprise; Rakta‘s very core is focus, so it’s natural this should serve as a concise document of their live set, rather than being excessive. Will you reach for this over the studio albums? Perhaps not, but it holds its own with everything they’ve put out so far, and works wonderfully as a standalone postcard from the outskirts of their lysergic musical territory.

INDIGESTI "Sguardo Realta 1982-1983" 2xLP (FOAD Records)
F.O.A.D. Records is proud to announce a teamwork with Italy’s Hardcore legends INDIGESTI to reissue their entire 80’s discography on vinyl! This will include the following 3 titles: “Sguardo realtà 1982-83” Gatefold 2xLP / “Osservati dall’inganno” Gatefold LP / “Live in Lübeck, 02.09.1987″ Gatefold LP+7”. INDIGESTI has been one of the earliest and most important bands in the first wave of Italian Hardcore through the legendary “furious years” and also one of the first to tour the States and Europe back then. These top quality reissues will feature loads of exclusive, unreleased extras and massive booklets with interviews, photos, flyers, original artworks and more!! So this month we’re starting with the first of these 3 gems: INDIGESTI “Sguardo realtà 1982-1983” 2xLP (including 1 LP full of extra unreleased sessions)

NO FOR AN ANSWER "You Laugh" 7" (Red Vinyl) (Revelation Records)
The debut 7" from one of Orange County, CA's premier hardcore bands and the first West Coast release by Revelation Records. No For An Answer delivered fast, intense, straight-edge hardcore alongside their local contemporaries like Chain Of Strength and Insted, but infused more thought-provoking and confrontational lyrics than most other bands of their day. Fronted by hardcore luminary-turned-author Dan O'Mahoney, No For An Answer can be credited as being one of the cornerstones of the West Coast straight-edge movement of the late '80s. New pressing now available on opaque red vinyl.

RKL "Keep Laughing: The Best of RKL" LP (Mystic Records)
Hear the earliest material from this classic California punk band that crossed the boundaries into hardcore with talented musicianship and a positive attitude. This release combines the "Keep Laughing" LP and the "Beautiful Feeling" 7" for a total of 23 songs. Now available on vinyl.

7 SECONDS "Walk Together, Rock Together: Deluxe Edition" LP (Yellow Vinyl) (Trust Records)
After releasing a deluxe edition of 7 Seconds' 1984 full-length "The Crew" in 2021, Trust Records is excited to announce that they are giving the same treatment to their 1985 "Walk Together Rock Together" EP, which will feature a gatefold cover with an attached, 20-page, full-color booklet continuing the oral history of the band from 1984-1986, including commentary from Pushead, Ian MacKaye, Walter Schreifels (Gorilla Biscuits, Quicksand), Norman Brannon (Texas Is The Reason), Milo Aukerman (Descendents), Tony Hawk, Shepard Fairey, Christian Jacobs (Yo Gabba Gabba!), Fletcher Dragge (Pennywise), and more. This also includes a fully restored version of its iconic, yellow and black cover art, and 20 brand-new, original cartoons by Brian Walsby. The collection of seven songs that were as catchy as they were cathartic was produced by Minor Threat frontman Ian MacKaye at Washington, DC's legendary Inner Ear Studios and remastered by David Gardner from the original analog tapes.

7 SECONDS "The Crew: Deluxe Edition" LP (Color Available) (Trust Records)
One of the most iconic albums of the 1980s, underground, American hardcore/punk scene, 7 Seconds' debut album, "The Crew," delivers 18 legendary songs in 20 minutes. This masterpiece has been remastered by David Gardner from the original analog tapes. and repackaged as a gatefold featuring a beautiful, 20-page, full-color book with an oral history of the band from inception through the making of "The Crew." It includes insights from the likes of Ian MacKaye (Minor Threat), Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys), Keith Morris (Circle Jerks/Black Flag), and many others, as well as unpublished flyers, photos, and other fun little trinkets. New pressing now available on white with black and red splatter vinyl.

CHAOS UK "Total Chaos: The Singles Collection" LP (Audio Platter)
With the entire Chaos UK catalogue readily available once again, the need for a simple digest of their 45s might initially seem slender. From the moment the laser lashes the opening "Selfish Few," however, all doubts are rescinded. Chaos UK may not have reserved their most important songs for their singles, but they certainly lined up their most immediate, and the effect of Total Chaos, 19 tracks of pure magic mayhem, is not dissimilar to having your head run over by a train, again and again and again. Plus, it's been a very long time since a band could get away with titling a single "Urban Guerilla" without the thought police coming to knock on their door.

SISTERS OF MERCY "Play Your Wild Card: Live at Teatro Espero Rome 5/2/85" LP (Color Vinyl) (Dear Boss Records)
Part of the Italian leg of The Sisters of Mercy's Armageddon Tour in 1985. On May 2nd 1985 the band was again in great form for a three-piece as they adjusted to life after Marx, and the performances were all amazing. A great live for Sisters of Mercy fans.

MISFITS "Earth A.D. / Wolfs Blood" LP (Fanclub Pressing)
Fanclub pressing. Jacket styled after 80s German pressings with Wolfs Blood art on the cover and Earth A.D. art on the back. Earth A.D./Wolfs Blood is the second studio album to be released by American punk rock band Misfits. It is the last album the group recorded with founding member Glenn Danzig on vocals, who issued the vinyl record on his Plan 9 label in December 1983, two months after he played his last concert with the band.

MISFITS "If You Don't Know This Song … What the Fuck Are You Doing Here?" LP (Fanclub Pressing)
Recorded live at Hitsville, Passaic, NJ on December 25, 1981.

MISFITS "Live Night of the Living Dead!" LP (Fanclub Pressing)
Classic MISFITS live fanclub LP available again! Killer live soundboard set from the legendary 9:30 club in DC 1982.

RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE "Los Angeles is Burning: Live at the Universal Amitheater 12/12/93" LP (Mind Control Records)
LIVE AT THE UNIVERSAL AMPHITHEATRE, DEC 12TH 1993 FM BROADCAST.' SETLIST: Take The Power Back / Testify / Bombtrack / The House Of Rage / Killing In The Name / Bullet In The Head / Tire Me / Bullet In The Head

Restocks for 1/26/24:

ANTHRAX "Too Much Posse: Live at Irvine Meadows 1991" LP (Green Vinyl)
ANTI "I Don't Want to Die in Your War" LP
BAD BRAINS "Demos and Rare Tracks 1979-1983" LP
BEASTIE BOYS "Paul's Boutique Demos" LP
BLACK FLAG "Live at the On Broadway 7/23/82" LP
BLITZ "Time Bomb (Early Singles Collection)" LP
CRASS "Demos 1977-1979" LP
ELECTRO HIPPIES "The Only Good Punk … is a Dead One" LP (Color Vinyl)
FOUR WALLS FALLING "Culture Shock" LP (Color Vinyl)
GORILLA BISCUITS "We Believed the Same Things: Demos and Rare Tracks 1986-1989" LP
LEGAL WEAPON "Death of Innocence" LP (Color Vinyl)
MAU MAUS "Fear No Evil" LP
NEGAZIONE "…Lo Spirito Continua…" LP (Dutch Cover)
OUTCASTS, THE "Self Conscious Over You" LP (Color Vinyl)
SOCIAL DISTORTION "Love and Death: The 1994 Demos" LP
SOCIAL DISTORTION "Poshboy's Little Monsters" LP
SUICIDAL TENDENCIES "1982 Demos" LP (Orange Vinyl)
TURNING POINT "S/T" 7" (Orange Vinyl)
UXA "Illusions of Grandeur" LP
V/A "Order of the Kite Vol. 1" LP
V/A "Order of the Kite Vol. 2" LP
WARZONE "Don't Forget the Struggle, Don't Forget the Streets" LP (Color Vinyl)
YOUTH OF TODAY "Breath Every Breath: Don Fury Demos 1986 & Live CBGB's 1985" LP (Pink Sleeve)
YOUTH OF TODAY "Can't Close My Eyes" LP (Gold Vinyl)

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